7 Green DIY Ideas for Your Study Room

Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Probably every student has thought about giving their study room a makeover. There are plenty of reasons to do this. After all, it can help you make your room more personalized and, at the same time, efficient.

Most often, students give up on this idea due to a single reason – they lack the free time to engage in decorating their room because they face a huge academic load. If that’s your case, don’t despair just yet! Luckily, there is always a possibility of ordering essay writing online and delegating your homework to professional essay writers. This way, you will get plenty of time to implement your room decoration ideas in life. And, if you are not sure where to look for these ideas, we have you covered! 

In this article, we have prepared a list of the best green DIY ideas that you can easily implement to give your study room a makeover and personalize it a bit while ensuring that it’s sustainable and eco-friendly. Let’s dive in!

1. Paper Woven Basket for School Supplies

Typically, when there is a need to have some sort of storage for school supplies, most students would go to the nearest store and buy a plastic box or basket. This solution is surely simple. But it’s definitely not eco-friendly. However, there is a DIY alternative that you can try instead.

If you have lots of recycled paper at home, you can use it to create a woven basket for all your school stuff. To do this, you will need to cut the paper into strips, reinforce these strips by sewing them, and then use a basketry scheme of your choice to create a basket. Such storage for your supplies is very green, and it also looks great. So, give it a try.

2. Bookshelves

diy bookshelf

Are you throwing out old, damaged books? If the answer is yes, we are here to tell you that you can actually repurpose them to create good-looking, eco-friendly shelves. This DIY idea is very easy to use. And, at the same time, it is just perfect for a study room.

All you need to turn your old books into shelves is a bit of time, a few books, shelf brackets, mounting screws, and a screwdriver. First of all, you should define where to place your shelves. After this, you will need to install shelf brackets with mounting screws. And, then, all you need is to set your books on top of brackets.

As you can guess, such shelves can be used for storing something large or heavy. However, you can also put something small on them or leave it as it is for decor.

3. Tin Can Table Lamp

tin can table lamp

Having no time for cooking, many students are buying ready-made foods that are often packed in not very green packaging. A good example of such packaging is a tin can. If you often buy, let’s say, soups, you may have lots of empty tin cans at home. If that’s true, don’t rush to throw them away and choose to repurpose them instead.

To create an eco-friendly tin can table lamp, you will need:

  • Two clean tin cans (preferably 16 oz.);
  • One 24” gooseneck pipe;
  • One toggle switch;
  • One ⅛ IPS threaded pipe;
  • Electric wire and plug;
  • 1 Edison socket (90 degree 1/8F cap);
  • Small rubber ring;
  • Two female connectors;
  • One weighted base;
  • 2-3 wire connectors;
  • An LED JRD bulb.

Once you collect all the materials, you will need to take some time to prepare the parts of your future lamp, connect the wires, and assemble your lamp. Full instructions for this DIY can be found on Instructables

Of course, this DIY is a bit harder to make and requires more materials. But, if you have free time you can definitely try it!

4. Wood Crate Desk

A desk is an irreplaceable element of a study room. So, when you decide to organize your study space, getting a good desk would be one of your first concerns. An easy way to satisfy this need is to buy a new desk. But, why spend money and drain the world’s resources if you can make a sustainable desk yourself?

There are plenty of ideas for green DIY desks made of different materials. You can find them on the Internet. However, crafting your desk using wood crates is probably the easiest-to-implement idea. The variations and designs can vary depending on how you assemble wooden crates. Surf the web to find inspiration and craft your own green desk!

5. Cork Pinboard

cork pin board

The key to every student’s success is decent self-organization. While in college, young people have to keep track of numerous assignments, events, chores, etc. Therefore, a pinboard is one of those must-have things to keep in your study room. You can pin important notes, deadlines, and whatever else you need to stay organized. So, here is a cool DIY idea for creating a stylish and convenient pinboard yourself – use wine corks!

To use this idea, you will need a base for your board, for example, a large piece of cardboard. Also, you will need plenty of wine corks and a glue gun to attach wine corks to your base. Once you make your board, you can either put it on your desk or a wall and start pinning important notes onto it.

6. Tin Can Plant Pots

tin can planters

If you are hoping to make your study room greener, you will want to add some plants to your space. For this case, we have another great DIY idea you can try. We suggest using tin cans as plant pots instead of traditional plastic pots.

You will need some old tin cans of different diameters for this idea. Surely, you can just put your plants into cans and don’t do anything else. However, if you want to turn these plant pots into the elements of decor, be sure to consider painting them. To do this, you will need to buy:

  • Paint pens;
  • Paintbrushes;
  • Masking tape;
  • Acrylic paints;
  • Canvas varnish.

Using these materials, you can either paint your plant pots into different colors or get creative and draw different designs on them. This is a point where you can unleash your creativity and do whatever feels right.

7. Reusable Snack Bags

We all know that proper nutrition has a significant impact on our physical and mental health, as well as on the work of our brain. That is, having some healthy snacks during your study sessions is essential for staying productive, which is why our next DIY idea is to create reusable snack bags that you could grab with you to your study room.

Having such reusable snack bags is much better than wasting lots of single-use plastic bags in terms of sustainability and eco-friendliness. So, if you are taking care of the environment, be sure to try this idea.

For reusable snack bags, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • Nylon or cotton fabric scraps;
  • Non-adhesive velcro;
  • Polyester thread;
  • Heavy-duty machine needle (if the fabric you are using is thick);
  • Wonder Tape.

Apart from these materials, you will also need some basic sewing skills to sew your reusable, zero-waste snack bags.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are an eco enthusiast or just someone who enjoys DIY activities, now you have a few ideas to help you make your study room more comfortable, personalized, and greener. All the ideas we shared with you here imply repurposing old stuff and using sustainable materials. They are also easy to implement, so it won’t take too much time to give your room a makeover.

Now, all you need to do is decide which of these ideas suit you best and use them!