Have A Stellar Gastronomic Experience Visiting These World Destinations

Last Updated on July 21, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Food is life, a necessity for the human body and the means through which you procure your daily energy. And while the life-sustaining aspects are crucial, it’s important to remember that food is more than that. 

It’s an integral part of a culture and has many important and personal meanings for each individual. For example, most people have certain foods that remind them of their childhood, and eating them is a comforting experience. Some make food one of the highlights of every trip they have and look to discover new foods all the time.

Here are some of the top destinations around the world you should try if you’re looking to experience new and exciting cuisines. Make sure you get an esim before you start your travels, so you can keep everyone back home updated on all the great recipes you discover.


The United States is one of the most eclectic places in the world for gourmets. That’s because the country’s food culture is centered on diversity, considering the influences that arrived from all corners of the world, such as the Caribbean, China, Thailand, Vietnam, France, India and Italy, on top of the Native American cuisine and soul food.

You can find virtually any type of food in the US and a wide array of fusion restaurants and diners. Get an international sim card before traveling here, so you don’t have to worry about finding a reliable Wi-Fi connection to discover the best restaurants you can try.

New Orleans is the best place to visit if you want to experience the connection between food and the community that cooks and enjoys it. Gumbo, po’boy, crawfish etouffee, bananas foster and seafood boils are some of the most flavorful recipes you can try that are specific to the region.

New York City is the best spot for those who want a wide selection, from izakayas to cheap pizzerias, artisanal hamburgers, delicatessen and French fine dining. 

Los Angeles is known for California rolls and ice cream sandwiches but also for its Mexican influences, as the state used to be part of Mexico. Speaking of which, if you reach Texas, make sure to try some of the iconic Tex-Mex recipes like chili con carne, beef tamale pie, queso mini peppers and pulled pork nachos.


Italian cuisine is one of the most well-known in the world. Its secret lies in the relatively straightforward recipes and the focus on high-quality, primarily local ingredients. Italian cuisine shows that you can create many dishes by mixing the same elements differently. Apart from pizza, carbonara and gelato, there are also many cool and quirky dishes to experience.

Baccalà alla vicentina is a traditional Venetian dish made from stockfish, anchovies, onions, milk and Parmesan. Risotto alla milanese is cooked with saffron, which gives the food its unique color. Ossobuco, native to Lombard cuisine, includes veal shanks braised with broth, white wine and vegetables and is often served with risotto alla milanese or a classic polenta. 

Coda alla vaccinara is a similar dish featuring offal. It is an oxtail stew found in modern Roman cuisine. Several ingredients are added to the mix, including aromatic herbs, celery, carrots, bay leaves, cloves, prosciutto, cinnamon, pancetta and nutmeg, with the final result garnished with pine nuts.

And, of course, you can visit Italy without sampling the desserts. Sfogliatella, a pastry originating in Campania, features different fillings such as candied orange, vanilla, sweet ricotta cheese and cinnamon. Sicilian granita, similar to sorbet or shaved ice, includes all types of flavorings you can think of. And if you’re looking for something a little quirkier, try sanguinaccio dolce.


France is also known as one of the countries with the world’s best and most emblematic cuisines. The country is home to some of the most esteemed restaurants in the world, being the creator of fine dining. 

Escargots are one of the foods most commonly associated with France, although snails are considered edible in many other areas, such as Africa, the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia. They are cooked in a sauce of garlic, parsley, pepper, tarragon and garlic. Sea urchins are also a common dish, particularly loved among seafood lovers.

Boudin noir, known in the United Kingdom as black pudding, is France’s version of blood sausage. Traditionally, apart from blood, it also contains barley, breadcrumbs, oatmeal, tomatoes, onions and a wide range of seasonings. So, even if it doesn’t sound palatable initially, you might change your mind after experiencing it.

If you love beef, France offers a wide variety of unique recipes for it. Ris de veau, known in English as sweetbread, tête de veau, fromage de tête and langue de boeuf are a few of the unique dishes you can sample. And, of course, you can’t miss the opportunity to try a steak tartare served with raw egg yolk, seasoning or Worcestershire sauce.


The cuisine of Singapore is influenced by several cultures, cooking styles and staple foods, creating an eclectic mix of foods unlike anywhere else in the world. Chinese, Indian and Malay influences are the most visible, but there are several others, considering that Singapore is a very cosmopolitan place. Fish head curry has red snapper, okra, asparagus beans, and eggplants served with bread or rice. Coconut milk and tamarind juice can also be added.

Ramen is a much-loved staple worldwide, and several different varieties are available depending on tastes. There’s a Singapore-style ramen, which also features egg noodles in a kelp and soy sauce, with prawn wontons, onsen tamago, potato-wrapped prawns and char siu. 

Chili crab uses mud crabs stir-fried in a chili and tomato sauce, served hot with mantou steamed buns. Salted egg croissants include a versatile ingredient common in Chinese cuisine, creating a pastry with a rich umami flavor. And, of course, you must try buah keluak fried rice with minced pork, fried egg, Indonesian sambal and black nut paste.

When you travel to experience different cuisines, you must be ready to sample various things. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous and look for dishes you wouldn’t find at home. It’s the best way to expand your palate and truly immerse yourself in another culture.