Amish Workers Build Beautiful Birdhouses

Last Updated on April 5, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

If you’re looking for unique birdhouses that boast their own features and functions, while offering plenty of appeal and eye-catching beauty, look no further than our stunning selection available on our website.

At Unique Bird, we stock some of the highest quality birdhouses and feeders imaginable – all at a great price and handmade by experienced Amish craftsmen. Not only is each birdhouse unique, but they are also exquisitely detailed, hand finished, and capable of lasting years and years regardless of the weather.

Why choose Amish-made birdhouses?

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The Amish have long been recognized as some of the finest craftsmen and women in the industry, being capable of creating the most intricate work and offering a unique skill set to every project that they undertake.

As a result, you can trust that Amish-made goods aren’t just crafted using the highest-grade materials; but they also benefit from centuries-old techniques that have been passed down from worker to worker.

What makes our birdhouses so special?

Our unique birdhouses are just that; one of a kind. From the way that they are designed and constructed, right through to the love and affection that’s given to every single one – each birdhouse is a masterpiece in its own right, with perfectly cut wood, optimally installed fittings, and mechanisms that make cleaning and maintenance straightforward and enjoyable.

Instead of regular crafting options that are performed in bulk and can often lack quality, we prefer to go straight to the source for specialist craftsmen. Where that is concerned, the Amish are second to none.

Their techniques have become a firm favorite in the carpentry industry and as they work by hand in the vast majority of things that they build, you can trust that they really know how to achieve the best results.

About our birdhouses

At Unique Bird, you may have noticed a theme among our products, and that is avian-centric design. Each of our products have been designed to reflect a particular species of bird, from the most common to the more exotic. This isn’t just the unique style that we opted for – it’s actually also a clever way to make birds feel more at home.

Even humans at a young age will move toward their mother and sit on top of her for comfort and feeding. Birds are no different; they enjoy a closeness and bond to really help them to feel as relaxed and as safe as possible.

Our unique birdhouses are large – large enough to suit a variety of species that plan on building a nest inside, and what more reassuring way to do so than with an image that they recognize?

It’s not just the physical appearance that can be beneficial to birds, but the sheer size and proportions of our cool birdhouses mean that they can often deter predators looking for an easy meal.

Throw in the fact that our bird feeders and birdhouses share the same affordable prices, no matter which you go for, and you’ll see why so many of our customers come to us whenever they need an exclusive style for their yard or outdoor space.

Other features

Some other appealing aspects of our birdhouses, outside of being hand-made and finished professionally, is the material that they are constructed with, as well as the ease in which you can access them for cleaning, and even space for a lower bracket that perfectly houses the wooden construction and holds it in place firmly.

This bracket can be fitted to a wide variety of materials, but we find screwing it into a solid wall or wooden fence (or high tree) to be the most convenient. There’s also enough space inside the birdhouse to fit a small camera, allowing you to observe the comings and goings of the birds that were lucky enough to choose it as a nest.

It is worth noting that the mounting bracket must be purchased separately.

Thanks to the wooden construction and the additional layer of paint to reflect the species of bird in the design, each egg and adult inside can enjoy the benefits of a safe, warm environment that will protect them from a variety of weather types, without restricting their movement in the process.

Access is easy, with a flawlessly cut hole in the chest of the birdhouse, making it easy for the birds inside to come in and out, while limiting predators from being able to reach the fragile eggs or baby birds inside. As the hole is placed high up on the chest of the birdhouse, and flanked on either side by the ‘breast’ of the bird design, it can also help to reduce airflow, making the internal components a much cozier place for birds to settle into on a cold winter’s night.

Why choose Unique Bird?

At Unique Bird, we don’t just sell birdhouses and feeders – we love doing so. It’s our passion and is part of the reason why we turn to Amish workers for our products. Skilled Amish builders are capable of producing some of the finest and most beautiful designs – and that’s a fact that we are proud to share with our customers and visitors.

Rather than going for a cheaper solution online that will typically fall apart, deteriorate, and stop working – our birdhouses have been designed with longevity in mind. This means that when purchasing from us, you’ll be supporting traditional Amish craftspeople, as well as reaping the rewards of a birdhouse that was created to remain functional for years to come.

As the cost for each birdhouse gets lower the more you buy (and the same can be said for our unique bird feeders, as well), you’ll be able to buy as few or as many within a budget that suits your requirements, and then sit back and watch as your favorite birds come directly to you for their safety and comfort.

To place an order via our website, why not take advantage of our discounted birdhouses right now? You’ll also find it possible to chat with a friendly member of our team online, and they’ll be happy to guide you through the ordering process. For any questions and inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll be sure to look after all of your wants and needs with minimal fuss and maximum enjoyment.