6 Farmhouse Flat Roof Ideas You’ll Love

Last Updated on January 26, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Modern farmhouse architectural styles are taking the world by storm. There are so many ways to have an upscale vibe with a farmhouse style or even an understated modern, contemporary style and here are a few farmhouse flat roof exterior ideas that will set your house apart from the rest. 

1. The Wood Route 

farmhouse wood flat roof

Wooden flat roofs are a wonderful choice for farmhouse exteriors as they give a natural and organic vibe like old school cottages and cabins.

The wooden roofing shingles can be dark or light colored depending on the color scheme of the rest of the structure but they are some of the most sublime options you can choose when it comes to a farmhouse roof.

Wood shingles whether real or synthetic can be painted in a certain tone as well such as ‘country brown’ or mahogany.

Contrary to popular opinion wood shingles when applied with the proper base sheets are remarkably long-lasting especially if a sealant is used to protect against rot and mold. 

2. Ecotecture 

Ecotecture is a relatively new concept when it comes to flat roofs. As there is an increased interest in and awareness of the environmental aspect of modern life as well as home construction and energy usage, ecotecture and similar concepts have become more popular.

Ecotecture for a farmhouse flat roof may involve using plants or growing a vegetable garden on the roof in the interests of greater sustainability and lessening one’s carbon footprint of living in a house. 

As with all types of roofs, consult professionals like Annapolis roofing to see the type of insulation sheeting etc you would need as plants need to be watered and growing organic material on the roof can open you up to water damage or moisture seepage.

The climate and to a lesser degree the time you can spend on the maintenance of such a project will all feature in the decision of whether this is the right roof type for you. 

3. Plenty Of Light 

If your modern farmhouse design has high roofs and rafters and there is an emphasis on large windows and letting in plenty of natural light, this should translate to the roofing concept is possible.

Have large skylights built that maximize on the principles of natural light and are still stylish and effortlessly modern. The rest of the roofing material can be metal shingles as the glass will also have a metal framing. 

Remember to use strong, shatter-proof glass so that excessive rain or other seasonal changes do not damage it.

This style of flat roof is not appropriate for any location that sees snowfall during the year as any glass will crack over time if the snow is not regularly sliding off or being cleaned. The skylights can be designed to look like an extension of the window design around the house. 

4. Matching Stone With Shale

Shale shingles are a fairly popular choice for a roofing material and they last very well if the homeowner’s main concern is durability through both fair and rough weather as opposed to extreme aesthetic appeal.

Shale however matches beautifully if your farmhouse has a stone slab exterior in a cottage style. The play of natural materials with shale being a mud rock and stone having its own beauty can be incredibly pleasing to the eye particularly if your home is in a remoter location or a picturesque one. 

5. Going With Black 

farmhouse black flat roof

If you are trying to create a modern farmhouse vibe, then a black metal flat roof is an ideal pick. Metal roofing shingles are incredibly durable and also resistant to cracking and subsequent leaks.

They are arguably easier to clean and maintain as they are not derived from any organic material that can rot away in heavy rain or if downspouts get blocked.

Metal shingles can be paired with mixed materials such as stone and wood but a plain metal finish is very contemporary and can update the look of your farmhouse exterior immensely.

The choice of black paint as the end color also ties into that uber modern luxe feel as opposed to the metal shingles being painted any other color. 

6. A Combination Look 

For farmhouses overlooking a body of water or ones standing on a considerable estate, a combination roofing solution can be the answer. Telluride stone or other stone roofing varieties can be used in conjunction with batten siding and metal shingles.

For a smaller flat roof however, too many roofing material varieties can throw off the whole vibe and create confusion regarding the aesthetic the structure is trying to follow. 

5. Concrete Roofing 

A concrete roof for your farmhouse flat roof is the most durable option out there. Concrete roofs can last upwards of 50 years with minimal maintenance and care and are perfect if your farmhouse is routinely subjected to harsher weather conditions or you live in an area with a lot of rain and cold weather.

The concrete will keep the cold out and prevent leaks almost completely when compared with standard roofing shingles. Concrete is also cost-effective and simple and if you want your farmhouse exterior to exude simplicity and good craftsmanship then a concrete roof might be the right one for you. 

6. Going For Tile 

Tile roofs are a favorite for suburban homes but they can make for a great farmhouse flat roof simply because they come in earthen colors like shades of brown since they are made from ceramic, clay or slate.

They can easily last more than a decade with minimal care (as pottery is known to last long after other materials have disintegrated) and they don’t necessarily need to be painted any color. 

If you want your farmhouse to have an idyllic or eclectic vibe, you can also paint them easily into any color you like such as blue or green.

Using tile gives a ‘small cottage’ or fairytale vibe to your farmhouse and is generally a comforting sight for most people since tiles always featured heavily in children’s cartoons.