Top 7 Cooking Tips for Memphis Dishes

Last Updated on April 17, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Memphis is the home of the best dishes, and your options are endless. Whether you love barbecue, and soul burgers, peanut butter, and banana sandwiches, you can always get them in Memphis. Memphis dishes are delicious and very soul-fulfilling. You can cook them for special events, dinner, lunch, or breakfast. However, cooking Memphis meals will require precision.

Here are the top cooking tips for Memphis dishes:

1. Read the recipe first

You’ll need a recipe to cook Memphis food properly. It gives you guidelines and instructions for preparing the meal like a pro. So please read through it before you start cooking. It will help you know what the final dish should look like and ascertain your desired ingredients.

2. Gather the ingredients

A recipe will include all the recipes needed for a specific Memphis dish. Please read through the ingredients as you gather them in your kitchen. Ensure you get the right amounts and types indicated in the instructions. If they need cleaning or preparation, do that before mixing them.

3. Properly measure your ingredients

You’ll need to measure your ingredients while cooking Memphis food accurately. You can use cups or spoons to measure the right volume.

The practice is ideal for savory Memphis recipes. Some dishes will aerate easily or compact with more pressure, impacting the required ingredient amounts. Also, you’ll need to measure density, especially if you’re working with different types of flours.

4. Choose the right cookware

You can choose various cookware materials to cook Memphis dishes. Such items include stainless steel, cast iron, oven, pots, etc. Your choice of cookware will depend on the meal you’re preparing.

For instance, you can use a cast-iron skillet, select the right cooking oil depending on your dish and the cooking method. Also, consider the time for cooking to ensure effective deep frying and finishing a dish.

5. Maintain food safety

Food safety is essential when cooking Memphis dishes. It would help if you didn’t overlook it as it aims to ensure the food is safe. Observe the following food safety tips;

  • Serving food: Keep cold food below 400F and hot meals above 140OF. Avoid the temperature danger zone of 40 to 1400F, where bacteria multiply rapidly, causing harm and illness.
  • Refrigerate: If you store your meal, ensure it cools to room temperature before refrigerating.
  • Cross-contamination: avoid using the same board to cut vegetables, meat, fish, or poultry. Clean the board and clean the plates that had raw meat.

6. Measure the temperature accurately

You’ll need an instant-read thermometer when cooking Memphis dishes. It helps you to know when the food is cooking. Also, you can have an oven thermometer to ensure the meal is not over-baked. If you’re preparing a large turkey or chicken roast, take the readings from both slides for accuracy.

7. Taste as you go

It will be heartbreaking if you get disappointed after tasting the final product. So, be tasting your Memphis dish while you cook. That way, you’ll realize when the meal tastes different, and you can try to change that.


Cooking Memphis dishes is a great way to treat your family and loved ones. The food is delicious and yummy, giving you an unforgettable experience. However, preparing them can be daunting, and mistakes will ruin the whole meal.