10 Houseplants Without Soil Thrive on Water That You Can Grow At Home

Last Updated on September 28, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Have you ever heard of growing plants without soil? Can you imagine the process of how it is done? Is the method of growing houseplants on water extreme rocket science?

Having these questions in mind are quite trivial when we are talking about houseplants that thrive on water. This method of growing houseplants has been around for a significant span of time and to be honest, most women are more into it now because they already found the soil planting quite messy. But before you can do this, you must first know the top ten houseplants that thrive in water.

houseplants thrive in water

Can plants grow without soil?

By now, it must already be clear that yes, houseplants could thrive in water but this can only be done through cuttings from houseplants grown on soil. The most foolproof way to do this would be by filling glass bottles with half-full water which will be changed every after two to three days.

One of the benefits of growing plants in glass bottles is that it will become easily visible when it needs to additional water or fertilizer. You have to know however, that not all houseplants grow in water but there are notable ones that will.

10 top houseplants that thrive in water

Here are the best houseplants that could grow even without soil. Aside from being low-maintenance and water dependent, these plants are also natural air purifiers.

1. Spider plant

1 spider plant

It is considered as one of the most potent indoor plant purifier according to a research made by NASA in the late 1980s. Its beautiful foliage will surely brighten up work spaces and living rooms.

2. Jade plant

2 jade plant

It truly is a sight to behold especially that it has large, trailing leaves. As an indoor plant, it does not need that much light so growing them in pure water is not a problem.

As a matter of fact, it might even be better because of its distinct aerial roots. Propagate the plant on water by putting leaf cuttings in a space where there is water.

3. Begonia

3 Begonia

This plant is one of the indoor plants that is now very common to see in glass water bottle growing. It has a reputation for being very prolific in blooming as it flowers for straight nine months in one year. With its classy look in a glass jar, it will really make a good centerpiece in your living room.

4. Hedera Helix

4 common ivy

It also called the Common Ivy and Glacier, this plant is a common sight in plant decorations for events. It has trailing white and green leaves and is a common holiday decoration.

5. Purple heart

5 Purple heart plant

This is one of the most attractive houseplants that can thrive in pure water. It has a unique purple foliage which turns into deep purple to indigo when it is exposed to more light.

6. Coleus

6 Coleus

This plant is very common among Asian homes. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors and it is known for its bright green with streaks of purple foliage. Aside from this, it also has other variants such as bright green and crimson red and others. As an indoor plant, it is easy to root and it will make a beautiful sight when it is placed in the living room.

7. Fiddle-leaf fig

7 Fiddle leaf fig

The fiddle-leaf fig can really grow wide that is why it is only grown in water for at least three to six months using leaf cuttings. Eventually, you will have to transfer it in a bigger pot to make way for its even more beautiful form.

8. Wandering jew

8 wandering jew plant

Using stem cuttings only, submerge the plant in water and leave it in a space where it could get a lot of sun. It is one of the houseplants that is easiest to root so just leave the jar where it is submerged in with enough sunlight and watch it grow roots after one to two weeks.

9. Paperwhite

9 paperwhite plant

You will love this plant because of its perfectly clustered white blooms and there is nothing they love more than water. All you have to do is to propagate the plant using the bulbs.

Submerge the bulbs in enough water but make sure that the water level will only reach the base of the bulb and not higher to avoid rotting.

10. Sage

10 sage plant

Not only would it be very cool to have sage by the jar as an organic herb for your next pasta party, sage in glass jars are also very beautiful to look at. You will need the sage stem in water propagation.

Submerge the stem in an enough amount of water and expect to see roots after a week. The only requirement for the sage to grow roots in no time would be enough light and airy space.

houseplants thrive in water