7 Inspiring Ways To Decorate Your Balcony

Last Updated on March 7, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

A balcony is a unique space in your home, giving you a breath of fresh air as you enjoy a lovely view. So, it only makes sense to transform this space into a sanctuary where you can get away from your responsibilities for a while and just be in the moment.

Luckily, there are many balcony décor ideas you can choose from! Suppose you have a large balcony; decorating it will be pretty easy. However, if your balcony is smaller, you want to keep décor items as simple as possible and opt for a subtle style instead.

Choosing the right balcony décor requires research, but we’re here to make things easier for you. Let’s take a look at seven brilliant ways to turn your balcony into a little piece of heaven.

Create an outdoor living room

outdoor living room

Suppose you spend a lot of time on your balcony. If that’s the case, why not transform it into an outdoor living room? You can choose décor items that will give off the vibes of a living room, such as cushions, a colorful rug, a comfy armchair, and a small coffee table. Also, consider adding some candles to make the space warm and welcoming.

Your options are endless when it comes to outdoor living room ideas that will ensure both comfort and style. And the good news is that you don’t even need a large balcony to create the perfect space for drinking a cocktail under the stars – the key is to get smart with décor and make the most of the area available.  

Consider lighting

Lighting is an essential element that can make or break the design of your balcony, so you want to be smart about your choice. Start by considering what kind of look you want to create in the space.

If you prefer a rustic style, fairy lights are great. On the other hand, accent lighting or hanging lights are suitable for modern balconies, as they will illuminate the space, making it much more attractive.  

Add plants

The biophilia theory suggests that people are innately attracted to nature, and luckily, you can bring the outdoors in by decorating your space with plants. You can add outdoor planters on the railing of your balcony and opt for different colored flowers to make the space look vibrant.

Another idea is to install frames with plants or vertical gardens – this will give an appealing dimension to the wall of your balcony.

Some of the best plants to add to your outdoor space include lavender, lobelia, hibiscus, pansies and violas, and roses; however, before deciding what to get, consider how much sunlight your balcony gets.

Once you do so, you can choose the plants accordingly by checking the plant’s description. Finally, you can get a unique flower pot from a reputable planter producer like elho, as they provide various options designed with sustainability in mind.

Transform your balcony into a reading nook

Are you a bookworm? If yes, you’re going to love this idea! You can easily create a reading nook on your balcony by incorporating elements like a standing shelf where you can display succulent pots, décor items, and – obviously- your book collection.

If you have a small balcony where furniture can’t be incorporated, don’t worry – you can solve this easily by simply placing some pillows and cushions on the balcony and then adding some blankets. Creating a cozy nook is as simple as that!

Obviously, there are many other ideas you can try, and you can make a decision by considering how much space is available, as well as your preferred style. This balcony idea is great if you want to sit outdoors and immerse yourself in your favorite book while sipping coffee.  

Go Boho

If you’re a fan of Boho décor, you can create a unique look on your balcony by mixing and matching patterns and colors. For instance, you can choose floral patterns and add bright colors to make the design stand out. Or, if you want to keep it soothing, you can opt for neutral shades instead, such as beige or ivory.

When including cushions and rugs, make sure to keep the style as casual as possible. Suppose you want to create a more romantic atmosphere; consider incorporating some string lights. This bohemian balcony décor is great because it provides unparalleled aesthetics while being budget-friendly, so you can’t go wrong with it.  

Add a swing

Swings aren’t just for kids! In fact, they can serve as a sitting space on your balcony while also making for a lovely décor item. This décor piece is a great way to chill and look at the beautiful view. There are many creative ideas when it comes to decorating the swing on your balcony, but adding pillows is one of the most important things to do so you can feel as comfy as possible while stargazing.

Install glass railings

Suppose your home is in a high-rise building, and you have a balcony that provides a stunning view of the city. In this case, a glass railing is a must-have décor piece, as it will enhance the view considerably while also creating the illusion of more space.

With their sleek aesthetic, glass railings blend in perfectly in modern homes. However, you want to keep décor minimalistic (including furniture) so that the brilliant view outside can be the main focus of the space.

Wrapping it up

There are many ways to transform your balcony into a welcoming and lavish space; we’ve only mentioned some of them in our blog. But really – your options are endless! And while it is true that things may get a bit more complicated if you’re dealing with a small space, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a magnificent design.

With the right ideas, any space can become gorgeous. And you don’t even have to break the bank for your balcony décor!

All you have to do is let your creativity run wild and look for ways to make the most of the space. That way, you’ll create a balcony where you can have midnight conversations with your loved ones or enjoy your favorite book while drinking hot tea.