20 Crochet Spike Stitch Free Pattern

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Crochet spike stitch free patterns, are great designs that could be used as blankets, rugs, garments, and they are great throws for couches too.  They are mostly designed with the use of wool. Take a ride with us and explore these selections of stitch pattern listed out for you.

1. Crochet Pattern for the Pixel Blanket

1 crochet spike stitch free pattern

This crochet pattern is best for making the pixel blanket. This particular blanket makes a cherry accent in any room. A large and thick blanket big enough for a queen sized bed. The color combination gives it a bright look that could feature in any sofa or bed-sheet.

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2. Crochet Blanket PATTERN – Crayon Box Blanket – crochet pattern modern rainbow gypsy afghan, crochet afghan pattern 

2 crochet spike stitch free pattern

This colorful blanket is a great blend of modern and vintage. Its stripy look, is very adorable plus the design is easy to make

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3. Rainbow Crochet blanket with Pompom, Wool Blanket, Weighted blanket, throw blanket, Bedroom decor

3 crochet spike stitch free pattern

This amazing design could draw any attention. It has been knitted with the crochet and loom method using pure wool. It is ideal for use as a throw blanket on the couch. You could spread it over your bed just to give it that decorative look and even snuggle up with it at night.

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4. Granny stitch planned pooling blanket pattern by Rockin Lola


4 crochet spike stitch free pattern 1

This particular stitch pattern is a very nice design that can function in two major ways. Its thickness makes it suitable to be used as a rug or mat. It could also be used as a blanket. Major colours, are all present in the design which allows it to blend with any room color. 

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5. Berroco Vintage Chunky _ Knitting Yarn & Wool _ LoveKnitting

5 crochet spike stitch free pattern

This Berroco Vintage yarn is a beauty. The color pallet is ridiculously alluring. The ice cream pastels and mélange shades are some rich jewel you can’t resist. 

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6. Crochet blanket stripes Giant knit blanket in pure Merino Wool Large sofa throws with fringes

6 crochet spike stitch free pattern

This cozy looking soft blanket of giant knit is just lovely. Made of pure wool, you can’t resist the soft feel it has. It could be used as a throw blanket on the couch and also as a decorative feature. Enjoy 

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7. Gorgeous Crochet Giant Patchwork Quilt Granny Square Blanket – 12 Colorful Cheerful Rainbow Squares

7 crochet spike stitch free pattern

This simple but lovely design comprising of various colours is perfect for any room setting. It is best for a bed spread. It is also very easy to follow this pattern.

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8. Amazing Vintage Granny Square Hexagon 3D Raised Petal Flowers Lg Afghan Bedspread Multi on Black 78”W x 90” L

8 crochet spike stitch free pattern

This large vintage, made of hexagon shape is an amazing work. The design pattern is very well arranged. The concept of the flowers just makes it more amazing as it comprises of all sort of colors. It can be used as a bed spread or even a blanket. 

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9. Rainbow L Swirl – Fiber Art Wall Hanging Statement Large

9 crochet spike stitch free pattern

This particular design is an outstanding work of art that really drew my attention. Get lost in this rainbow design. This piece of fiber art will beautify your space. You could simply hang it on your wall and watch people behold its beauty.

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10. The Ultimate Afghan Knitting Pattern

10 crochet spike stitch free pattern

This beautiful afgan with its thick, gorgeous cables and lovely color is a popular choice of blanket. It is big enough for two people to snuggle under.  Its luxurious and classic cable will make you want to run your fingers through. 

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11. Inmost Cardigan Crochet pattern by Eleven Hand made

11 crochet spike stitch free pattern

Such an amazing construct!! This Inmost cardigan is perfect for a great cozy feeling. Beautiful puff stitch braids aligned in astounding short rows, with well suiting color.

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12. The knit TC Vest Pattern

12 crochet spike stitch free pattern 1

Another lovely looking cardigan!! Good fit for any color of cloth. The stitching pattern looks breath taking. Great stylish wear for the winter; you can always go anywhere with this on. 

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13. Large knit blanket, mint green vintage shades throw, Weighted blanket, personalized blanket

13 crochet spike stitch free pattern

This gorgeous throw blanket, skillfully designed is ideal for use on a sofa and can also be used as a full bed blanket. You can also snuggle with at night. Lovely colors; like that of a peacock. 

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14. Sofa throws large, couch decor throw, sofa wool cover, parents anniversary gift ideas, knitted housewarming gift, orange wool blanket

14 crochet spike stitch free pattern

This outstanding design has a royal look. It is also a great sofa throw and a decorative feature you could place at the end of your bed. Perfect snuggle blanket, with a soft feel.

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15. Woven bulky blanket Chunky wedding gift Big blanket Big chunky blanket Pure wool throw New house gift Apartment decor Parents anniversary

15 crochet spike stitch free pattern

From its appearance, you could tell that there a great beauty it brings when hung across the shoulders. It is also a great sofa throw. The strings’ hanging down gives it a great design.

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16. Giant Knit Blanket, chunky knit throw, Wool blanket, super bulky blanket, hippie bedding

16 crochet spike stitch free pattern

Great design, perfect color combination. This chunky knit throw wool blanket, could be used anywhere to perform various function. The design has a unique look; it could be used as a new house décor.

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17 crochet spike stitch free pattern

I particular chose this one because of the color and the knitting pattern. It is a great design for a scarf.

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18. A New Angle – PDF pattern for knitted afghan or wall-hanging

18 crochet spike stitch free pattern

I especially love this design because of its optical illusion. It is one of a kind actually; one that would always take your breath away.

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19. Knit in 10 Hours Afghans & Throws

19 crochet spike stitch free pattern

Just look at how the color and design blends with that of the sofa. Enjoy the goodness of this beauty. Its elegancy, just creates an amazing atmosphere in the room. Truly one of a kind!!

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20. Aran Plated Throw

20 crochet spike stitch free pattern

Enjoy this rich color and design. Its classic look is irresistible. It is perfect as a bed spread. Feel its softness, as you roll over your bed. Nice choice of design for crochet knitting.

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