21+ Simple DIY Mirror Frame Ideas

Below are 21+ best DIY mirror frame projects that will update your house with a little effort.

A. Learn to Custom-Frame Mirrors Yourself with Picture Frame Molding

This DIY mirror framing project requires only basic carpentry equipment and skills but gives your mirror a custom design to fit your living space perfectly.

To customize a mirror to the décor in your bathroom, hallway or other living space, edge the mirror with frame molding. Purchase frame molding from your local frame shop. Buy it finished or unfinished and paint or stain it to match your home’s color scheme. Using wide frame molding for mirror edging can make the mirror look larger to fill the wall. Conversely, using thin molding can give the mirror an updated look without taking up much more space.

1. Supply List

  • Tape measure
  • Frame molding
  • Miter saw
  • Clamps
  • Staple gun
  • Staples
  • Paint or stain
  • Edging decorations
  • Plastic clips
  • Screwdriver
  • Eyelet
  • Picture wire

2. Step 1

Measure the mirror’s thickness. Buy frame molding with a depth, or rabbet, of this same measurement. Select the frame molding according to your tastes and the style of the room where the mirror will hang. Local frame shops will usually cut the frame molding to size for you.

3. Step 2

Measure one side of the mirror. Mark this on the frame molding. Cut two pieces of molding to this length using a miter saw to cut the ends at 45-degree angles.

4. Step 3

Measure one side of the mirror adjacent to the first side you measured. Cut two more pieces of frame molding to this length. Again, use a miter saw to cut the ends at 45-degree angles.

5. Step 4

Place the molding pieces face down on a flat work surface. Match the corner angles and clamp them together. Fit the mirror into the frame to make sure it will fit correctly. If you have to, trim the frame molding if it doesn’t fit.

6. Step 5

Use a staple gun to staple the corners of the frame together on the back. Use at least two staples per corner. Make sure the staples do not protrude through the front of the frame. Remove the clamps.

7. Step 6

Paint or stain the mirror edging if needed or desired. Paint or stain the inside edge of the frame molding to match the outside because the mirror reflects this edge once it’s mounted. Glue on other decorations such as wooden cutouts, decorative tiles or painted scenes. Have your kids decorate the edging before you insert the mirror to make them part of the project. Let the paint, stain or glue dry completely.

8. Step 7

Lay the edging face down and slide the mirror into the rabbet. Screw a plastic clip on the back of the molding on each side of one corner to hold the mirror in place. If the mirror is very large, use more clips.

9. Step 8

To hang the mirror, screw an eyelet ¼ of the way down on each side of the edging on the back. String picture wire between the eyelets, looping it through each eyelet twice and twisting each end around itself. Hang the mirror by this wire. Use plastic-covered picture wire; it’s easier to work with and will not puncture your skin the way uncoated wire can do.

B. 21 DIY Mirror Ideas

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#4. DIY French Window Pane Mirror


#5. DIY Reclaimed Wood Frames


#6. DIY Round Mirror Frame


#7. DIY Fresh Flower Framed Mirror


#8. DIY Starbust Mirror


#9. DIY Rope Mirror


#10. DIY Beaded Mirror

#11. DIY Starbust Driftwood Mirror


#12. DIY Amethyst Mirror


#13. DIY mirror constellation


#14. DIY Knock-off Metallic Mirror Frame


#15. DIY Sunflower Mirror


#16. DIY Wood Framed Mirror


#17. Broken CD Mirror


#18. DIY Wood Slide Mirror


#19. Egg Carton Flower Mirror Frame


#20. Farmhouse Mirror


#21. DIY Seashell Mirror



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