101+ Fun and Easy DIY Painted Rock Ideas

Last Updated on June 15, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

Using rocks as a painting canvas is more unique as you might conjure it to be.

You see, when you paint on canvas, a piece of cloth or paper, you can store it somewhere safe to be framed later but when you paint on rocks, you have to think about a specific bloc or space in your vicinity that will be appropriate with the design you have in mind.

You can also sell them like canvasses to your art. Sometimes, the inspiration does not come by easy so here are some DIY painted rock ideas for you. 

What paint do you use on rocks?

You cannot just grab a rock, any type of paint and a brush and start rock painting.

You must know that not all paint types would work well on rocks and if you happen to use the wrong type, expect a messy working space and long hours of cleaning.

So what is the right paint to use on rocks? The answer is acrylic paint. It is water based so it will be easy to wipe and even change designs if you want to. It could get messy too but you can just drain them all off using water. Plus, it will work well with any rock surface.

Top it off with a paint sealant when it dries and the design will be there without fading for a long time. 

How much do painted rocks sell for?

You might be astounded when you find out how much painted rocks could sell for. The most basic designs like just colors or symbols like birds, stick drawings and rainbows could sell for $2.

Full-blown artistic designs like Van Gogh like type could go as high as $100. If you master your craft, you can really make a living out of rock painting. 

How to seal painted rocks?

There are a lot of good sealants available but what is the right way to seal painted rocks?

First off, you just don’t spray at any angle and at any distance. Spraying too close will make paint bubbles in your rock so you have to spray it at 8inches far from the rock at least.

Second, you are not done after the first coating. When the first coating dries, you have to spray one layer more and then finally dry it for the last time. Just some other tips though, never seal painted rocks when it is windy because it will just consume the sealant and the rock will not dry evenly. 

101+ DIY painted rock ideas

best diy rock painting ideas

When it comes to rock painting, anything is a good design. But anything is everything so here is a rundown of the most famous, default designs you could find when it comes to rock painting. We will feature at least five paint rock ideas for each which you can pattern your next rock designs from. 

Favorite cartoon and TV characters painting rock ideas

One of the most sought after designs are of course our favorite cartoon and TV characters.

You would be surprised that even rock paintings could be sold as merchandise for fanbases of big TV franchises like Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Avengers, and Toy Story, among others.

With the reception of all ages from kids to adults with these characters, it is always a good rock design to master. Take a look at these designs from Pinterest and Rock Painting Guide

2 diy painted rock ideas 3 diy painted rock ideas

1 diy painted rock ideas

Monster Inc. painted rock

29 diy painted rock ideas tv character


Gizmo Gremlins movie rock

30 diy painted rock ideas tv character

The Simpson’s family

31 diy painted rock ideas tv character

Sylvester and Tweety

32 diy painted rock ideas tv character

33 diy painted rock ideas tv character

Aladin painted rock from Instagram

Aladin painted rock

Witch painted rock from Instagram

Witch painted rock

Mermaid rock painting from sweeticecube

Mermaid rock painting

Frankenstein painted rock

Frankenstein painted rock

Abstract art

If you want to go all artsy, abstract designs are always a good idea. You can start with paint blots following a certain stroke or movement, geometric shapes, a combination of both, or a personal abstraction that only you know the story of.

They are also called mandala rock paintings because the patterns resonate the Indian symbol for wholeness called the mandala. These will be great additions in living room centerpieces, in therapy rooms, and as collections too. Look at these ideas from Instagram, Pinterest

4 diy painted rock ideas 5 diy painted rock ideas 6 diy painted rock ideas

Tribal designs

If you want to feel a degree of mysticism, rawness and a sense of being ancient and sacred, tribal designs should be your thing.

The themes used in rock painting design ideas under this category are real designs and symbols from native tribes across the world but most of the Appalachians, Navajo, other native Indian-American tribes, the Maya, Aztecs and the rest of Central America, as well as African and Asian tribes.

These rock paintings are associated with healing power and natural balance. Look at these rock paintings with tribal designs from Pinterest, Rock Street Art and Headed Somewhere

7 diy painted rock ideas 8 diy painted rock ideas 9 diy painted rock ideas

Vintage designs

If you are looking for the best camp or wedding souvenirs that are not only unique but also very personal and alluding to a time of delicateness and the rolling 50s to 90s, vintage rock designs should be a thing for you.

Here are some ideas that you could toy on under this category from Pinterest, Worth Point, and Attagirlsays.

10 diy painted rock ideas 11 diy painted rock ideas 12 diy painted rock ideas 13 diy painted rock ideas

Plants and animal designs painted rocks

Ever think of rock versions of your favorite plants, pet animals or even dinosaurs, dragons, and sharks?

You can have them and keep them for a long time through these rock paintings with plant and animal designs. Just look at these ones Crafts by Amanda, Mark montano, FrugalFun4Boys

14 diy painted rock ideas 15 diy painted rock ideas 16 diy painted rock ideas

17 diy painted rock ideas 18 diy painted rock ideas

Panda rock

19 diy painted rock ideas

Fish rock by artalika

20 diy painted rock ideas

Frog rock

21 diy painted rock ideas

Hatching chick rock

22 diy painted rock ideas

Cat painted rock by treasureinanearthenvessel

Cat painted rock

Hedgehog Painted Rocks by Easypeasyandfun

Hedgehog Painted Rocks

Food and candies painted rocks

Famous candy and food brands are also a rock painting favorite nowadays. Good in kids’ playgrounds but also good to all of those young at heart. It is always a fresh sight and could be used for kid activities and the like.

Here are some concepts you can explore under this category from Pinterest, Facebook, Painting Rocks

23 diy painted rock ideas 24 diy painted rock ideas 25 diy painted rock ideas 26 diy painted rock ideas 27 diy painted rock ideas 28 diy painted rock ideas

Rock painting ideas with words or messages

Faith hope love painted rock from Etsy

Faith hope love painted rock

Life is short painted rock

Life is short, eat the cupcake painted rock

Painted rock garden markers from craftsbyamanda

Painted rock garden markers Follow your heart rock painting


Given the right rock designs placed at the right space in the home, anything can go from dull to vibrant. Painted rocks are good for transforming the garden into a colorful one or a good addition in your playground concept. It could also be a fun time for family, kids and friends to do since everything is DIY. We hope that these ideas inspired you in some way. Have a fun rock painting ahead.