Lincoln Windows Reviews (2024): Unveiling the Quality and Performance

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When considering a home renovation or new construction, the choice of windows can have significant impacts on both aesthetics and energy efficiency. Lincoln Windows is a brand that offers a variety of window styles and designs to suit different tastes and architectural needs.

Their product line ranges from classic wood frames that complement traditional homes to modern vinyl options catering to budget-conscious homeowners and contemporary spaces.

Known for its customizability and broad selection, Lincoln Windows aims to meet specific customer requirements while ensuring quality and performance.

Durability and performance are key considerations for window selection, and Lincoln Windows addresses these points with a range of products designed to offer energy efficiency and resilience against the elements.

High-quality materials and construction aim to ensure that these windows stand the test of time. In comparing Lincoln Windows to other manufacturers, such as Andersen Windows, customers often weigh factors such as material quality, cost, and service to arrive at a well-informed decision.

Moreover, installation and ongoing customer service are important considerations, as these can greatly affect the overall satisfaction and ease of maintenance post-installation.

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Key Takeaways

  • Lincoln Windows provides a diverse assortment of styles suitable for various architectural needs.
  • The brand focuses on producing windows that combine longevity with energy efficiency.
  • Comparisons with other window brands help in assessing value and service quality.

Overview of Lincoln Windows

Lincoln Windows has established a reputation for delivering quality windows and patio doors. Designed with both aesthetics and durability in mind, their products are proudly made in the USA.

Brand History

Lincoln began crafting windows and patio doors in 1947 and is headquartered in Merrill, Wisconsin. Over the years, this window company has maintained a tradition of creating premium products and is renowned for its commitment to craftsmanship and excellence.

Product Range

The product range of Lincoln Windows encompasses a variety of styles to suit different architectural demands:

Their windows are available in aluminum, vinyl, and wood frame materials, making sure that your preferences for style and functionality are met. Each window is designed to offer a blend of innovation, energy efficiency, and performance, meeting the diverse needs of homeowners across the United States.

Types of Lincoln Windows

types of lincoln windows

When exploring your options for upgrading or installing new windows, you will find that Lincoln Windows offers a variety of materials and styles tailored to fit your specific needs and preferences.

Materials Used in Lincoln Windows

Wood Windows: Lincoln Windows provides you with wood windows that offer both beauty and durability. These windows come in natural wood, and primed wood, and can also be aluminum clad for extra protection.

  • Natural Wood: Offers a classic, warm look and can be stained or finished to match your home’s design.
  • Primed Wood: Ready for paint, allowing you to customize the color to fit your aesthetic preferences.
  • Aluminum Clad: Features robust aluminum cladding on the exterior, enhancing durability and weather resistance while maintaining the interior wood finish.

Vinyl Windows: If you’re looking for a low-maintenance option, Lincoln’s vinyl windows may appeal to you. They resist fading and do not require painting.

Fiberglass/Fibrex: Although not mentioned in the provided search results, other window brands offer fiberglass options, known for their strength, energy efficiency, and low maintenance.

Styles of Lincoln Windows

Lincoln Windows provides an array of styles to cater to different functional needs and design preferences:

  • Casement Windows: Known for their versatility and architectural appeal. These windows are hinged on the side and open outward with a crank, allowing for full-top-to-bottom ventilation.
  • Awning Windows: Similar to casement windows but hinged at the top, they can be opened even during a light rain without letting water in.
  • Double-Hung Windows: These windows have two sashes that move up and down, providing excellent ventilation options and ease of cleaning.
  • Picture Windows: Fixed windows that don’t open but offer expansive views and abundant natural light. They work well combined with other window types for a custom look.
  • Bay & Bow Windows: Extend outward from your home, creating additional space and allowing more light to enter. These windows are ideal for adding dimension to your home’s façade.

Design Features

lincoln windows design features

When considering Lincoln Windows, you’re looking at a range of design features that help meet your specific needs and preferences.

The company offers a variety of color and finish options, as well as multiple window features, ensuring that your selections not only enhance the aesthetic of your home but also provide functionality.

Color and Finish Options

Lincoln Windows provides a wide array of colors and finishes that complement your home’s unique style.

You can choose from standard color options, or for a more personalized touch, Lincoln allows for custom color matching, giving you the flexibility to meet any design requirement. For a sophisticated look, anodized colors are also an option, offering a durable and corrosion-resistant finish.

  • Standard Colors: Several timeless colors are available for your windows, aligning with common home aesthetics.
  • Custom Colors: Tailor the windows to your exact preference with a custom color option.
  • Anodized Finishes: These provide a sleek, protective finish that maintains the window’s appearance over time.

Window Features

In terms of specific window features, Lincoln Windows is engineered for both style and performance. You’ll find a variety of glass options, including energy-efficient choices, which can help reduce your energy costs.

Sashes are designed meticulously for smooth operation and are coupled with durable hardware for long-lasting use.

  • Glass Options: Energy-efficient, low-E, or other special types of glass for comfort and savings.
  • Sashes: Carefully crafted for reliable performance and aesthetics.
  • Hardware: From locks to handles, the hardware options are crafted to be both secure and stylish.
  • Screens: High-quality screens are incorporated to keep insects out while letting fresh air in.
  • Weatherstripping: Enhanced weatherstripping for improved energy efficiency and comfort in all seasons.

Each of these features is offered to ensure your windows are as functional as they are beautiful, providing you with the assurance that your investment is sound.


When considering Lincoln Windows, your focus on performance is likely directed toward how well they conserve energy and how durable they are over time.

Energy Efficiency

Lincoln Windows is designed to enhance your home’s energy efficiency. Their windows often include low-E glass, which reflects infrared light, keeping heat inside during the winter and outside during the summer.

They may also come with argon fills, an inert gas used between panes that acts as an insulating layer to further reduce heat transfer. This means that when you opt for a window replacement, selecting Lincoln’s energy-efficient options can contribute to lower utility bills while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

  • Key Features for Energy Efficiency:
    • Low-E glass coatings
    • Argon gas fills
    • ENERGY STAR ratings

Durability and Maintenance

Durability is another cornerstone of Lincoln Windows’ performance. Their products are crafted using quality materials that stand up to the test of time, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

You’ll find that many Lincoln Windows are outfitted with double-strength glass, robust against varying weather conditions and everyday accidents. Additionally, maintenance is straightforward; thanks to their design, cleaning is accessible and condensation issues are minimized, enhancing both visibility and window longevity.

  • Durability Aspects:

    • Reinforced jamb construction
    • Consistent reveal quality
    • Protected against condensation buildup
  • Maintenance Benefits:

    • Easy-clean surfaces
    • Resilient to everyday wear and tear
    • Long-term serviceability

Product Comparison

In assessing Lincoln Windows, you will find specific insights on how they stand up against other leading brands in the industry. This comparison will focus on style, material quality, and pricing, to ensure you have a well-rounded view of where Lincoln Windows fits within the market.

Lincoln Windows vs Other Brands

When considering Lincoln Windows, you are looking at a range of window styles such as awning, casement, and double-hung windows, with frame materials available in aluminum, vinyl, and wood. Particularly, Lincoln’s wood windows might stand out if you prefer a natural look with options for customization. Digging into the specifics:

  • Andersen Windows: A heavyweight in the window industry, Andersen offers a broad selection of window types, including the specialized Renewal by Andersen line which focuses on replacement windows. Their reputation for quality is well-established, and they often come with a higher price tag. For comparable style and finish options, you’ll find that Andersen gives you durability and brand prestige. For more details, consider comparing Andersen Windows vs Lincoln Windows.
  • Marvin Windows: Known for their craftsmanship and energy-efficient options, Marvin Windows can parallel Lincoln in terms of customization and quality, especially with their wood and clad-wood offerings. If you are environmentally conscious and looking for sustainable options, Marvin might edge out in this respect.
  • Pella Windows: Pella offers a mix of vinyl, fiberglass, and wood windows with a strong focus on innovation and energy efficiency. They cover a wide price range and are competitive with Lincoln when it comes to options for different budgets and aesthetics.
  • Jeld-Wen Windows: Jeld-Wen provides a spectrum of window solutions frequently compared with Lincoln Windows due to their similar market segments. If budget is a concern but you do not want to sacrifice quality, Jeld-Wen is known for offering cost-effective options. For more comparisons, checking out Lincoln Windows vs Jeld-Wen Windows could provide useful insights.
  • Sierra Pacific Windows: Sierra Pacific may be less renowned than Lincoln, but they offer a robust line of wood and aluminum-clad wood windows. If you value environmental stewardship, Sierra Pacific also boasts of being environmentally friendly, with sustainable forestry practices.

Each brand carries its own set of unique selling points. Your preferences for style, material, sustainability, and price will determine the best choice for your window needs.

Installation and Contractors

Selecting the right installer for your new construction or window replacement project is crucial to ensure longevity and performance, especially for specialized windows such as glider windows, casements, double hungs, and awning windows.

Selecting the Right Installer

To ensure the best results for your Lincoln Windows investment, it is vital to choose a qualified installer. For new construction, a builder with experience installing Lincoln Windows ensures a seamless fit into your home’s design.

When considering replacements, especially for specific styles like bow and bay windows or casement windows, select a contractor renowned for meticulous installation. Prioritize professionals with robust portfolios demonstrating expertise in Lincoln Windows.

Installation Process

The installation process will differ between new construction and replacement windows.

New Construction: Installers will work alongside your building team, integrating Lincoln Windows directly into the framework, which allows for a vast array of customization options including size and style.

Replacement Windows: The process involves removing your old windows and ensuring the new window, whether it’s a glider or casement model, fits perfectly into the existing space. Insightful planning and precise execution are key, with contractors often sealing and insulating to enhance the window’s performance.

Pricing Information

When you’re considering Lincoln Windows, it’s essential to understand the pricing to ensure they fit within your budget. The cost of these windows can vary greatly depending on the style, size, and materials you choose.

Window Styles and Averages:

  • Awning Windows: Starting from $300
  • Casement Windows: Typically between $300 – $500
  • Double Hung Windows: Often range from $250 – $600
  • Glider Windows: Generally starting around $200 – $400
  • Bay & Bow Windows: Usually from $1,000
  • Specialty Custom Windows: Can start close to $500 and go upwards depending on customization level

Keep in mind that these are approximate starting prices and can be affected by various factors such as your location, installation costs, and any additional features or upgrades.


  • Wood Interior/Metal Clad Exterior: This popular combination offers durability with a classic look, but may increase the price compared to standard vinyl options.

Factors Influencing Cost:

  • Custom sizes and shapes may add to your expense.
  • Performance specs, such as energy-efficient glazing, can impact the value but provide savings in the long run through reduced energy bills.
  • Installation complexity is a key factor; more intricate designs require expert installation which comes at a premium.

By determining the specific requirements for your home and understanding these pricing components, you can make an informed decision that balances cost and value when choosing Lincoln Windows for your replacement project.

Warranty and After-Sales Service

When considering Lincoln Windows products, you should be aware of the warranty coverage and the kind of after-sales service you can expect. It is important to understand the specifics of the warranty details and the customer service experience to ensure that your investment is protected.

Warranty Details

Lincoln Windows provides a limited warranty on its products, which is designed to cover defects in materials and workmanship.

According to their warranty statement, Lincoln Windows generally offers a 10-year limited warranty. However, it’s essential to read the fine print as warranty lengths may vary depending on the window type and material.

For instance, the protective finish or hardware may have different coverage periods. Familiarizing yourself with these details is critical to knowing how long each component of your window is protected.

Customer Service Experience

The customer service experience with Lincoln Windows has mixed reviews. When issues arise, reaching out to the company is the first step in utilizing your warranty. Some customers have reported a positive experience, stating that customer service was responsive and replacement parts were provided for windows under warranty.

On the other hand, some have expressed dissatisfaction, particularly when seeking resolution for out-of-warranty items. You need to keep a record of all communications with the company’s service department for any future reference.

Remember, maintaining regular home maintenance will enhance the life of your windows and potentially avoid some service calls.

Customer Feedback

lincoln windows customer review

In assessing Lincoln Windows, your understanding of customer experiences is instrumental. This section delves into independent reviews and ratings, giving you a transparent view of what individuals like you have said about their products and services.

Independent Reviews and Ratings

Lincoln Windows Reviews

  • Yelp: While Yelp reviews give a diverse array of customer opinions, there’s a notable trend of praise for Lincoln’s customer service and product quality. However, the brand does not escape criticism, with some pointing out issues specific to their experiences.
  • General Customer Reviews: Customers commonly rate Lincoln Windows with an approximate average of 4.0 out of 5 stars. Positive remarks frequently highlight the quality of the windows and the strength of customer service. An A+ rating from the BBB is often mentioned, reflecting customer satisfaction and trust in the brand.

It’s vital to consider this feedback in the context of your specific needs and expectations from a window replacement company.

Purchasing and Availability

When looking to purchase Lincoln Windows, it’s important to understand their broad network of distribution and the range of options available to you. The company ensures its products are accessible whether you’re involved in new construction or home renovation projects.

Distribution Channels

Lincoln Windows is available through various distribution channels to cater to your specific needs. They can be sourced from:

  • Authorized Dealers: You can purchase Lincoln Windows from a network of authorized dealers who are trained to offer you insights into product features and installation services.
  • Independent Distributors: A selection of Lincoln Windows is also available through independent distributors, sometimes providing additional local support and products tailored to regional needs.
  • Online Retailers: Certain standard-sized Lincoln Windows might be listed with online retailers, giving you the convenience of shopping from home.
  • Direct Sales: Depending on location, it might be possible to buy directly from Lincoln for large projects or custom orders.

You should always verify the availability of specific window types and materials directly with the nearest distributor to ensure they can fulfill your project requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find in-depth answers to some of the most common inquiries about Lincoln Windows, allowing you to make informed decisions about your window purchases and understand others’ experiences.

What are common customer experiences with Lincoln Windows according to the Better Business Bureau?

Your experiences with Lincoln Windows can vary, but it’s important to note that they have engaged with customer complaints through the Better Business Bureau. On their BBB profile, they show a history of responding to and addressing customer feedback.

How does Lincoln Windows compare to Marvin Windows in terms of quality and reliability?

When considering Lincoln versus Marvin Windows, the focus often falls on personal preferences and specific project needs. Lincoln Windows is known for a range of style options and material choices, while consumer reports suggest that Marvin offers a strong reputation for quality and reliability in window manufacturing.

Have there been any recalls on Lincoln Windows products, and what were the reasons?

To stay updated on product recalls, you should always check the latest information from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. As of my knowledge cutoff, there were no widespread recalls on Lincoln Windows products.

What are the general trends in customer satisfaction with Lincoln Windows based on recent online reviews?

Recent online reviews of Lincoln Windows point towards a mix of satisfaction levels. Customers appreciate their wide range of window styles and material options, as indicated on sites like Birdeye.

As a consumer, what should I look for when selecting a dealer for Lincoln Windows and doors?

When looking for a dealer, ensure they are authorized by Lincoln Windows for a legitimate purchase. Verify their customer service track record, installation quality, and after-sales support compatibility with Lincoln Windows standards.

In recent class action lawsuits involving Lincoln Windows, what have been the primary complaints?

While any company can face legal challenges, specific details about class action lawsuits involving Lincoln Windows should be sought from legal databases or news outlets reporting on such cases, as they can provide the actual accusations and outcomes surrounding these lawsuits.


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