Breo iSeeM Eye Massager Review

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You need the best eye massager to solve various problems you’ll get after too much reading or watching. This is possible with the Breo eye massager. The iSeeM eye massager by Breo has intelligent airbags and is made of high heating technology.

It gives a 100% controllable massage. It also works best depending on your customized wellness routine through the Breo smart app. Breo iSeeM eye massager is good for chronic eye pains, dryness, or fatigue. This is because it’s capable of solving all these conditions within a short time. It can also reduce frequent headaches and relax your eye muscles.

Read on to find more about this amazing Breo product. We’ll show you its features and benefits, making it one of the best eye massagers.

What To Consider Before You Buy an Eye Massager

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There are things you need to put into considerations before settling for any eye massager. These include;

How Comfortable It Is

Before buying an eye massager, check on how comfortable it will be on your eyes. Look if it will fit around your head to avoid further complications. You also need not feel uncomfortable around the nose bridge. The padding should also be soft and safe on the skin.

The Settings

You also need to consider the eye massager’s settings before buying it. A good eye massager should have an adjustable temperature, massage modes, and heating pads. It should also have an additional setting like music and adjustable length. You’ll get a customized effect through this, making you have good soothing.

Power Mode

Some eye massagers are battery-powered. But others require you to recharge them after some time. So, before you buy any of them, consider how convenient each is. For example, a battery-powered eye massager will often require replacing the batteries.

On the other hand, a rechargeable device allows you to recharge anywhere, even through laptops. So, it’s advisable to go for a rechargeable eye massager. But if you’re in a remote area that experiences frequent blackouts, one that runs on batteries is the best pick.

Price Range

Although your main aim is to get the best eye massager, you need to check their prices. Knowing the price range will help you work within your budget and get a worthy device. But the prices of these devices mostly depend on their features and quality. Ensure the price range is something you can comfortably pay for without straining.

Key Features

breo iseem eye massager key features
  •  It has a concave curved surface
  •  It comprises intelligent airbags
  • Designed to work with the help of the Breo smart app, allowing you to customize the settings
  • It maintains the human finger temperature
  • It is made of high-quality leather, making it durable
  • It’s a 180 degrees foldable device
  • It’s fast charging
  • It’s a one size fit all eye massager
  • It’s made of protein and microfiber leather that’s doesn’t react with any skin

Breo eye massager should be part of your eye care products. It will assist you in your daily routine, especially if you do a lot of reading. It works with the help of the Breo smart app, which enables you to control the heat between 42 and 47 degrees. This enables you to get the desired soothing results on your eyes, solving your agony.

The smart app provides you with enough eye care time of between 3 mins and 20 minutes. So, you get to do your personalized eye routine without much worry. The best thing about this Breo app is that you can connect it to music. So, you get to enjoy listening to your favorite genre as the soothing heat does miracles on your eyes.

The Breo app also enables you to customize the settings to a preferred warmth, strength, and length. This allows you to be comfortable while doing your daily eye care routine and get the desired effects.

It has intelligent airbags which ensure your fatigued or painful eyes are a thing of the past. It does this by exerting pressure on your eyes, stimulating the acupoints around your forehead. This will soothe your eyes, making you feel better.

The stimulated human-like finger temperature on the Breo eye massager gives the eyes an adequate heating sequence. Through this, your eyes will get adequate heat. It will also retain the heat giving you a warm massage all through the session. In the end, you’ll have better blood flow around your eyes, promoting the health of the muscles around this area.

It has a concave shape that protects your eyeballs during the massage routine. You can also adjust the seal to a comfortable size that fits your eyes. It should be a fitting size that remains stable throughout the session. Since it’s an all-fit eye massager, you can share it with your family, saving you from the additional costs of purchasing a new set.

What’s more, is that you can fold this eye massager by Breo and safely tack it in your travel bag. This makes it a portable and easy-to-carry device for convenience purposes. The elastic band ensures this eye massager fits any head and holds well while in use.

You will not suffer from any side effects on your skin after using this device. The protein leather and microfiber leather are safe on the skin and softer on your eyes. The breathable microfiber leather is also flexible and comfortable around your eyes.

It’s made of safe, quality leather materials that are strong and durable. A durable and robust device means you’ll not have to replace it any time soon. So, you’ll have great value for your money and get the best eye massages.

The Breo eye massager device is also fast charging and takes about 2-3 hours to charge fully. After that, you can use it around six times before the charge depletes. This makes it a convenient device to carry to different destinations. But ensure you charge it before the power completely goes off.


  • It has adjustable straps
  • It’s foldable and portable
  • It has an ergonomic design
  •  It incorporates soothing music
  •  It provides a soothing human-like warmth around the eyes
  • The smart app has adjustable settings on warmth and strength
  • It’s comfortable and safe on the skin
  •  It’s strong and durable
  • It’s easy to use and customizable
  • Holds charge for long


  • It is not much warmer

Benefits Of Breo Eye Massager

breo iseem eye massager benefits

You will benefit in several ways after investing in a Breo eye massager. The most common benefits include:

  • No eyesores, fatigue, or eyestrains. This is because the airbag helps reduce tension around your eyes and the muscles. When you don’t have these problems, other issues that could result from them also disappear.
  • It helps with insomnia, migraines, or headache. You will also have peaceful nights with no stress making you a happy soul.
  • Reduces eye dryness after staring at the computer for so long or from riding a bike. When you’ve dry eyes, you’ll have swellings around the eyes, damaging the surfaces around them. But with a Breo eye massager, this will not be an issue again. It will help stimulate the tear glands preventing blockage in the tear duct.
  • Better blood circulation within your body improves how other organs function.
  • You will also have quality sleep when you have no painful eyes or dry eyes. Enough sleep improves your productivity the following day, and you will also not have mood swings.
  •  It helps reduce skin wrinkles around the eye resulting from eye dryness. This makes you younger and more beautiful.

Feel free and reach us out to know more about our Breo products and their benefits to our customers. We have an active Instagram page where you can also get various offers on our products. But you can also stay updated on our Twitter account and learn more about various Breo massage products.

Why We Like It

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Breo eye massager is durable and effective. It’s also easy to use and comes with a one-year warranty. You can also return this product if it doesn’t meet your expectations as it’s got a one-month money-back guarantee. Additionally, you get free shipping if you buy this eye massager from the official vendor.

Social Proof

 According to the many positive reviews about this product, it’s evident that it’s worth investing in. Most customers claim the Breo eye massager has helped them solve their eye problems. Some say it’s good for dry, sensitive eyes. At the same time, others praise it for helping them sleep after suffering from insomnia.

You can also get more proof about this on our official Facebook page, where various clients praise our products. Some believe these products have helped them from frequent trips to massage therapists. This is because they work just as the human hand could.

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Bottom Line

If you’ve been experiencing frequent eye soreness and tiredness, consider buying a Breo eye massager. This eye massager helps stimulate the muscles around your eyes, relieving you from pain. It will also help you solve frequent headaches, stress, and insomnia, affecting your overall performance at work.

Don’t hesitate to contact us through our official website. We’ve an understanding customer care team who’ll ensure you get exactly what you order for.