20+ Ingenious Clothing and Shoe Hacks to Save You A Lot Of Money

People want to look attractive while spending less money. No doubt, this is true and people can actually fulfill this statement by following the best of the techniques. Here are some coolest clothing and shoe hacks to do, that will give you a perk of happiness once you implement them.

20 Awesome Clothing and Shoe Hacks to Save You So Much Money

1. Treating Sweat Stains

This is the most affordable and simplest solution for sweat stain. You need to mix equal parts of Lemon juice and Water. Now, either spray it on the stained area or rub it on the affected area to clean the stain, and Voila!


2. Fixing A Stuck Zipper

You can simply unstick a stuck zipper by just rubbing a crayon on both sides of the zipper. And you’re ready to go. You can also use a led pencil as a substitute for crayons.

Source: cosmopolitan, thecrazycouponlazy

3. Make Your Clothes Dry Faster

For this hack you need to place down a large, fluffy towel and then lay the wet garment on top, wrap it and squeeze them.

4. Unshrink A Sweater

You can unshrink a sweater by soaking it in a mixture of lukewarm water and hair’s conditioner for just a few minutes.


5. Remove Pilling on Clothes

The pilling on the clothes is the most irritating thing an individual can face. You can get rid of pilling from a sweatshirt or hoodies by using a razor.

Source: thecrazyorganizedblog.com, www.cottonandcurls.com

6. Stop A Sweater to Shed

You can prevent an angora sweater from shedding all over the place by simply placing the sweater in a plastic bag and storing it in the freezer for 3 hours.


7. Prevent Your Denim from Fading Away

Well we all need to admit that we love denim and want to use them for lifetime. You can stop your denim to fade by adding half a cup of white vinegar to the washing machine while washing your denim.


8. Best-Smelling Clothes Ever

You can always skip the softener and use a little amount of lavender essential oil as a substitute in your laundry to make your clothes smell like never before.


9. Bubble on Your Jeans

So, there’s a bubble stick on your jeans Ewee!! No need to worry, you can use a cube of ice to freeze it then scrapping it away from the knife. And here you go with your bubble free jeans.


10. Remove Oil Stain

Baby powder or talcum powder can do miracles to get rid of oil stains on your clothes. Simply just sprinkle baby powder on the affected area and let that rest for 30 mins or so to let the powder soak all the oil. Now, brush it off.

11. Removing Makeup Stain

No doubt, makeup can make you a lot prettier but you need to make sure it does not have any stains on your clothes. To get rid of makeup stains from your clothes you can always use shaving cream.


12. Annoying Ink Stains

Spray a hairspray or a hand sanitizer on the ink spot and wait for 10 minutes to show its magic.


13. Red Wine Stain

The most tried and tested way to get rid of the red wine stain is to apply salt or club soda to the affected area.


14. Prevent Smelly Shoes

Your shoes might get really unbearable to smell because of the disgusting smell as you’ve worn them all day long. So, here’s the simple way to get rid of that gross smell by placing dry tea bags inside your shoes. Or you can also use dryer sheets as a replacement for tea bags.

15. Beat Those Blasted Blisters

Who doesn’t love to wear heels. Here’s a simple hack to prevent heel blisters. Just apply clear deodorant to the inside of your shoes and BINGO!

16. Jeans In-to the Boots

This is the best way to tuck in non-skinny jeans into your boot. Just follow the simple steps shown in the displayed images below;

17. Hack for A Small Size Boots

Just bought a pair of leather boots and they are a size small? Don’t throw them away. Here’s a simple technique to stretch them out. Put your leather boots on with a thick pair of socks and blast the blow dryer on them and you’re ready to go!


18. Hole In your Shoe

If you have a hole in your shoe and want to get rid of it, you can use a bike repair kit in order to fix the hole in the shoe.


19. Stains on Suede Shoes

Did you know that the bread can remove the stain from your favorite pair of suede shoes? Try it out now to get the cherishing results.


20. Class Up Your Outfit

Sometimes the outfit is amazing but you aren’t aware of wearing it. Transform your outfit into super chic fashion just by knotting your shirt on top of your jeans or pants and hiding that knot under a belt.



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