15+ Innovative Edging Around Trees Ideas for Every Garden Style

Last Updated on June 27, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

Ever wonder how to make your garden pop and keep it looking tidy? Edging around trees ideas might just be what you need.

Not only does tree edging enhance the overall look of your garden, but it also offers practical benefits like keeping the mulch in place and protecting the tree roots.

In this article, you’ll find 15 creative and functional ways to edge around your trees. From classic brick borders to quirky recycled materials, there’s something here for every garden style and taste.

So, let’s get started and find the perfect edging idea for your outdoor space.

15 Creative Edging Around Trees Ideas to Elevate Your Outdoor Space

1. Brick Edging

Brick edging ain’t just for looks; it’s sturdy and keeps that mulch right where it should be—around your tree, not all over your lawn.

Lay down some bricks in a circular pattern around your tree for that neat, polished vibe. It’s a cinch to keep up and doesn’t give up on you, lasting for ages. Wanna mix it up? Throw in different colored bricks to match your yard’s mood or even make some nifty patterns.

As Martha Stewart says, “Gardening is about enjoying the smell of things growing in the soil, getting dirty without feeling guilty, and generally taking the time to soak up a little peace and serenity.”

2. Stone Border

Opt for a stone border if you’re all about that natural vibe. Stack ’em around your tree, and boom, you’ve got a setup that’s tough as nails and slicks up your space without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Stones are champs at weathering the elements and don’t need much fussing over. Pick stones that vibe with your garden’s colors to pull everything together like a pro.

3. Metal Edging

If your garden’s game is more on the modern side, metal edging could be your ally. These metal strips wrap around your tree smoother than a new coat of paint, giving you that neat, clean edge that’s all kinds of classy.

Plus, they’re tough cookies—pick stainless steel or aluminum to dodge the rust and keep it sleek for years. This kind of edge lets you play around with shapes, too—curve ’em, bend ’em, make it your own!

4. Wood Logs

For a touch of the rustic without leaving your backyard, try wood logs. Line them up or stack them high around your tree. It’s all good and gives your space a touch of the wild, woodsy type.

Plus, it’s green as can be—just make sure to treat those logs to keep them from turning into a bug buffet. This edging style is perfect if you’re looking to add a bit of storybook charm to your garden without a lot of fuss.

5. Gravel Border

Gravel border—sounds simple, right? That’s because it is. Just shovel some gravel into a trench around your tree, and you’re good to go.

It’s easy on the wallet, a breeze to put in, and does a bang-up job keeping water flowing right. Play around with different gravel colors to jazz it up. Gardening guru Bob Vila once noted, “Gravel can also complement any landscape or garden.”

6. Paver Stones

Paver stones are the go-to for a snazzy, tidy tree border. Lock them together to form a crisp line that won’t scatter every which way.

These babies are tough, hang on through bad weather, and are low-key when it comes to upkeep. Feel free to get creative with various shapes and sizes to make your garden stand out.

7. Mulch Edging

Want a border that’s more than just pretty? Mulch edging has got your back. It keeps the soil moist, fights off weeds, and even gives a boost to soil health.

Just make sure to give it a freshen up now and then to keep it doing its thing. It’s a soft, natural look that says you care about your trees and your garden.

8. Decorative Fence

How about fencing in those trees but make it cute? A decorative fence around your tree spruces up your yard and keeps it neat.

It’s like drawing a line in the soil that says, “Yeah, this tree is special.” Pick fence materials that vibe with your garden’s style to really tie the whole look together.

9. Cobblestone Ring

For a touch that feels both classic and sturdy, consider a cobblestone ring around your tree. These rugged stones can be laid out in a charming circular pattern, adding a dash of old-world style to any garden.

Cobblestones are not just about good looks; they’re built to last and require minimal upkeep. For a more natural look, try mixing up the sizes of the cobblestones. Garden expert Paul James mentions, “Using different sizes can mimic natural pathways, adding authenticity to your garden design.”

10. Recycled Materials

Get creative with recycled materials like bottles, tires, or repurposed wood for an edging that’s both eye-catching and environmentally friendly.

This approach is not only good for the planet but also easy on your wallet, offering a unique flair to your garden’s edges.

Ensure all materials are safe and non-toxic, especially around edible plants. This method not only recycles but also adds a personal touch to your garden.

11. Concrete Border

A concrete border might be your best bet for a sleek, modern look that’s incredibly durable and fully customizable.

Whether you want straight lines or something more whimsical, concrete can be shaped and styled to fit your vision. Consider adding decorative stamps or dyes to the concrete for an extra pop of personality in your garden.

12. Living Border

Consider a living border made of low-growing plants or groundcovers that hug the base of your trees. This green solution adds lushness to your garden, integrates smoothly with the landscape, and can even attract beneficial pollinators.

Choose plants that thrive in the shade and soil conditions specific to the area around your trees for best results.

13. Terracotta Tiles

Wrap your tree bases in terracotta tiles for that warm, earthy vibe that screams Mediterranean without boarding a plane.

These tiles are tough cookies in the weather department and keep looking top-notch with a little care. Just seal ’em up to fend off the elements. They’re perfect for adding a splash of the exotic to any old garden.

14. Rope Border

Want something easy and budget-friendly? Coil some thick rope around your tree for a snappy, nautical theme.

It’s a breeze to set up and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Just make sure you treat the rope to keep it looking shipshape against rain and sun. It’s a simple trick that can really tie your garden look together.

15. Mosaic Border

Go all out with a mosaic border for a splash of color that’s sure to turn heads. This isn’t just about looks; it’s a way to show off your creative chops with tiles that can tell a story or just dazzle with color.

Make sure to use weather-resistant adhesive and grout to keep your art piece enduring through the seasons. It’s a personal touch that makes your garden one of a kind.


We’ve laid out a whole toolbox of edging ideas to give your trees and garden that extra bit of flair. Whether it’s the timeless charm of brick, the natural elegance of stone, or the eco-friendly twist of recycled materials, each style has its perks and can transform your outdoor space. Now, it’s on you to pick the edging that hits the spot for your garden’s vibe and your personal style.

Don’t be shy—give these ideas a whirl and see how they spruce up your green space. And hey, if you’ve got some neat tree edging ideas or stories of your own, drop them in the comments. It’s always a kick to see how others make their gardens glow. So, what’s your take?


What are the best materials for edging around trees?

When choosing materials for tree edging, consider durability, aesthetic appeal, and maintenance needs. Popular choices include brick, stone, metal, and wood. Each material offers a unique look and benefits, so select one that complements your garden’s style and your personal preferences.

How do I install brick edging around a tree?

To install brick edging, start by marking the area around the tree where the edging will go. Dig a trench approximately 4 inches deep and lay a foundation of sand for stability. Place the bricks tightly together in your chosen pattern, ensuring they are level. Fill the gaps with more sand to secure the bricks.

Can edging around a tree help with its growth and health?

Yes, edging around a tree can be beneficial for its growth and health. Edging helps retain moisture, prevent soil erosion, and keep lawn equipment and foot traffic away from the tree’s roots. However, ensure the edging material does not press directly against the tree trunk to avoid damage.

What are some creative but inexpensive tree edging ideas?

For a budget-friendly approach, consider using natural stones, recycled bottles, or repurposed wood for your tree edging. These materials can often be sourced inexpensively or even free and offer a unique, personalized touch to your garden edging.

How does mulch edging compare to stone or brick edging in terms of maintenance and effectiveness?

Mulch edging is excellent for improving soil health and moisture retention but needs to be replenished regularly. In contrast, stone and brick edging are more durable and require less maintenance but do not enhance soil quality. The choice between these materials depends on your specific garden needs and aesthetic preferences.