Tips To Make Your Custom Packaging Boxes Pop Out

Last Updated on August 17, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

For decades, product packaging was just a product carrier and nothing more than that, but this isn’t the case anymore. Nowadays, the packaging of products is known to be one of the reasons to generate more sales for a brand.

Product packaging has grown from just being a product carrier to a way of attracting customers to your brand and also for doing marketing for a brand while ensuring that your product reaches its destination without getting damaged.

A recent survey showed that 55% of online customers would shop again from a brand if their prior product came in customized product packaging. 70% of customers form their impression about a brand by seeing the product packaging, and a whopping 64% claimed that they would buy a product from the store just by looking at the product packaging.

But, packaging your customized boxes isn’t as easy as it seems, and a lot of things go into finalizing the packaging. But today, we are here to share simple yet effective tips for your product packaging. So, without dragging it any further, let’s get started.

Simple Is Better

Trends will come and go in every market of this world, but simplicity will remain forever because this has been the case for centuries.

You might have read somewhere to try out different things with the product packaging like crazy fonts, box styles, and bold colors to get to the best possible packaging for your brand, and this is true, but what about the budget?

Brands that have become stable in the market and have capital can do it effectively, but we won’t recommend this to you if you are a startup or a struggling brand. Also, you will see most of the top brands in the world use simple packaging, but they do it so cleanly and elegantly that their packaging looks like the ultimate level of luxury. Whether you are a struggling brand or an established brand, it is way better if you keep things simple.

Relevant Packaging

Another way to make people interested in your product and brand is by having packaging that corresponds with the product and your brand value.

You can’t have a luxury product and pack that product inside a funky box; we mean, it will work, and it will sell, but you won’t get repeated sales because this sends out a vibe that you as a brand doesn’t know what you are doing. Try your level best to keep the product packaging as relevant as possible and don’t drift here and there.

Size Of Packaging

size of packaging

One of the biggest red flags customers can get from a brand is that the brand is selling the product inside a wrong-sized box. No matter how much customization you do, your product packaging and make it look like the most beautiful custom boxes out there, it won’t matter if your product gets damaged just because you chose the wrong size.

A very tight box will put pressure on your product, and a big box will allow your product to move freely inside the packaging, and both times, your product can get damaged.

Contact the trustable packaging company “WeCustomBoxes” for buying adorable custom packaging boxes and send the exact product dimensions to them so that we can build the perfectly-sized packaging for your product.

Use Images

The whole point of using custom product packaging is to attract customers and influence their purchase decision, but how can you attract customers just by using bold colors? You need more than just colors to attract customers, and this is where images will help you a ton.

Using graphics and images is a great way to tell customers about your product and brand. You can also tell your brand story to your customers through graphics because no one has got the time to stand there and read paragraphs.

How To Use

Many aspects go into the product packaging, but the most useful for a customer is the “how to use” part. Yes, it is important to do all the customization to your product, but adding details about your product takes your product packaging to a higher level.

Your first-time customers may not know how to use your product, and they would appreciate even the slightest of help from you, and you can teach them how to use the product by just simply printing the way you use your product.

Be Honest With The Description

custom box description

Every brand has to be honest about their product and be completely transparent with their customers because this is what ethics are.

If you write the wrong description about your product, you can hide those lies for a few days, but eventually, customers will see all the lies that were told in the product description. Your repo will be demolished in the business market, and also, it is against the ethics, so you better avoid it.