Meijer’s Money-Saving Tips

Last Updated on March 29, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

More than a decade of shopping at Meijer has taught me several money-saving strategies. Most effective methods of saving money are ever-evolving, but whenever I buy at Meijer, I am able to save money. To help you save money at Meijer, I’ve compiled a list of seven easy methods I’ve found to do so.

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#1 You Can’t Miss the Mperks

If you haven’t used Mperks yet, do so immediately! Mperks are Meijer’s version of digital coupons that are stacked with discounts. Use your phone number and a 4-digit pin to sign up for Mperks here.

Clip digital coupons by signing up for Meijer Mperks. More on it to come. In my opinion, the best feature of Mperks is the fact that you may earn points just for conducting your everyday shopping!

If I spend $150 on anything, I get $3 off; if I spend $75 on clothing or shoes, I get 3 dollars off; if I spend $15 on Rubbermaid storage, I get 3 dollars off; and if I spend $10 on Lysol or Finish, I get 3 dollars off. Each account’s benefits are unique, but the system itself is the same for all of them. It’s a win-win situation. You do not have to spend your entire budget on a single outing.To earn my $3 incentive, I may shop for food one week, $50 the next, and $30 the following week. Most prizes have a time limit of 30 days.

When you buy a certain item, the rewards program begins immediately. Meijer will monitor your purchases for you if you just input your Mperks number each time you buy. As soon as you get a reward, it is deposited into your account. Next time you make a purchase, you’ll be asked whether you’d want to use the reward or not.

Every time you make a purchase, you must enter your phone number and PIN. All of your receipts are archived so you can keep track of your purchases and rewards. When I’m looking for a certain receipt, I’ve found this to be quite useful.

#2 Download and print digital coupons

Meijer makes it easy to save money using digital coupons, regardless of whether you clip paper coupons or not. Most of my coupons are now digital, as opposed to the paper ones that I used to utilize very often. Visit the Meijer Mperks digital coupon list by logging in to your account.

The coupon will be added to your account after you click on it. Since your coupons are saved in your Mperks account, you don’t have to worry about forgetting them at checkout.

As a digital coupon clipper, you may conceive of it in two ways. Every time you go to the store, you may log in and clip coupons for the products that you have on your list. Once or twice a month, you might also check through all of your digital coupons to see what you could use. The second is, more often than not, how I approach things.

While you’re waiting for an appointment or glued to the television, you can quickly scan all of the available coupons with the Meijer app. Doing two or more things at once appeals to me, particularly if it means saving money.

#3 Keep an eye out for catalinas

A wide array of national catalinas may be found at Meijer. Some of them can be found at Kroger or other supermarkets, while others can only be purchased at Meijer. More information can be found on

You can learn more about catalinas by looking at the advertisements in your local supermarket or by reading the labels on the shelves. I’m curious to know what a catalina is. When you spend $20 on Huggies goods in a single trip and earn a $5 coupon, that’s what’s known as a catalina.

Catalinas are fantastic because you may reduce your out-of-pocket expenses by using coupons, and the money you get can be used for whatever you like. Catalinas are printed at the register when you get them.

Do not hesitate to ask if you don’t get one and you are confident you should have received one. They go out of their way to make sure you get the catalina you are entitled to.

#4 Mperks pharmacy rewards program is a great option.

No matter how seldom you see a pharmacist, I strongly encourage you to do so! While shopping at Meijer, you’ll be able to pick up your medications, as well as receive money for doing so. Meijer’s insurance rates are also quite reasonable and similar to those of other companies.

Despite the fact that they utilize the same Mperks number, Meijer pharmacy rewards are distinct from ordinary rewards. It’s easy to understand how it works. Meijer offers a $5 credit for every five prescriptions you fill at the store. You’re practically getting a free $1 for every prescription you fill.


How does mPerks work at Meijer?

Meijer’s mPerks program is a great way to save money on your groceries. Every time you shop at Meijer, you can use your mPerks card to save money on your purchase. You can also use your mPerks card to earn rewards points that can be used for future purchases. To learn more about how mPerks works, read on.

When you use your mPerks card at Meijer, you’ll automatically save money on your groceries. You’ll also earn rewards points that can be used for future purchases. To get started, simply sign up for a free mPerks account and then link your mPerks card to your account. Then, every time you shop at Meijer, you’ll automatically save money on your groceries. Plus, you’ll also earn rewards points that can be used for future purchases. It’s that easy!

Does mPerks keep receipts?

Yes, mPerks keeps track of your receipts so you can always view them online or in the app. Plus, if you ever need to return an item, you can easily find your receipt and have all the information you need right at your fingertips.

No more searching through piles of paper! To view your receipts, simply log in to your mPerks account and go to the “Receipts” tab. From there, you can search for receipts by date range, store location, or order number. You can also print or download your receipts as PDFs. So whether you need them for your records or for returns, mPerks has you covered!

Do you get gas points at Meijer?

Yes, you can get gas points at Meijer! Every time you shop at Meijer and use your Meijer credit card, you’ll earn two points for every dollar you spend. Plus, you’ll get an additional point for every gallon of gas you purchase. And, if you use your points to buy gas, you’ll save even more! So make sure to take advantage of Meijer’s gas points program the next time you’re at the pump.