10 Quick and Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas

10 Quick and Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Give your home the touch of the holidays with one of our 10 quick and easy Christmas decorating ideas.

The holiday season is a wonderful time to create an oasis from the cold, dreary world outside. With a warm, inviting home full of festive cheer residents and guests will be infused with the spirit of Christmas.

The following 10 Christmas decoration ideas for the home will help create just the right atmosphere for the holiday season.

#1. A Splash of Christmas Color

splash of red
The bold splash of red is grounded with touches of black and white. – Source

There are colors that are just associated with the Christmas season like red, green and metallics. Take advantage of the festive mood these colors inspire by bringing them into your home decorating scheme.

Replace throw pillows, blankets and rugs with Christmas colored pieces. Go even further by changing out lampshades for an exciting new look.

#2. Hanging Ornaments

hanging ornaments

Obviously hanging Christmas ornaments is a holiday tradition but step away from the tree and uncover creative places to hang holiday ornaments.

Inexpensive curtain clips and ornaments strung with ribbon provide more options for decorating the home.

#3. Change Photos

Wrapping Paper Photo Frame
Wrapping Paper Photo Frame – Source

Swap out regular photos with pictures of Christmases past, this creates a sense of belonging and tradition for everyone involved.

Boost the holiday appeal by creating matting for photos out of Christmas wrapping paper. No need for complicated matting techniques, just cut a square out of the paper and place it on top of the picture.

#4. Contained Joy

Put candles and trees in my wood container for hall table
Put candles and trees in my wood container for hall table

Use containers to display some holiday items.

Turn cards, ornaments, candy and other holiday goodies into unusual displays but loading them up into containers and scatter them around the home in decorative ways.

#5. Holiday Floral Arrangements

Christmas Floral Arrangements

Whether real or fake, flowers and plants in bright festive colors breathe a sense of living excitement into a room.

Spread the floral arrangements out over several smaller containers then cluster them to create an even bigger looking display. Don’t leave containers naked either, wrap them in metallic holiday paper tied up with a bow.

#6. Use Fresh Evergreens

evergreen floral arrangement

Fresh evergreen boughs are not only a visual boost during the holidays but they are a fragrant reminder of days past when real trees were the norm.

Clip springs for centerpieces, in swags, to wrap around the mantle, and tucked into floral arrangements.

#7. Tie One On

holiday themed ribbon

Purchase some festive holiday themed ribbon and tie around almost anything.

Even chair backs pick up a little Christmas spirit when draped in a ribbon. Up the ante by adding bells or small ornaments to your bows.

#8. White Christmas

White Christmas

Don’t forget about the color white when decorating for the holidays. Use large amounts of white to infuse Christmas spirit.

This snowy color isn’t as showy as some other seasonal hues but when used in large quantities it can really create a winter feeling.

#9. Repeat Motifs

Large Ư

Rather than having one large wreath consider adding several smaller ones and repeat that throughout the home.

Don’t be limited to wreaths though, think trees, ornamental balls, wrapped presents, colors and anything else that can be repeated over and over.

#10. Candlelight



The flickering glow of a fireplace warms the holiday season for many but not everyone has the luxury of having a fireplace, so candles will have to suffice. Create displays using a cluster of candles for the illusion of warmth on a cold Christmas night.

Perk up holiday decorating by thinking outside of the box and coming up with clever and creative ways to infuse Christmas spirit into a decorating scheme.

10 Quick and Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas