15+ Window Box Decorating Ideas for Halloween

best window box decorating ideas for Halloween

With some simple outdoor decorating ideas for Halloween, you can turn your summer window boxes into a seasonal display.

If your window boxes are only full in the summer, you are missing out on their seasonal decorating potential. Window boxes are great for upping the curb appeal of your home and they enhance the view from outside and within. When you are decorating outside for Halloween this year, remember those window boxes.

Halloween Decorating Ideas for Window Boxes

Window boxes make great Halloween decorating ideas. You can include any number of seasonal items in the boxes: fall-colored plants, mini corn husks, pumpkins of various shapes and sizes, gourds and mini scarecrows, to name a few.

If you are interested in creating a Halloween/fall scene, use the window boxes as a starting point and spread your decorations to the area below. This makes a great backdrop for seasonal photos of the family.

For fall plants, mums in yellows, browns, oranges and reds are great. For faux mums and various plants, Michaels is the best. If you have ivy in your boxes from summer, leave them in as they will change color with the season and provide some trailing visual interest.

With the dirt in the boxes from summer, arrange your flowers/plants/items with a triangular shape in mind: tallest things in the middle, next medium and smallest things at the ends. Try to make sure there are not any noticeable gaps between plants and decorations. You want them to look as full and billowing as in the summertime.

Remember to leave in the dirt when clearing out your fall decorations so you can use it for your Christmas display.

#1. Fall Window Box




#4. DIY Herb Garden with Basil and Rosemary


#5. Made from gourds and sitting on a bed of dried twigs


#6. Add some autumnal curb appeal


#7. Adorable Window Box Planter


#9. Pumpkin window box







When pulling out your flowers at the end of the season, leave in the dirt so you can use it for your Halloween display.

Remember, one window box does not mean one look. The decorating potential of these planters are endless as they can be used throughout the year to satisfy all your seasonal decorating whims. When you are looking for outdoor decorating ideas for Halloween, remember to include some window boxes.


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