Key Tips To Make Your Home Baby Safe!!!

Last Updated on June 23, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

If you are an expectant parent then before you relocate to your new home with the help of the best cross country movers near me, it is crucial to check whether your new home is safe for your baby or not.

Should you baby-proof your home? Well, according to experts, you should do babyproofing as early as possible and make your home a safe place for your little munchkin. Having a safe place for kids allows you to live peacefully. Even if you pay attention to the kid 24 hours, ignorance for just a second can call for misfortune. Kids get into something they should not and an unsafe home makes it easier for them. So, if you are moving to a new house, make sure you babyproof it with the help of the following tips on how to babyproof a home:  

Keep the bathrooms locked 

The bathroom is more prone to injuries. Even a small amount of water can be dangerous for kids. Therefore, if there are toddlers around at a place, be sure the bathrooms are locked. Else they will open up the cabinets and can play with the harmful cleaning agents present there which is very risky.

Use child safety latches and locks 

For a kid, it will be tricky to open the child safety locks and they won’t be able to do it. For lower cabinets, adding this is great to keep the cabinet items intact. 

Bar the stairs 

Be sure there are barriers present at the top and bottoms of the staircases so that baby can’t climb up and down from them and could risk his/her life. 

Cover all the electrical outlets 

Even when the outlet points are too small for their little-little fingers still they can touch these which could be very risky. So be sure you cover all the electrical outlets, especially those which your kid can access in any way. Also, take care while moving tech items as they can lead to injuries in both kids and adults.

Set temperature of water heater 

Young babies have tender skin which can easily be burned. If the water in the sink is too hot then it could cause skin burn. So be sure you set the temperature of the water heater to 120 degrees F. 

Keep your valuables and important documents safe 

baby boy in a dangerous

You would not want your kid to play with the important documents and valuables because they might get misplaced. You should keep them safe at a separate place where your kid can’t reach them. 

Clean your home and surroundings 

Babies are more vulnerable to getting ill because their immune systems are fragile. So be sure your home is clean and safe so that the one does not come in contact with the germs. Use pest control, and sanitization methods to clean it and make it safe. Also, open the windows to let the fresh air come inside. 

Anchor all the furniture items 

Newly crawling babies try to climb on any item they see like furniture present in their homes. So, to prevent dressers, shelves, and other furniture items from tipping over, be sure you anchor them well on the wall. Also, install window guards on windows because curious babies will also try to open the windows. 

Additional tips: 

  • Install the smoke detectors at every level. 
  • Don’t keep medicines anywhere, be sure you have a first aid kit and stock your medicines in the same. 
  • You should block off those rooms where you don’t want your baby.
  •  If gas heat is used then install a carbon monoxide detector.
  • Tie up the cords of the blinds so that they become out of access and kids can’t pull these. 
  • There should not be sharp edges and corners on the furniture items or toys. 

In the end, take a careful look at each room and be sure safety precautions are incorporated into it. You need to get down to your baby’s level to know what could be dangerous. 

Wrapping it all up!!!

While it is important to prepare a baby’s nursery, at the same time you can’t ignore the safety of your kid. The baby may not be crawling yet but still one could encounter some hazards. Even before you know it, your baby will become more mobile and could risk himself/herself. Luckily the above tips will help you a lot to prepare your home for your kid.