What Are the Benefits of Adopting and Rehoming an Older Dog?

Last Updated on December 16, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

When it comes to adopting a new furry family member, puppies often steal the spotlight. However, there are numerous advantages to adopting and rehoming an older dog that are often overlooked. With wisdom, love, and unique charm, senior dogs can make excellent companions. There are several benefits of welcoming an older dog into your home and heart.

Predictable Personality

One of the most significant benefits of adopting an older dog is that their personality is already well-established. Older dogs’ personalities are more predictable than puppies, whose temperaments can change as they grow. This makes finding a dog that matches your lifestyle and preferences easier.

Lower Energy Levels

Senior dogs typically have lower energy levels compared to their younger counterparts. This can be a significant advantage for people who may not have the time or energy for the high activity levels of puppies. An older dog is often content with shorter walks and more relaxation time. Although they may have lower energy levels, keeping senior dogs active is important to helping them stay healthy.

Well-Mannered and Trained

Many older dogs come with some level of training and are often housebroken. They understand basic commands, making integrating them into your home easier. This can save you the time and effort required for puppy training.

Reduced Destructive Behaviour

Puppies are notorious for chewing, digging, and other destructive behaviors that can test your patience. Older dogs tend to have outgrown these behaviors, which means fewer household mishaps.

Immediate Companionship

Older dogs are ready to provide companionship from day one. They often quickly form strong bonds with their new families, making them excellent companions for those seeking immediate connection and affection.

Rescue and Redemption

Adopting an older dog gives them a second chance at a happy and loving home. Many older dogs end up in shelters due to unforeseen circumstances, and providing them with a forever home can be an enriching experience.

Space in Shelters

Shelters are often crowded with puppies and younger dogs, leaving older dogs with limited chances of adoption. Adopting an older dog frees up space in shelters to help more dogs in need.

Gratitude and Loyalty

Older dogs often feel deeply grateful for their new home and family. They tend to be loyal and devoted to their owners, creating a strong and heartwarming bond.

No Surprises in Size or Coat

With older dogs, there are no surprises when it comes to their size or coat type. You can choose a dog that fits your living space and grooming preferences perfectly.

Saving Lives

By adopting an older dog, you’re directly contributing to saving lives. Older dogs are often at higher risk of being euthanized in shelters due to lower adoption rates. Your decision to adopt makes a life-saving difference.

Adopting and rehoming an older dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience. These dogs offer love, companionship, and unique charm, and they deserve a second chance at a loving home. 

If you decide to adopt an older dog, remember that they may have specific needs, including maintaining their physical health and activity levels. With the right care and attention, older dogs can enjoy a happy and fulfilling life in their new forever home, bringing joy to your family for years to come.

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