Important Facts About Replacement Windows and Doors in Markham

Last Updated on May 18, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

As a homeowner, you want to save as much money as you can on monthly energy costs. Replacing your Markham windows and doors is one of the best ways to reduce high energy bills. 

Find out the facts about replacement windows and doors Markham below.  From materials to style to upgrades, there are many factors that contribute to making your home more energy efficient.

Why is it important to replace windows and doors in Markham?

Markham windows replacement and door replacement work to improve your home’s energy efficiency and design. They also help boost curb appeal as well as the resale value of your home. 

Older doors and windows often cause drafts, directly affecting your home’s comfort level. As well, air leaks drive up heating and cooling costs. Simply replacing your existing doors and windows with more energy-efficient ones reduces those high energy bills while also protecting your home from extreme weather conditions. 

How do I know if my windows and doors need to be replaced?

Following are signs that indicate it is time to replace your windows and doors in Markham:

1. Are your windows and doors difficult to operate?

It’s a known fact that as windows and doors age, they lose their ability to open and close easily. This leads to more air leaks, which directly affects your energy costs. As well, if the locks are no longer functioning properly, your home is more susceptible to break-ins. 

Modern windows and doors are designed to prevent air leaks. As far as safety, additional locks are installed for enhanced security. Smart locks, alarms, and security lights help increase the security of your exterior doors. Windows with double or triple panes and tempered glass provide an additional barrier to home protection.

2. Are there noticeable signs of damage on your doors or windows?

As doors and windows age, they start to display visible signs of damage. These include warping, cracking, chipping, or other such damage. Neglecting to replace damaged windows and doors leads to structural issues in the home due to issues with the foundation. 

3. Have you noticed an increase in your energy costs?

Over time, older windows and doors in Markham lose their energy efficiency. This makes your home more prone to drafts, which leads to increased heating and cooling costs. Today’s doors and windows provide superior insulation, protecting your home during inclement weather and reducing air leakage and energy bills. Look for windows and doors that are Energy Star certified for maximum energy efficiency for your home year-round. 

Consider the material when you are replacing your doors and windows in Markham. Fiberglass and steel doors are more energy efficient and durable than wood doors. Vinyl windows provide the most energy efficiency. As far as design, casement and awning windows is the best choice for energy efficiency.

4. Are you considering selling your home?

Replacing windows and doors in Markham is the best way to boost the resale value of your home. Buyers are often more willing to pay more for homes that are turn-key ready. This includes replacement doors and windows. They look for those homes that have newly installed energy-efficient windows and doors. Your ROI (return of investment) drastically increases due to the installation of modern windows and doors.

New doors and windows also greatly improve the curb appeal of your home in the Markham area. Stylish French doors, picture windows, and bow and bay windows are just a few examples of how window and door replacement enhance the look of your home.  Upgrades such as sidelights, window grills, decorative glass inserts, and other custom features really liven up the design of your home. 

5. Do you reside in an urban or high-traffic area?

If noise pollution is an issue for your neighborhood, new windows and doors are indeed a good investment. Modern doors and windows are designed with sturdy materials that work to decrease noise pollution. Your peace of mind is important, so consider upgrading to high-quality windows and doors Markham.

Contact your local windows and doors company for a no-cost in-home consultation, including a free quote for energy-efficient doors and windows today!