Best Activities in San Antonio Aquarium

As one of the more vibrant cities in Texas, San Antonio is brimming with sites to see and activities to enjoy, so much so that deciding on only one would be a real challenge. The San Antonio Aquarium represents one of the best experiences you can get in the city, though.

The attraction has been operating for nearly a decade and has attracted hundreds of thousands of tourists since. Read on to discover the exciting activities for the entire family in the San Antonio Aquarium.

A Bit About the Aquarium

The San Antonio Aquarium opened in 2014 as a showcase of fascinating marine life. The attraction is 50,000 square feet in size and houses numerous species of fish, sharks, reptiles, and many other water-dwelling creatures.

In addition, the aquarium also hosts exhibits and interactive displays that are as immersive and fun as they are educational. These features make the San Antonio Aquarium an ideal place for adults and kids alike, recommending it as a family-friendly attraction.

When Can You Visit?

The aquarium is open from 10 AM to 8 PM every day, including weekends. A ticket grants you the entire day in the aquarium, although the average visit lasts for up to three hours. However, with all of the things to do and see, you could easily end up spending more time at this lovely location.

Let’s look at what activities await in the San Antonio Aquarium.

What You’ll See in San Antonio Aquarium

Once you start exploring the aquarium, you’ll get the chance to admire different animals, watch live shows, and even get some hands-on activities with the inhabitants of the aquarium. Here’s our selection of the top activities that you can fit into a single day.

The Stingray Touch Tank

Starting with the mentioned hands-on experience, the stingray touch tank is one you shouldn’t miss. Once your hand gets in the water, these majestic creatures will brush up against your fingers as they pass by. You could even get an opportunity to pet a stingray for some truly unique moments.

The San Antonio Aquarium Aviary

A variety of birds might be the last thing you’d expect in an aquarium, but that’s precisely what you can see in the aviary portion of this attraction.

The macaws, parakeets, toucans, and lorikeets will be friendly and welcoming, presenting a memorable sight. If you wish to give these lovable birds a treat, you can do so with bird food, purchasable on-site.

Desert and Rain Forest Habitat Experiences

Another uncommon sight at aquariums, the desert and rain forest habitats offer insight into the amazing species that dwell in some of our planet’s more extreme environments.

During these experiences, you can see different types of frogs, lizards, and other amphibians, as well as a selection of reptiles.

The desert habitat combines with the rest of the aquarium particularly well since you’ll welcome the refreshing sight of water after witnessing the extremely dry environment.

Daily Shows

The San Antonio Aquarium treats its visitors with daily shows that focus on different themes. Some will be focused on marine life, while other shows will familiarize you with the avian and reptilian inhabitants of this versatile nature park. If you’ve decided to spend a day at the aquarium, catching a show will prove more than worth your while.

The Mermaids

In everyday life, mermaids are mere legends of old and creatures of fantasy. But in the San Antonio Aquarium, you can see the legend come to life if you visit at the right date. In that case, you’ll witness these mythological creatures at play as they swim around.

The Giant Pacific Octopus

Continuing with a legend that actually exists in real life, the Giant Pacific Octopus is one of the most impressive sights at the San Antonio Aquarium. The world biggest octopus is there for you to see, and it’s an awe-inspiring experience. Make sure not to miss what was, until recently, available only to a select few.


If you need a break from the wonders presented in the aquatic life exhibits, you can change up the pace and refresh with a fun ride. The San Antonio Aquarium houses merry-go-round and roller coaster rides that are equally enjoyable for kids and adults. Plus, your little ones can go on a genuine pony ride, which is always an excellent choice.

Spend an Unforgettable Day at San Antonio Aquarium

With so many sights to see and new experiences to enjoy, the San Antonio Aquarium represents a rewarding and memorable way to spend anywhere from a few hours to an entire day. The attraction will be fun and inspirational whether you visit it alone or on a family vacation.