30+ Creative DIY WheelBarrow Garden Projects

Last Updated on December 16, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Everyone has something in their garage or in their yard that is just… so, You kind of want to throw it away, but then you kind of don’t.

We feel like that is the case for most wheelbarrow owners. Thinking about that, we decided to highlight 30 ideas for wheelbarrow garden projects.

best diy wheelbarrow garden ideas 1

1. Learn how to turn your old wheelbarrow into a fall planter

1 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas


We have to start it off on the right foot: if you are completely unlearned or just plainly a beginner, follow this simple tutorial, as it is going to help you with the majority of projects and ideas listed here.

2. DIY build your wheelbarrow

2 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas


Feeling like beginning everything from scratch? No worries! With this easy-to-follow tutorial, you can build your wheelbarrow using some wood and tools. The upside to it is that you can build it in the size that you want! Anyhow, it’s better suited for those who don’t want or don’t have a wheelbarrow.

3. Wheelbarrow fountain

3 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas


This is an incredible way to retire an old wheelbarrow! The project gets the attention it deserves, serving as a good ornament in your garden. It also will have a gentle sound of water falling, which will for sure help relaxing family and friends. Overall, a great addition if you want to have small gatherings at your place!

4. Wheelbarrow fairy garden #1

4 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas


This one is very cozy. A great project, especially if you are short on space! This modest fairy garden goes almost anywhere, even indoors! And the best part is – you can get creative. You can choose from a wide range of options in plants, accessories, etc.

5. Wheelbarrow fairy garden #2

5 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas


Another example of a fairy garden which can also go indoors. Do you happen to have a concrete leaf there somewhere? Then this project is for you! Just like the previous one, you can play with it and change it the way you like it!

6. Miniature primitive garden

6 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas


This is a gorgeous project! There is even a dog in it! A good option for those who will try to work in minimal details, such as little buckets and little pets.

7. Tipped wheelbarrow planter

7 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas


This one merges well with landscapes! If you are trying to incorporate the barrow into a wall or a corner, this project is perfect for you. It doesn’t require a lot of work at all! And don’t worry – the flowers will take up to two months until they start flourishing!

8. Secret fairy garden

8 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas


Made by the gentle Eileen in her blog, this one seems more adequate to Halloween. There are pumpkins and a witch cottage in it! Nonetheless, the author even made a tutorial on YouTube for this project. It shall be easy to complete!

9. Colorful wheelbarrow planter

9 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas

This hot colored project is not just beautiful: it maintains usability on the tools and the barrow since it has space for tools and isn’t broken! The flowers should vary mostly because of the time of the year: blue and purple should be used in colder seasons, while yellow and red should be used in hotter seasons.

10. Rusty wheelbarrow with succulent plants

10 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas

If you currently have a very old and rusty wheelbarrow, you should consider leaving it with succulent plants and next to a fence! Since the colors are very lowly saturated, they incorporate well with the rustiness of the barrow.

11. Colorful and bright wheelbarrow planter

11 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas

For those who don’t have a colorful yard! If your yard has too much green and not anything else in it, consider putting a wheelbarrow full of red, purple and pink flowers in the center of it! It will surely draw attention to itself!

12. Wheelbarrow planter with pansies

12 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas

Another great idea, but this time with only pansies in a shallow wheelbarrow!

13. Small wheelbarrow with red roses

13 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas


Take a little rusty wheelbarrow and fill it with flowers full of nectar: columbines, lupines, foxgloves, etc. Doing it you will be attracting more butterflies and birds! This project is ideal for porches.

14. Ornamental wooden wheelbarrow for marigolds

14 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas

This should be easy once you have already followed the tutorial on the second entry! It’s small and peaceful, which makes the project perfect for small spaces.

15. Wooden wheelbarrow overflowing with flourishing blushes

15 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas

Simply stunning! This project is a great attention drawer in any garden. A good example that these projects can be wild: you can simply bury the wheelbarrow under many flowers!

16. White wooden wheelbarrow with red blooms

16 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas

A gorgeous combination of a white base with a red and green filling! The contrast is perfect, especially in gardens with only green in them.

17. Dark green wooden wheelbarrow

17 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas

With a dark green color, this wheelbarrow blends perfectly into gardens that have a lot of green in them! It’s good to fill it with green plants as well since their colors match almost perfectly!

18. Small wooden wheelbarrow with plant vases

18 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas

If you don’t like your hands getting dirty, this might be perfect for you! The almost minimalistic style of this project makes it very easy and unique. It is also a new and surprising way to show the items in your garden.

19. Wheelbarrow with a mini rain garden

19 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas

Perfect for stone gardens, this project is ideal for small plants, such as the ones that make a rain garden. PS: the cat is optional! But we do recommend it.

20. Gray wooden wheelbarrow with petunias

20 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas

Mixing a bland color like gray with some pretty petunias shall be a perfect combination since the gray accents the colorful flowers! This project is ideal for entrances, courtyards, and porches.

21. Fairy treehouse

21 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas


22. Wheelbarrow waterfall

22 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas


23-30. More wheelbarrow planter ideas

23 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas 30 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas 29 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas 28 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas 27 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas 26 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas 25 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas 24 diy wheelbarrow garden ideas


best diy wheelbarrow garden ideas 2

Upon seeing these ideas, we truly hope that you’ll be inspired! The projects are very easy to make, and we hope you can come up with ideas of your own later on. Khyber City Burhan also provides plenty of residential spaces that could be utilized to implement your DIY ideas with complete satisfaction.