Bath Fitter Cost, Reviews, Alternatives: How Much Does A Bath Fitter Tub Cost?

Last Updated on November 25, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Remodeling or renovating bathtubs and liners can be very costly. But in one way or another, these processes are part of the bargain to maintain the look and functionality of your tubs.

Going down this route requires expertise from a trusted service company that does bath remodeling or renovation but with a good value for money. 

In this post, we will navigate through Bath Fitter, a reputable company in bath remodeling and renovation. A breakdown of the costs as well as helpful reviews is discussed to broaden your option. Some alternative brands are also mentioned for comparison, so read on. 

Bath fitter tub cost, reviews, alternatives

What is Bath Fitter?

Before we go to the service costs and reviews of Bath Fitter, it is imperative that we get to know it first. Bath Fitter is a service company whose expertise is in bathtub and bath liners installation. As a Canadian brand, it has been around since 1984 making it one of the most reputable when it comes to residential bathroom installation. 

Their trademark is in installing bath liners by first assessing the situation of your tub. They do it by taking out the tub’s faucet first. An acrylic liner is installed in a pre-existing tub or a new acrylic tub will be installed. 

They also have patented Bath Fitter wall panels that add protection to your bathroom walls and bathroom accessories to complete the renovation’s touch. Their servicemen will also do the cleanup so you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Other services extended by Bath Fitter would be shower installation, tub to shower conversion, DIY Bath for remodeling or renovation, and a range of bathroom accessories like faucets, tub fronts, rods, grab bars, doors, shelves, and holders. 

How much does bath fitter cost? 

Depending on the service you choose, Bath Fitter can be more costly than installing the tub overlay on your own. But then again, it comes with a complete service that will save you money in the long run. 

The national average for bath liner installation is $700-1500. Replacement costs including installation for dilapidated tubs will cost around $1000-6000. With Bath Fitter, bath liner installation does not exceed $4000.

With acrylic liners and installation, it would go at around $1800- 3500. Total tub replacement with wall panels and accessories does not exceed $9000. Bath Fitter has a rough estimate of $4000-8000 for this service.  

Note that these estimates depend on the assessment that Bath Fitter makes depending on the status of your bathtub and the amount of work that you want them to give in transforming your bathroom in general. Your location can also have an effect on the cost of the materials and the installation cost. You can get a free estimate on the Bath Fitter site

What is the average cost of a Bath Fitter conversion from tub to shower?

The tub to shower conversion service of Bath Fitter comes at a reasonable price. On average, the conversion will be at $3,000. This includes acrylic materials for the tub, liner, and shower panels and accessories such as showerheads, holders, and rods. 

Remodeling plus conversion will double the cost to $6000. Opting for glass doors and fiberglass shower walls plus tub to shower conversion will raise the costs to not greater than $9000. 

Bath Liner vs Replacement Cost

white ceramic bath tub

Bath liner is of course more inexpensive compared to replacement cost. In the US, the national average for installing bath liners would be around $1200-2800. Liners alone cost from $700-1200. Acrylic liners are one of the most inexpensive at $700-850. 

On the other hand, bath replacement is more costly because it takes more time and more workers to take on the job. On average, replacement costs would be around $1500-5400. More high-end replacements would be in between $4000-10000. Acrylic tubs range from $500-900. More expensive tubs could range from $1000-3000. 

Replacing the Tub cost

When it comes to tub replacement, Bath Fitter may charge you a maximum of $7000 depending on the service that you will choose. Acrylic tub replacement will cost you around $700-1600.

Replacing the floor tiles and the wall panels will add another $600-2000 in cost depending on your choice of material. Installation and other labor costs will also be factored in so all in all, replacing the tub will cost you between $5000-7000

Pro installation cost

Hiring a professional to install your tub replacement may differ depending on certain factors. Normally, pro installation is at a range of $100-2000, excluding the cost of the tub and other accessories. Installing a new tub in a new bathroom will cost the least. Tub replacement by a pro plumber will be more expensive rising to up to $4000. 

Tubs assessed with plumbing issues will also add to the cost. On average, the added cost will be from $400-1800. If new pipes are necessary to be installed, another $150-400 will be added. 

Refinishing the Tub cost

Refinishing the tub is necessary to give it a more pristine look, eliminating the cracks and dents. The national average for tub refinishing is $330-1000 excluding labor. Bath Fitter refinishing costs will range from $750-1500. This includes acrylic to more high-end materials.

Labor costs will range from $500-1000. All in all, tub refinishing for Bath Fitter will be at a range of $1200-2500

Bath Fitter Reviews

To get a hunch of what you will expect, let us zoom in to some Bath Fitter reviews. 


Next-day service

Most of the reviews applaud the next-day service of Bath Fitters. True to their word, if you need a quick bathroom renovation or remodeling, they are one of the most effective companies to call. 


A significant number of reviewers also commend the installation process of Bath Fitters. First, they send servicemen to make an assessment of the project and will calculate an estimated cost right after.

If you agree with the calculation, they will call the installation team that will refinish, replaces, or convert your tub. They will also clean the finished area after plus their materials come with a lifetime warranty tag. 

Demolition-free service

Most suburban homeowners love the fact that Bath Fitter has a demolition-free service be it for refinishing, replacing, or converting tubs into shower rooms. They have mastered the process of taking out the faucets, tubs, tiles, and wall panels one by one without really demolishing the original structure.  

Courteous and pro team

The overall service of the laborers is also commendable. They are punctual, courteous, and will do the job quickly and with precision. They also ask for consent knowing that some tweaks in the remodeling might not adhere to the home’s blueprint before putting on some modifications to accommodate the new design chosen by the homeowner. 


Response system

A lot of reviewers claim that there have been incessant cancellations of online appointments by Bath Fitter. Some would only come for the assessment and quotation but would take time before checking on the project to start working on it. 


One thing that was not also very pleasing is the coordination of the repair team. Some come without the needed materials, some ask the homeowners to go and run for material even if it was clearly included in the quotation. Other problems encountered are wrong items specifically in terms of size and color. 

Bath Fitter alternatives and costs

Bath Fitter is not the only bath liner and tub installation company around. There are also equivalent companies that do the same work and offer the same services. As such, here are some Bath Fitter alternatives and the range of costs in terms of the services they offer to serve as your point of comparison. 

1. Rebath

If you are not a fan of the one-day installation, opt for ReBath. They offer services such as liner installation, tub replacement, tub to shower conversion, bathroom remodeling, accessory upgrades, and shower renovations.

Depending on the design, materials, and size of your accessories and fixtures, their services range from $1500-3500. 

2. Bath Planet

This company takes pride in its all-acrylic liners. Their service includes a one-day installation process and their products and services come with a lifetime warranty.

Other services include one-day bathroom remodeling, shower installation, tub to shower conversions, and walk-in tubs. Costs of services range from $1000-5000.

3. Miracle Method

This one banks on their refinishing services from the bathroom to countertops and even ceramic tiles. They do not only feature acrylic materials but also the less expensive PVC.

Compared to Bath Fitter, it has cheaper services, ranging from $450-650 for bath liner refinishing and $800-1200 for tub refinishing with ceramic tile refinishing around it. 

4. BathWraps

This is a remodeling solution from Liners Direct. As a service, it offers crack and fade-free bath liners with Liners Direct’s antimicrobial protection technology. BathWraps also have a tub to shower conversions. Their services cost from $1200-3000. 

5. Home depot

Aside from being its acrylic materials, Home Depot offers free estimates and a project loan service in which you can pay for the services and the materials through credit card.

Their signature service is acrylic tub liner installation but they also feature tub conversions and bathroom remodeling services. Their services range from $1500-4000. 

6. Custom Bath Liners

This company has the most comprehensive price lists for their range of services. Their one-day walk-through system installation comes at around $859. One-day tub liner installation with wall remodeling will cost $2999.

One-day tub to shower conversion is at $3999. Installing a walk-in bathtub will be at $7999 while a complete bathroom remodeling with accessories, tub liners, and wall system will cost $7000. 


Does Bath Fitters offer financing?

Yes, and it comes in a credit card scheme. Purchasing a complete Bath Fitter service or system via credit card will entitle you to a 0% interest on a two-year payment. They use a so-called SNAP financing tool which bases your eligibility for the financing based on your outstanding credit score. 

When awarded, you can choose among a handful of financing and payment options. You are also guaranteed no late payment penalties. 

Does mold grow under Bath Fitter?

The good news is NO. Mold does not grow under Bath Fitter and both the company ads and actual testimonies from clients will attest to that. Note that mold buildup happens when there is much moisture. Before installing the liners, Bath Fitter involves a process of cleaning and then disinfecting. After this, sealing and waterproofing will ensue. This ensures that no mold will grow under Bath Fitter. 

Other than that, Bath Fitter makes use of acrylic materials, making them non-porous and quite resistant to molds and also mildew. 

Why is Bath Fitter so expensive?

Aside from giving you the complete process from assessment to cleaning the project, Bath Fitter is expensive for the following reasons:

Color range and finish

In the dawn of DIY overlaying and lining, the color range and available finish for bath liners have been staggering in the passing of time. But unlike the others, Bath Fitters did not lessen their color range and finish for liners, tubs, floor tiles, and accessories.

From white, tan, bone, and bisque colors, Bath Fitter is also now featuring bolder color ranges like coral, champagne, and other aggregate colors. In terms of finish, they have also included marble, matte, granite, and fiberglass finishes. 

Assessment: You cannot find a lot of bath relining and installment companies that will give you an unlimited and free assessment especially if you change your mind a lot when it comes to your bathroom’s design. The assessment is also very thorough as Bath Fitter servicemen do not only come to see the tub situation but also the plumbing plan of the home. 

Aside from this, they will sit down with you to finalize the design and will give you their expert evaluation of better choices. 

Upgrade accessories: Aside from relining, remodeling, tub installment, and shower conversion, Bath Fitter also offers accessories that will upscale your bath. In the list of their designs, accessories such as grab bars, soap dishes, faucets, showerheads, caddies, and other fixtures like shelves, floor tiles, and wall panels are also included. 

With the level of ‘service completeness’ of Bath Fitter, there is no wonder why it is more expensive than other relining companies. 

How does Bath Fitter work?

Basically, Bath Fitter works by polishing the tub with a fiberglass liner on the tub or in the shower. This makes a no-demolition process for relining and installation.

The fiberglass liner is also a good run for the money because the material is not just elegant looking but also durable, not brittle, resistant to crack, molds and mildew. This saves time and money and will last very long. 

How long does Bath Fitter last?

With the use of high-end, glossy acrylic liners, Bath Fitter will last for five to ten years but with proper maintenance, you can count on it to last for as long as your home stands. On average, liners would only last for two to five years. After that, repolishing will be required again. This just proves that Bath Fitter lasts longer than the average, saving you more time and money in the long run. 

Is Bath Fitter worth it?

Overall, yes, Bath Fitter is a good value for money. Their service process is elaborate, they have pro installation services, they do not fall short with design choices and do not only offer relining and installation but also tub to shower conversion, wall panels, and floor tiles remodeling and you can also have a wide choice for bathroom accessories for your new looking bathroom. 

Aside from this, you are ensured that your bathroom is held by people who know the ins and outs of the job. They give you free assessments, evaluate the situation thoroughly, make sure that everything is in place minus the demolition part, and do the job in just a day. 

While you can always look for other service companies that will do the job because Bath Fitter, without a doubt, is more expensive than others, its reputation of being around since 1948 is a factor to bank on. Other than this, reviews and actual testimonies of clients bolster their efficiency, and the projects they finish live up to these reviews. With all things considered, we can really say that Bath Fitter is worth all the money. 


There are a lot of factors to zero in when it comes to bathroom remodeling or renovation. Of all things, money is the greatest consideration. Materials can be very costly depending on the type that you want.

Unknown plumbing issues will surely add to the cost. On top of these, you will still have to pay for the tub or shower unit, the floor tiles, the wall panels, and the labor of those who will install it. 

Yes, you can always go down the DIY route but think about all the time and money you will be able to save if you run to a reputable relining and installation company like Bath Fitter.