20+ Best Crochet Handbag Free Patterns

Who doesn’t like the crochet handbag free patterns? Maybe some men! But every girl will admire this. The crochet handbag patterns are so gorgeous, and it will be an asset in your hand. Isn’t it fun to carry items along with this fantastic crochet bag?

It’s an essential fashion accessory that every woman is now looking for. Let’s consider the stunning crochet handbag free patterns below! We believe you will like them.

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1. The tote crochet handbag free pattern

The tote crochet handbag free pattern

Source: acrochetedsimplicity, loopsandlovecrochet

Everyone loves this quick tote bag. It’s an alluring handbag that has impressive light color schemes designed to increase the charm of this cute handbag.

2. The cluster stitch bag

The cluster stitch bag


One of the best handbags in the cluster stitch handbag. It is an elegant design that has a mixture of colours meant to make you happy. Look how great it is appealing to the eyes!

3. The barista handbag crochet

The barista handbag crochet


The barista handbag is undoubtedly one of the cute ideas. We love it for everything: Appearance and colours!

4. The star stitch summer purse

The star stitch summer purse

Source: craftpassion

Yes, it is one of the kinds that you will want for your summer fashions! Don’t you wish to practice this fine art?

5. Let us see the waffle stitch

Let us see the waffle stitch

Source: ravelry, stitching-together

We love the blue and red colours! The advantage here is that you can crochet it at your home. Consider this erefect fashion and find reasons to be happy again.

6. Crochet 3D bag

Crochet 3D bag

Source: yarnandhooks, welove-crochet,

You also need to learn the art of crocheting a 3D bag! It is one of the free patterns that deliver a beautiful handbag just for fun!

7. The simple beginner’s tote bag

The simple beginner’s tote bag


Designing the incredible beginner’s tote bag is very simple. Learn this perfect art and join the league of fashion designers.

8. Puffed star stitch handbag

Puffed star stitch handbag


Is this a bag or a handbag? Some will call it a purse, which is ok! We only intend to give you another perfect idea just for your fashion.

9. The bobble stitch handbag

The bobble stitch handbag

There is a striking beauty in the bobble stitch handbags! We love the blue colours that bring the sea feeling. It is one of the best designs that can match with any clothing! You won’t risk coloring clashing when your choice is the bobble stitch crochet handbag.

10. Crochet lemon drop handbag

Crochet lemon drop handbag


If what you are looking for in your crochet handbag is the beauty, then the lemon drop crochet handbag is the choice! It is an attractive choice that follows all the rules of modernization. You need this smart choice!

11. The African flower hexagon crochet stitch handbag

The African flower hexagon crochet stitch handbag


The African crochet flower handbag had been trending for decades now. It’s a flavor to your wardrobe. Why can’t you try it? We believe it’s an idea worth trying!

12. Houndstooth stitch handbag

Houndstooth stitch handbag


If you are looking for modern and attractive handbag designs using the crochet stitches, then the hound’s-tooth should be the choice for you.

13. Crocheting a bag with flowers

Crocheting a bag with flowers

Every beautiful thing is compared to a flower. Crochet stitches will be decorative when you have some flower crochets on them! Don’t you think the flower crochet handbag excels?

14. Backpack with red heart reflective yarn

Backpack with red heart reflective yarn


Looking for the perfect surprise backpack for your picnic with friends? You need this outstanding crochet handbag that looks great!

15. Crochet granny square purse

Crochet granny square purse


This fantastic crochet handbag idea is the best for kids and young girls. We love the pink and white colors that make it glamorous.

16. The beach bag pattern

The beach bag pattern


The beach handbag is an elegant design that can be used to hold items in the office or even at school. This idea is charming, and you should have one.

17. Scale and shell bag

Scale and shell bag


We love it! It’s a perfect crochet handbag stitch pattern that appeals to the eye!

18. The Moroccan tile stitch purse

The Moroccan tile stitch purse

This fantastic handbag or purse is ideal for those women who care about fashion! It’s the best idea that you should consider.

19. Solid granny square bottom bag

Solid granny square bottom bag


What a lovely handbag! It is beautiful with hanging flowers that make it even look more appealing!

20. The clutch stitch bag

The clutch stitch bag

Source: mymerrymessylife,

The clutch stitch handbag is beautiful. This perfect crochet idea sounds excellent, and it’s the reason we are recommending it!


To conclude, the crochet handbag free patterns exist in vast varieties! It’s beautiful art that you should consider. Explore the ideas we have highlighted, and you will be happy to try some if not all of them.

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