What Color Walls Go with Gray Tile Bathroom? (25 Ideas)

Are you looking for a wall color that matches your gray bathroom tile? Here are the best wall colors that will make your bathroom look nice. These color combinations will help brighten this space, enabling you to enjoy some intimate time while taking a bath. Read on.

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color walls go with gray tile bathroom ideas

1. Paint Your Bathroom Walls White

1 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom

White is a soothing color. When you paint your walls white, it will enable your mind to rejuvenate after a long stressful day. So, if you want to have such an experience in your bathroom with gray tiles, paint the walls white.

You’ll get an amazing combination ideal for this room that gives you ‘me time.’

This will help you brighten and create contrast in your bathroom. You can include some indoor plants to help improve the air circulation. Remember you can relax in your bathtub on a hot day. But with stuffy air, it will not be comfortable doing this.

Since there are different shades of white, you can pick your favorite and make this space wonderful. For example, go for bright white when your bathroom tiles are light gray. This combo will give you a crisp, clean space that’s relaxing and easy to decorate.  

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2.   Work with Gray on Gray

2 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom

You can also have a beautiful combination when you work with gray walls and a gray tile bathroom. First, however, you need to match the color shades to create contrast. Then, of course, you can also have three shades of gray on your bathroom but still, get a fantastic look.

For example, have gray walls, gray tile and gray ceiling. If the ceiling has light gray, you can make the floors and walls have darker tones. But you can also introduce a different color in this setting, like white or lavender on the ceiling.

Also, doing light gray on the bathroom subway and dove gray on walls can do. A mirror will break the monochrome look and make it classy.

3. Opt for Ivory Walls  

3 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom

Another color that will blend well with your gray bathroom tiles is ivory. Ivory on your walls and gray on the tiles of your bathroom will give you a relaxing feel. You should, however, have darker gray to compliment the walls.

Also, consider adding some elements with different colors. For example, make the cabinets countertops with multi-colored tiles. Alternatively, you can have golden handrails and taps in the bathroom sinks.

4. Make the Walls Green

4 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom

Green will make your bathroom colorful but also give it a natural look. So, paint your walls green and add in some lights. This is because green and gray will make the space darker and smaller. To make it stylish, add some white fixtures, which will also brighten the bathroom.

One of the green shades you can go for is pistachio green. This calming color will create an outdoor feeling in your bathroom, improving the quality of this space. In addition, pistachio green will bring vibrance to your bathroom, making the dull gray tiles have energy and sleek.

You can then add natural wood fittings to tone down the green color if you feel it’s too bright. Alternatively, you can have sage for an earthly seafoam feel while making the space fun and bright.

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5. Combine Dark Charcoal and Gray Tile

5 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom

If you want to create a dramatic feel in your bathroom, consider this color combination. When you have these colors in your bathroom, don’t forget to add in extra light. Or go for this if your bathroom has a lot of natural light.

This is because the two colors will make the space look darker. Therefore, you will not have an intimate and relaxing moment in a darker space as it should be.

6. Make Your Walls Cream

6 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom
Source: Ream

Do you mind having cream walls in your bathroom? If not, paint your bathroom walls with gray tile cream. This color is ideal for those who are not into the sharp white look. But it will give you an elegant space that’s worth your’ me moments’. You can add another color to this setting by introducing colorful shower curtains.

You can also add colorful bathroom mats that will enhance the look. But if you’re into decorations, put some on the walls and enjoy your moments in this space. The gorgeous color will bring warmth to your bathroom while neutralizing the dull gray tiles in your bathroom.

7. Go Rustic with Wood

7 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom

Are you into the rustic look? Then you can bring this into your bathroom. Have gray tiles and wooden paint on the walls and make the ceiling white. You can then add other elements on the wall like a silvery showerhead and taps.

7 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom 1
Source: Victoria Plum

A bold shower curtain will help you enhance this look. But also having white countertops or colorful cabinets will give it an attractive look. You can also make the cabinets steely gray with white countertops to have a unique combination.

Adding some patterns to this setting can also do depending on your likes. Making your shelves wooden is also a better way of customizing this space to bring out your personality.  

8. Soften the Look with Various Shades of Blue

8 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom 1

Another paint color that will make your bathroom look heavenly is blue. If your bathroom tiles are charcoal gray, opt for soft blue paint. This will help you bring out your personality and also brighten the space.

8 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom 2

The color will also help you have a relaxing feel while bathing since blue is a soothing color. You will also get a spa-like treatment with the two-color combination. However, if you want to make it more beautiful, add in some décor.

A misty blue is another shade of blue with some yellow undertone that will give your bathroom an aesthetic touch. It’s an alternative for those who don’t want light blue on the walls. However, it will also bring a soothing, relaxing vibe.

What of smoky blue? This, too, will blend well with your gray tiles and give you an ambient feel. But if you want a darker shade of blue, consider navy blue walls. Navy blue will make your bathroom with gray tiles look cleaner and classic.

Make the walls reflective to enable you to maintain them in good shape for a long. This combination will give you a traditional or nautical bathroom, depending on how you decorate it.   

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9. Go for Pink Walls

9 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom 1

You will never go wrong by having pink walls and a gray tile bathroom. The perfect blend will brighten the space and make it beautiful. It will also help you have a romantic space with a soft look that is rejuvenating.

9 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom 2
Source: Wilson & Morris, Crisp Architects

A dusty pink on your walls provides your bathroom with a vibrant, refreshing look. Dusty pink has some grayish undertone that will match your gray tiles with ease. Rose pink will also blend well with your gray tile giving you a romantic feel.

If you have rose-pink walls opt for white cabinets, then have their handles in dark gray. Such a look will make you take your time in your bathroom because it’s relaxing. If you’re a minimalist, don’t add anything into this setting. But if not, introduce some plants and bathroom curtains of different colors.

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10. Taupe Walls and Gray Tiles

If you want neutral paint on your bathroom walls but not white, go for taupe. Taupe walls and gray tiles on your bathroom will keep the space simple yet relaxing. It will also give you a modern, stylish look.

10 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom 1

But choose the right shade of taupe for your gray tiles. Note that each taupe variation will give you a different feel with gray tiles. So, if you’re into heavy brown taupe, consider matching it with light gray tiles.

10 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom 2
Source: Jeri Koegel Photography

But if you want to get a modern, calm and relaxed look, blend dark gray tiles and light brown taupe. Remember making this special room requires you to be creative and playful with colors.

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11. Consider Having Brown Walls

11 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom 1

You can have it on your bathroom walls with gray tiles and get a perfect combination if you like brown. The calm earthly color will give your bathroom a natural look that will enable you to enjoy your time here.

12 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom 1
Source: Complete Building and Design Inc, Fantini USA

When you combine it with gray, the result will be a dramatic feel. Don’t fear adding other colors like silvery fixtures, and a mirror too will enhance the look. But of course, dark brown walls and gray floors can work in this space.

12 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom 2
Source: Avenue B Development

However, make it intimate by including lights on the walls. The dark brown walls and the gray tiles will give you a dramatic feel that’s soothing. Choose a lighter shade of gray for this combination.

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12. Bold It up with Black

13 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom 1
Source: Nar Design Group

Don’t fear making your bathroom walls black if you’ve gray tiles. The bold black color will give this space a unique and stylish look. But do this if you’ve got a large bathroom with lots of direct sunlight. 

13 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom 2
Source: SELAND’S Abbey Flooring Center

Additionally, you can add in some lights and create a relaxing space which is good after a long day of hustle.

13 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom 3
Source: Trending Accessibility

13. Make Your Bathroom Sunny Yellow

Gray tiles and yellow walls are the in thing currently in most homes. So, don’t hesitate to make your bathroom walls yellow to get a serene feel. You can then add depth to this space by including accessories that make your bathroom look modern.

For example, add some black or white artwork on the walls. You can also go for a darker shade of yellow for the artwork and have an outstanding bathroom. Consider decorating the bathroom to enhance its look.

A colorful rug can will do in this case. But ensure you go for glossy paint and white trim to get a crispy look. Sunny yellow walls will make this room have some drama which is ideal for its small size.  

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14. Black and White Walls

15 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom 1

If you don’t want a monochrome bathroom, use more than one color on your walls. For example, make your walls black and white and see how elegant they will be. You can have white on one wall and black on the next to create harmony.

But having black at the bathroom base and white on the rest of the wall is also ideal. Making white and black stripes is another idea of getting an appealing bathroom. The white color will liven the black and gray combination resulting in a cool space.

If you opt for tile on the walls, do mosaic design to have a beautiful and outstanding bathroom. But you can still make the cabinets and countertops white and black.

15. What of Maroon on Gray Tile?

16 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom 1

Maroon will help you create vibrance in your bathroom with gray tiles. The bold color is refreshing and calm, which will enable you to bathe while relaxed. But it will only have a bold statement if your bathroom receives a lot of natural light.

16 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom 2
Source: ARTSTUDIO Design & Construction

This is because it can make this space appear smaller than it is. Of course, having maroon as an accent wall is also possible if you don’t want to have all of it bold. But contrasting it with a trim color like creamy beige will also make it stand out.

Alternatively, you can have white fixtures to tone down the dark effect that will result from dark gray tiles and maroon.

16. Do Lime Green and Gray Walls

17 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom 1

Do you want a refreshing but rare combo in your bathroom? Make your walls green and gray with gray tiles on the floor. You can maintain the same shade of gray for the tile and walls. Then break it down with lime green.

If you’re doing tiles for both the walls and floors, go for different sizes for each. Then have the surfaces in light gray when the walls and floors have a darker shade. Finally, you can make the ceiling white and add some décor.

17. Lavender Walls

18 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom 1

Lavender walls and gray tiles will give your bathroom a relaxing feel. This will make you enjoy staying here longer. Create some contrast and brighten the bathroom with white bathtubs and cabinets.

18 what color walls go with gray tile bathroom 2
Source: Zaci Studio

Decorating your mirror with whitish and purple elements is also a good idea. You can also add a statement to this setting by having a beautiful chandelier that brightens the room.   

18. Liven Your Bathroom with Orange Walls

19 orange color walls go with gray tile bathroom 1
Source: van Ellen + Sheryn Architects

Another color for your bathroom walls, especially if you’re into the bold setting, is orange. Orange walls will blend with any shade of gray tiles. So, it’s not a limiting choice. However, you can also tone it down by including brown cabinets.

Another hack to enhance your bathroom look is by including patterned rugs on the floor. A white and black shower curtain can also make this space look different. Orange walls can also make your small bathroom appear bigger. So don’t hesitate to paint your walls this color.

19 orange color walls go with gray tile bathroom 2
Source: АСК “Сигнал”

You can also combine red-orange walls with gray tile and have it look amazing. The red-orange walls will match well with dark brown furniture and patterned trim.

19. Red and White

20 red white color walls go with gray tile bathroom 1

Another set of colors you can have on your walls and match your gray tiles is red and white. The combination will get your bathroom a perfect contrast that suits bold personalities.

20 red white color walls go with gray tile bathroom 2

Either make the walls red with white trims. Or make one base color and have an appealing bathroom. A mirror in this space will also do your bathroom justice and make you spend quality time here.

20. Orange and Ivory

21 orange ivory color walls go with gray tile bathroom 1
Source: Liadesign

Did you know you can tone down orange with ivory? If not, try making this combination on your bathroom walls and get an elegant aesthetic look. The two colors will not give you a hard time accessorizing the bathroom with gray tiles.

Have one of the colors predominant to get a dramatic feel. For example, you can have ivory as a trim color if you want to have bold walls. But orange as the trim color will also give your bathroom a distinctive look.

21. Make Your Walls Golden

22 golden color walls go with gray tile bathroom 1

Gold and gray will give you an expensive and luxurious look. So, have golden walls on your bathroom with gray tile to make it have a calm bath. You don’t need to add accessories in this setting, as the golden walls will sell this look.

However, if you don’t like plain walls for your bathroom, consider installing tiles. Then fix mosaic tiles, which will give the dull gray tiles look vibrant. But doing gold accents in your bathroom with gray tiles will liven the look.

22. Red

23 red color walls go with gray tile bathroom 1
Source: Thrive Architecture

Another bold color that will match your gray tile is red. With this combination, your bathroom will have a romantic feel that will give you good times. Make your bathroom doors windows white to create a contrast in this space.

23 red color walls go with gray tile bathroom 2
Source: JN Interior Spaces

Red walls will make your bathroom look bigger and brighter, which is good for relaxing. Also, you can add a mirror on the door to make your bathroom more open. The best thing about having a red theme bathroom is that it will be a cheerful way to begin your mornings.

23. Black and Brown

24 black brown color walls go with gray tile bathroom 2

Have you ever done black and brown walls in your other rooms and seen how good it looks? Why not bring these feel-good colors to your bathroom with gray tiles and have a calm space? You can have light brown accent walls then make the bathroom cabinets colorful to bring contrast to this room.

Also, include a bright bathroom curtain with either floral or prints. It’s advisable to do this color mixing in a spacious bathroom to avoid making it look smaller. The neutral colors will make your bathroom have a dramatic but cool ambiance.

But if you’re using tiles on your walls, you can have them in black and brown prints. Or have the tiles in different textures that will compliment your gray tiles.

24. Periwinkle

25 Periwinkle color walls go with gray tile bathroom 2

If you want to give your bathroom a grown-up look, make the walls periwinkle. The blue-purplish look will give this space a soothing feel that’s good when you want to relax while bathing. It will also give you a spa-like look that will make you enjoy your time alone in this space.

Add some artwork on the walls to magnify the bathroom. You can also maintain other elements white like white sinks, cabinets and countertops. This modern look will also not limit your choice of accessories. So, bring any of your choices.

25. Copper for Your Walls?

This metallic look is a perfect choice for those who want a vibrant look in their bathrooms. In addition, the copper walls will help boost the look of dark gray tiles, which could have otherwise made this space dull.

26 copper color walls go with gray tile bathroom 2
Source: The Tile Shop

Image credit:https://st.hzcdn.com/simgs/pictures/bathrooms/the-copper-rust-slate-collection-the-tile-shop-img~9c61f1ac046938f5_14-4900-1-dcecf0c.jpg 

You can have golden bulbs on the walls to make your bathroom unique and expensive. A white wall trim can also do in this setting. Introducing a third color in this space is also possible. For example, have black and white bathtubs and sinks to create contrast in your bathroom.

The additional color will also illuminate this space, keeping it good for soaking up after a long stressful day.


Which wall color suits my small bathroom with gray tile?

If you have gray tiles on a small bathroom, you should opt for wall colors to make this space appear bigger. Go for bright colors which will reflect natural light and not make it appear darker. White, taupe or orange can do this for you.

How do I know the right wall color that suits the gray tile bathroom?

Before you decide on the wall color for your bathroom, it’s best to consider the aim of creating this space. Remember this is somewhere you have some time alone relaxing or thinking about life.

So, it’s advisable to go for colors that will help you trigger the right emotions you want. But also, don’t forget to bring your personality to this space.

Bottom line

A gray tile bathroom will not limit your color choice for the walls. You need to go for the right color that will evoke the right emotions while bringing out a relaxing feel. But don’t forget to go for your favorite color because this is where you’ll have your’ me moments’.

We hope this post has helped you choose the right color combination for your gray tile bathroom. If you have any color ideas you want to share, feel free to engage with us in the comments.

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