How Much Does A Window Installation Cost? A 2024 Guide

Last Updated on January 10, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

People install new windows for aesthetics, energy efficiency, and response to damage and wear and tear. If you don’t hire a proper window installer, you may deal with window installation problems such as uneven and drafty windows, operational failure, and water damage or window damage.

To avoid this, people hire professional window installers. Working with professionals is also a must when you’re replacing or adding new windows to boost your home’s resale value.   

There are several factors to consider when calculating the costs of adding a new window. For instance, there may be some differences per zip code. While HomeAdvisor says the national average people spend on window installation is USD$6,100, you can expect to see changes in rates depending on your location.

When searching for contractors, it is best to do a local search such as window installation in Arlington to see the best installers in your area.  

HomeAdvisor further reports USD$1,000 to USD$5,000 as the average price range for installing a new window. They warned against very cheap window installations at USD$300 or less per window.

The tendency for low-priced window installers is to use poor quality materials and faulty output. You may end up spending more than you intended to in a bid to find the cheapest window installation.  

Window Installation: Factors to Consider

window installation cost

Windows that are properly installed and maintained can last 15 to 25 years. It is essential in every home; window installation and replacement projects reportedly boost home value. On average, properly installed windows can recoup 71% to 78% of the expenses, not to mention the long-term energy savings.  

Hence, working with a professional installer to discuss your budget might be necessary. Now, there will be several factors to consider, including window type, size, frame material, glass material, location in your home, and area where you live. Let’s discuss all of these below.  

Window Installation Cost by Type 

As there are many different types of windows, installing them would also vary. For instance, the same national average reports revealed how single-hung window installations typically cost USD$100 to USD$400. Double-hung window installations cost around USD$150 to USD$650. Sliding windows generally cost USD$150 to USD$800 per window installation.  

The more expensive window types to install are egress and bay windows averaging USD$600 to USD$2,500. More complex systems such as bow windows with five or more individual units creating that curved design raise installation costs between USD$1,000 and USD$4,500.  

Window Installation Cost by Size

The window size will only affect installation costs if it is a custom-sized window. Standard living room windows are often 3×4 ft or 6×6 ft, while bathroom windows are 2×1.5 ft or 2×3 ft. Regular window frames by width are 18 to 48” wide (vinyl) and 18 to 60” wide (wood). The standard window frame heights are 18 to 36” (vinyl) and 18 to 48” (wood).  

If you choose larger and odd-sized custom window sizes, you can expect to pay more both for materials and labor.

Now for window installation costs for an entire home, it will cost USD$3,000 at minimum for a 1,000 sq. ft home factoring in one window per 100 sq. ft. A higher-end window installation (materials and labor) project for the same 1,000 sq. ft home can reach up to USD$8,000.  

Window Installation Cost by Frame Material 

Window frames have the largest impact on upfront and maintenance costs. Also, it can change the aesthetics of your home to either bring up or down its value. The rule of thumb is to install similar windows or upgrade to better quality ones.  

Vinyl is popular among window installation projects for its classic appeal, energy efficiency, cost-efficiency, and low maintenance material. It costs USD$100 to USD$900 to install vinyl window frames depending on style and size. More traditional homes may turn to wood frames which cost between USD$150 and USD$1,300.  

A more durable alternative to vinyl is fiberglass, but it can cost more to install at USD$500 to USD$1,500. Composite is another choice getting more traction as it combines wood fiber with PVC polymers. This attractive material of choice can cost USD$300 to USD$1,200 to install.   

Finally, the cheapest material is aluminum, costing USD$75 to USD$400 to install. It has its drawbacks, including lack of insulation, and can be difficult to paint.  

Window Installation Cost by Glass Material 

When installing new windows, pros may suggest going the more energy-efficient route. If you notice your furniture fading or darkening, you may prevent sun damage with a new window installation.

Now, double-paned windows may cost you double upon installation but can help save energy up to 18% in summer and up to 24% in winter. Going even further with triple-pane windows can reduce heat loss and save up to 40% energy. Plus, double and triple-pane windows are also known for their noise cancellation.  

Moreover, if you’re installing new windows after storm damage or an accident, you may consider getting impact-resistant windows. These are also called hurricane windows, costing around USD$24 to USD$55 per sq. ft to install, plus labor. Storm windows can be either removable or permanent. Homeowners typically spend USD$5,000 for storm windows installation.  

Window Installation Cost by Location and Area

construction workers install window

First, be wary that window installation on second, third, and higher floors can be more costly than first-floor installations. There will be additional equipment to install windows on higher levels. Other than higher costs, installing windows at these levels can also take longer.  

Then, remember to inquire about estimates from a local contractor. Window installation costs may vary based on zip codes. You may need to pay more in areas with a higher cost of living.  

Additional Costs 

You may also need to pay more for clean-up, disposal, insulation, waterproofing, and any structural repairs. Then there are labor costs which can range between USD$30 and USD$65 per hour or USD$150 to USD$800 per window.  

How to Save on Your Window Installation 

Working with a qualified window installer is advisable as they source their materials directly from suppliers. You may also ask about government incentives in your state for installing energy-efficient windows. Such types of windows may also earn you rebates from your utility company.

You may also save on installation costs by having more windows replaced simultaneously. You may get a better deal with higher volume projects. Also, consider scheduling your window installation project during low-demand seasons.  


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