38+ Best Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas

Christmas is an exciting period for our lives. It is a festive season where we spend most of our time away from work. Christmas is also a period where we are free to decorate our houses with the most outrageous farmhouse Christmas decors.

The primary color of decorations for Christmas is white and red, but you can go the extra mile in using other decorative colors like green. Below are several ideas you can use for your farmhouse Christmas decors.

best christmas decor ideas

 Farmhouse Christmas ornament set

9 farmhouse christmas decor ornament10 farmhouse christmas decor ornamentsSource

Christmas is not the same without a Christmas tree and red ribbons. The ideal set for making a farmhouse ornament is a pair of scissors for cutting the ribbons, the Christmas tree, light bulbs, reindeer decorated socks, or even ear muffs and small bells.

Olive branches, Mongolia leaves dry vines and Mongolia leaves are also essential in making farmhouse wreaths for both the outdoors and indoors. Do not forget little miniature reindeers to add to the Christmas pomp!

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Farmhouse Glam Christmas décor

11 farmhouse christmas decor glamSource12 farmhouse christmas decor glamSource

Here you will need a couple of miniature chandeliers and any white powder that can pass for snow. You can also provide a Christmas tree and place it at the corner of the room. Spray some of the snowy material on the tree and some at the bottom of the tree.

Decorate the tree with red and white ribbons, and strobe lights. Look for a white rug and spread it across the fireplace. Spray some of the white stuff to give it a snowy feel.

Farmhouse Christmas cross stitch

13 farmhouse christmas decor cross stich

Start with the purest form of cross stitch, then backstitch to make various embroideries usable as decorations in the house. You can sew ribbons on a piece of cloth using cross stitches.

Farmhouse Christmas table

14 farmhouse christmas decor table15 farmhouse christmas decor tableSource

Look for a plain teak or oak table. Spread a white sheet over the counter. Proceed to place a miniature tree as the centerpiece of the table.

There can also be mittens hanging or drooping over the table to add to the Christmas theme. The table should be set as usual with the usual cutlery and plates

Farmhouse Christmas fireplace décor

2 farmhouse christmas decor fireplaceSource16 farmhouse christmas decor fireplaceSourceThe fireplace

should be decorated with all kinds of stuff. Hang red and white socks with embroidered reindeers just above the fireplace.

Mittens and gloves can also be handy on the fireplace. The decorated Christmas tree can also be placed next to the fireplace with gifts displayed at the bottom.

Don’t forget the eggnog in case you have some guests.

Farmhouse Christmas front porch

17 farmhouse christmas decor front porchSource18 farmhouse christmas decor front porchSource19 farmhouse christmas decor living roomSource20 farmhouse christmas decor front porchSource21 farmhouse christmas decor front porchSource

Front porches should be decorated with strobe lights of all kinds. The strobe lights should simultaneously light up or set them according to your liking.

Place a farmhouse wreath on the door for your neighbors to admire. Plant-based wreaths placed atop the vines are recommended due to their natural green color.

For places with snow, you can consider making a snowman complete with a nose eye, and head.

 Farmhouse Christmas living room

4 farmhouse christmas decor living room8 farmhouse christmas decor living room

Spread a thick red rug in the living room. Replace the cushions with fluffy red pillows, especially those with Santa’s portrait.

Place a miniature Santa or Christmas tree as the centerpiece for the living room table

 Farmhouse Christmas kitchen

5 farmhouse christmas decor living roomSource6 farmhouse christmas decor living roomSource7 farmhouse christmas decor living roomSource

Replace all your linen with red and white table cloths. Place Christmas stickers on the fridge. Use red mittens for your fridge. Red and white coffee mugs will contribute to the general Christmas theme of the farmhouse.

Cottage farmhouse Christmas decor

22 farmhouse christmas decor cottageSource

Look for various logs of wood and place them systematically against the chimney or mantel. Ensure that you have a red blanket over the couch facing the fireplace.

Place many wreaths-plants based on the various sides of the house, especially on the outside. Hang strobe lights along the edges of the house so that they light up during the night.

Farmhouse Christmas bedroom

23 farmhouse christmas decor bedroomSource24 farmhouse christmas decor bedroomSource

Replace all the blankets with red Christmas rhymed beddings. You can stick with white sheets, though.

For the pillows cover them with pillowcases imprinted with elves and Santa on the sledge. You can also place a wreath above the headboard with little bells attached to it. Refrain from using multicolored decorations.

 Farmhouse Christmas centerpieces

3 farmhouse christmas decor centerpieceSource

The best centerpieces for the house are miniature Santa’s, or Christmas trees. Elves can also make functional centerpieces for the table in the living room or the dinner table.

Farmhouse Christmas Entryway

25 farmhouse christmas decor entrywaySource26 farmhouse christmas decor bedroom27 farmhouse christmas decor entrywaySource

Look for three or four short logs and gift wrap them as you would a regular gift using a red ribbon. Make two or three of these decorations and place them randomly at the entryway, but be sure not to block passage.

Look for two steel buckets and place small Christmas trees in them. Place them in between the wrapped logs at the entryway.

Farmhouse Christmas bathroom

28 farmhouse christmas decor bathroomSource29 farmhouse christmas decor bathroomSource

Line the bathroom walls with Christmas decorations such as red and white ribbons or even pink ribbons if you are explorative. Use a white soap dish and red soap. The bathroom curtain can also be replaced with a red one.

Some candles on the sink will also add to the décor of the bathroom.

Farmhouse Christmas window

30 farmhouse christmas decor window31 farmhouse christmas decor windowSource

Place small strobe lights on the outline of the window. At the bottom of the windows, place green vines of your liking.

Farmhouse Christmas wall

32 farmhouse christmas decor wallSource33 farmhouse christmas decor wallSource

The Christmas wall needs varying decorations. Ribbons and mittens will be the right choice for wall decorations. Puppets or symmetric patterns can also be hung from the top parts of the walls.

Farmhouse Christmas signs

34 farmhouse christmas decor signsSource35 farmhouse christmas decor signsSource36 farmhouse christmas decor signsSource

Place your Christmas signs should be placed, especially on the front part of the house.

Find a small piece of chalkboard and line it with logs of timber. On the chalkboard, you can write “Christmas is here” using read and white chalk. Also, align the sign with some lights for noticeability.

Farmhouse Christmas tree

37 farmhouse christmas decor treeSource38 farmhouse christmas decor treeSource

Find a Frasier fir tree to use as your Christmas tree. Place the tree in a large pot and stuff the pot with soil so that the tree can stand on its own.

Then decorate the tree with hand mittens, strobes, and other strobe lights.

Farmhouse Christmas Mudroom

1 farmhouse christmas decor mudroomSource


Decorating the farmhouse for Christmas should be fun. It should be a time for experimentation to see what decors work for you. Use locally available materials when on a budget to decorate the house. Remember that a wreath on the porch is an essential part of the decorations. 

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