Breo Foot Massager For Kneading Massage Review

Last Updated on December 24, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Foot massagers are becoming an essential device in most homes. This is because most individuals have foot-related complications. One of the best foot massagers you should consider buying is a Breo foot massager.

Breo will help you relieve muscle pains, foot soreness, and fatigue. This device also boosts blood circulation. It’s also a stress reliever giving you ample time to sleep. With this foot massager, you can knead your feet just as the regular hands would.

So, it will save you from spending much money which you could have used at the massage parlors as it does the same job. But what makes Breo foot massager stand out from the rest? Read this Breo Foot Massager review to understand its features and its benefits to your health. 

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What You Should Consider Before Buying any Foot Massager


A good foot massager should be lightweight and portable. A portable device will enable you to use it anywhere within the house. You will also have an easy time storing it, preventing your home from being overcrowded.

Remember, a large foot massager will inconvenience you. You’ve got to create a bigger storage space plus use it at a fixed position. You can know a portable foot massager by looking at its dimensions and weight.


Before investing in any foot massager, it’s advisable to know its price. This will enable you to work within your budget range. The features of these devices mostly determine their prices. But this doesn’t mean that the expensive foot massagers will be better than the cheaper ones. This is because you can get a cheaper foot massager with great features.

Working within your budget will enable you not to strain financially and get what meets your requirements.

The Foot Massager Features

You need to know the features of the foot massager you’re about to buy to avoid regrets after it fails to meet your demands. One of the features you should consider is the intensity of the foot massager.

You should also look at the type of movement of the device and areas where it massages. Most of these features should be in line with your expectations and needs.

The Condition of Your Foot

Even though foot massagers have a common goal of making your feet feel better, not all will solve your problems. For this reason, it’s advisable to know your foot’s condition. Then choose a device that will help you feel better.

For example, a Breo foot massager helps relieve muscle pains and improve blood flow on your feet. But there are other foot massagers which focus on joint problems. So, go for one which will help solve your feet ‘condition and make you happier.

Key Features of Breo Foot Massager

breo light foot massager

High Massaging Techniques

Breo foot massager is one of the best machines you should consider for your feet relaxation needs. It works the same way the human finger would give you satisfying results. However, what sets it apart is its high massaging techniques which allow for deep roll kneads, taping, and strapping.

Powerful Nodes

It has excellent nodes, which help your muscles recover faster and relieve their pain. When your muscles are in good shape after the message, your feet will have increased blood flow, making them healthier.

Your feet will also not suffer from frequent tiredness or experience nerve pain which can prevent you from walking comfortably. Instead, you’ll have quality sleep, and less stress as your agony is gone.

The nodes also help your reflex joints, making them function better. Through it, your foot muscles will be re-energized, while other body parts will work better. This is because the pressure from the foot massager will distribute through your body, forcing other organs to adjust and work better than before.

Intensity Settings

foot massager model setting

Breo foot massager has flexible intensity settings, which allows you to get the best results. The 3 flexible intensity settings enable you to work with preferred heat that meets your demands. This allows it to work beyond the skin and the muscles. Through this, you’ll have better body balance and higher energy levels.

The Covers are Removable and Easy to Wash

You will not have challenges washing the covers as they’re easy to detach through the zippers. This ensures you maintain high hygienic conditions, reducing the chances of getting other infections from a dirty cover. The optional warm compression makes it a good choice for those with frequent sore feet and tired muscles.

Easy to Use

This foot massager is safe and easy to use. You can control it through the touchpads on the touch panel. You can also carry it in your travel bag to different destinations as it’s lightweight and portable. It weighs 3.5 kgs and has a dimension of 16.45 by 14.13 by 9.06 inches. This allows you to enjoy its benefits regardless of your location.

High Quality Materials and Easy to Charge

The Breo foot massager takes around six hours to charge. So, you can allow it to power overnight without interference and use it all through the day. Since it’s made of high-quality materials, it will last longer, giving you value for your money. But you need to take good care of it to serve you for long.

Different Massage Modes

It has different massage modes, which provide you with the desired results. You can knead your foot, choose to roll or scrape and have all your feet problems solved.

Why Buy Breo Foot Massager?

breo foot massager setting mode

Breo foot massager is beneficial in so many ways that everyone needs to have it at home. Here are some of the benefits you get from buying it.

  • This foot massager works by increasing the temperature of your feet through heating. High foot temperature enhances blood flow within your legs and other parts. Better blood circulation reduces muscle pain and fatigue, resulting in a healthy foot.
  • You will also have a quality sleep after the foot massage as the massager helps your body pressure to reduce. Enough sleep means you’ll have less stress, be productive, and be a happy being.
  • It improves your body’s metabolism. This is because of the enhanced blood circulation, which helps your body excrete more toxins and enhance the body’s immune levels. You’ll, in the end, be stronger as your body is capable of fighting diseases and looking younger.

You can read more about the benefits of the Breo products in our Instagram account. You’ll also get to win gifts through this page. 


  •  It has easy to detach washable covers
  • Allows you to adjust the intensity
  • Capable of relieving muscle pain and facilitating their healing
  • It helps the body detox
  • It enables other body organs to perform better
  • It stops foot soreness and fatigue
  • A good stress reliever
  • Improves blood circulation in the leg and to other body parts


  • The heating button doesn’t allow you to adjust the settings

Why We Like It

why we like breo foot massager

Apart from the benefits you’ll get after using the Breo foot massager, there are reasons you need to buy this product. You’ll have a one-year warranty. This means when your gadget gets spoiled within this period, you’ll get a replacement or have it repaired.

You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you’re not satisfied with the product, you get your money back.

You will also not have challenges placing your order or airing your complaints. Breo has good customer care services with active social media accounts like Twitter where you can reach them out. We ensure your wishes are met at the right time. It’s also easy to use and wash.

Tips For Using Breo Foot Massager

  • Remember to wear thick socks if you want to get the best results when using a Breo foot massager.
  • Also, give the massager about 10 minutes to heat up well and get the desired results.
  • Time yourself when using the massager. It’s advisable not to use it for more than 30 minutes at a go.
  • Use Breo foot massage while seating to avoid exerting too much pressure on it.
  • This foot massager best suits those with foot size not more than 46 EU men’s size. So, if your legs are a bit bigger, they’ll not fit in as they should.

What’s In the Package

  • 1 foot massager machine
  • 1 adapter
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
  • Additional foot cover

Social Proof

Breo foot massager is a good product that meets most customers’ expectations. This is evident in the customer review section where most clients are happy to get the best foot massager. The positive reviews on Breo foot massager show that it’s a worthy product worth investing in.

You can also learn more about our massage products through our Facebook page, where customers leave their testimonies.

Bottom Line

In this era, most people have foot problems because of health issues or too much strain after walking for long. However, there’s a solution to a tired foot as a Breo foot massager will massage your feet, relaxing the muscles.

It will also alienate the muscle pains, making you feel better and have increased blood flow and low-stress levels. However, before buying this device, ensure you understand your feet’ condition to avoid regrets. Also, consider its features to buy what will meet your expectations. You can contact us to get the best foot massager in the market.