The Best Feng Shui Color Combinations with Purple

Feng Shui believes that the best options are to combine shades of purple color with vanilla, rose wood, white, sand and brown-grey colors.

In Feng Shui purple is a color that helps people to develop paranormal and extrasensory abilities and talents. At the same time, each shade of purple and each color combination with purple has different and specific qualities:

  • Cardinal shade, for instance, carries energy that may evoke all the negative character traits of a person.
  • Violet, in contrast, develops extrasensory abilities, talents, and deepens the understanding of the surrounding world.

In many cultures purple is considered to be a color of mystics, idealists and clergy. It is tightly bound with the spiritual side of human life, stimulates imagination, and carries energy and peace at the same time, leaving an impression of presence of something extraterrestrial and miraculous.

Each person sees something special in purple color, but understands it individually: some are inspired to think about eternity, others are inspired to create and make good deeds, the thirds get deep into dreams.

color combinations with purple in feng shui

Color Combination of Puple, Vanilla and Rose Wood

Color Combination of Puple, Vanilla and Rose Wood

Purple with vanilla and rose wood colors is an ideal combination for a bedroom. These colors will make the room elegant and cozy at the same time. The atmosphere created by this combination of colors will be radiating warmth and bringing enlivening into the relationships of the couple.

It is better to use classical materials, such as flax, cotton and silk, to decorate the bedroom. A simple hempen carpet may create a good contrast with this unusual color combination. In general, Feng Shui elements of these three colors combined support the natural energy of a bedroom and a dining room.

Feng Shui of Violet with White and Sand Colors

Feng Shui of Violet with White and Sand Colors

Violet with white and sand colors is also a good combination for a bedroom. Fire element of sand color activates the energy of partnership. Compared to the first set of colors, this combination carries more calm and cool energy. Violet with white and sand may also be a good option for decorating a girl’s room.

Combining Lilac with Brown-grey and White

Combining Lilac with Brown-grey and White

Lilac shade of purple can be combined with brown-grey and white in such rooms as a study, a bedroom or a dining room. However, this color combination might be good for any room. Important is to balance the energies of colors with the help of green potted plants.

Purple color is not a simple mix of blue and red colors. It can be received only via careful adding certain shades of red to blue color. Partially for that reason purple has always symbolizes kingly grandeur: it is as difficult to be a leader as to find an ideal purple color.


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