40+ Beautiful Farmhouse Halloween Decor Ideas

Halloween is approaching! You will not want to miss out from making the most Spooktacular and unique Halloween decorations.

If you want to bring out the real feeling of Halloween mood then the best way is to incorporate farmhouse features and styles with the Halloween decorations. Here are some simple do it yourself ideas that you can use to create a perfectly frugal Halloween night.

1. Use vintage décor pieces

Using vintage pieces will perfectly bring forth the farmhouse vibe as well as Halloween mood. Incorporate the use of pumpkins, apples, and leaves together with a vintage food scale, vintage clocks, vintage brooms and even pieces of vintage clothing.

A combination of these features will allow you to achieve a perfect farmhouse Halloween décor.

2. Decorate your porch with fall flowers and pumpkins

You can preferably use the crocks and paired pumpkins together with hay bales outside your porch. This combination sends a double message of both farmhouse vibe and a spooky vibe.

3. A rustic themed wreath

Halloween wreath

is a common feature that is used to send a message of Halloween vibe. A spectacular wreath at your door is a perfect way of scaring or treating your neighbors.

You can uniquely make your wreath by adding some farmhouse or rustic theme. If you want to achieve a perfect rustic wreath, then you need to create a simple one which is mostly bare. To make it spookier, add some spiders or bats.

4. Printable apothecary labels

All you need to do is to collect some few old and vintage apothecary bottles of different sizes and shapes.

Then you can give them some spooky paintings of bats, spiders, skulls and skeletons.

5. Primitive Halloween wall art sign

You can decide to make a Halloween sign using spooky signs and images and even black paintings. To bring out the idea of the farmhouse, you can sand each sign, and stain it antiquely with walnuts and finally seal it with matte.

You can hang your sign preferably outdoors in a sheltered space.

6. Farmhouse kitchen cabinets with Halloween decorations

You can redesign your kitchen cabinets to give it a farmhouse look. Later, make it spooky by sticking some bats made from paper cutouts.

You can as well add fake spiders and spider webs to the corners. In your cabinets, you can keep the apothecary tins with skulls and skeletons in them.

#1. Porch



#2. Outdoor

#3. Dollar Tree


#4. Table

#5. Mantel and fireplace

#6. Modern

#7. Living room

#8. Kitchen

#9. Bathroom


A combination of farmhouse features and Halloween decorations will create a unique decoration that is on another level.


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