7 Creative Craft Room Ideas and Designs

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There is absolutely everything beautiful about having an organized workspace filled with crafts. A large percentage of people feel more comfortable at work when their workspace is not so sparse. 

All creative people know how terrifying a blank canvas could be. If you are into an artwork of any kind including jewelry, drawing, fashion designing or things related to art, you would need a workspace or craft room that could inspire you to be more creative and to design more effectively.

First off, your craft room should be designed with things that you feel comfortable with because what is the essence of crafts if you are not relaxed and comfortable working around it. 

You should be able to put in your most favorite things, that is, things that spark your creativity. Do not be afraid to go all eclectic or even homey. Whatever speaks to you is what should surround you. 

The important thing is boosting your creativity, having fun and learning more at the same time! Here are a few ideas to consider when embarking on this journey of developing or organizing a craft room.

1. Storage Space

1 craft room ideas

Large storage space is already an attraction. It is also a vital aspect to consider when arranging a craft room. It is where you work or tap into your creative energy so you need space to store things and organize items orderly.

As an artist, for all projects, you would need supplies. You may start with one or two focusing on whichever art you start with but as time goes on, these supplies begin to multiply and you would need space to store them. This is where storage comes in, you would need a large storage space so that your craft room would not be left in complete disarray.

2. Furniture 

2 craft room ideas

Every craft room needs furniture. Furniture is a very functional aspect to be considered when setting up your craft room. You would not want a situation where, while working in your craft room, a spontaneous but amazing 

idea comes up so you have to run back to your bedroom to write that idea down. That would be dramatic! If you have furniture in your craft room, you don’t have to go through that drama and it gives your space a welcoming and homey feel. How nice is that?

3. Organizational Idea

3 craft room ideas

What is a craft room if the organizational concept is zero? Your guess is as good as mine. A craft room needs organizational ideas.

Arranging supplies according to their colors and size makes it look organized and beautiful! Plus, you don’t have to begin to run around looking for that particular purple paint or the transparent glue or the tiny safety pins because they will all be stored in a particular order that will make your work more effective and less stressful.

It will also give you a sense of calmness. The theme here is more creativity, more efficiency, and less stress.

4. Cabinets

4 craft room ideas

One vital idea to consider when setting up your craft room is adding cabinets. Cabinets are very useful in storing larger items that keep your craft room looking clean and organized.

You could fix them on your wall thereby leaving you a lot of space to work with. They also make your room look artsy which is one of the points of setting up a craft room in the first place.

5. Adjustable shelving units

5 craft room ideas

Who says that your craft room can’t be artsy and beautiful at the same time? Of course, it can! The main goal of a craft room is to work effectively and beautifully with enough space to do other creative things.

This is why adjustable shelving units can be installed around your work table or on the wall hence making it easier to store items and saving space. This will make your craft room retain its artsy feel, give it a beautiful look and make it come alive! Can you picture that?


6. Post-it notes board

6 craft room ideas

Sometimes you could forget ideas or arrangements of how you want to do things. Or even items you need to get or names you have created. Sometimes you can’t seem to remember where you kept a certain item or what is inside a certain shelf, drawer or cabinet.

You can use sticky notes to locate these items easily. In a space where you work, to make it beautiful and easy for you to locate things or schedules, you could get a board where you paste post-it notes. You could also write words that motivate and inspire you.

You could put down your goals on these notes and every day and when you step into your room of creativity, motivate yourself, give yourself a head-on and a boost to start your daily work!

7. Include your favorite things

7 craft room ideas

What exactly is the point of a personal, organized, spacious, beautiful, artsy craft room without anything in it that you like? I don’t see the point of that and neither should you. You should be incorporated into your craft room.

As functional and artsy and beautiful as a craft room can be, if you don’t have your favorite items, you can not enjoy your time working there. You should be able to look up at times and see your favorite items in your craft room. How fun is that?


Finally, we should all know that there are no certain rules for setting up a craft room. These are suggestions that should help you arrange yours. Whatever inspires you and sparks your creativity should surround you. Enjoy! 


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