7 Great Gifts for School-Age Kids

Last Updated on May 23, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

If you’re looking for a gift for a school-age kid, the good news is that kids of that age are usually not difficult to please. You will need to do some research before you give them something, but if you can manage to get some inside information on their hobbies, favorite activities, and things they’ve always wanted to have, then you should have no trouble finding something they’ll love and be thankful for. Here are some great gift ideas for school-age kids.

A Musical Instrument

Most young kids start expressing a desire to play music when they start school and gifting them the instrument they’ve shown an interest in playing could be one of the best things you ever do. You could even go a step further and pay for music lessons as well.

This is a gift they will remember for years and may be the reason why they start a career as a musician later on in life. This is one gift that could make a real impact on their lives.

If you can’t afford a brand-new instrument, look for a second-hand one. Lots of people take up instruments and then tire of them within a few months. Consequently, there are often second-hand guitars and the like available on eBay, Gumtree, and other resale platforms.

A used instrument is a useful starting point for a child. That way, you can see how strong their commitment is before you invest in a better-quality instrument.

Another option is to rent an instrument. This is sensible in the case of more expensive instruments, like pianos and some of the larger wind instruments.

Sports Equipment

If the gift is for a child who plays organized sports, then one of the best gifts you could buy is new equipment. Children grow fast when they’re young and constantly need new equipment in the next size or level, so you could be doing them and their parents a big favor by supporting an upgrade.

Some sports like basketball do not require much equipment and sports like football will not require players to spend on important pieces of equipment like pads or helmets. But if the kid in question plays baseball, then there’s a strong chance that they could use a new mitt, batting gloves, or cleats/turf shoes. So, look for top-level equipment for the ball player in your family, but make sure to ask them or the people close to them what they need the most.

If you are not sure what to get a child, consider purchasing a gift voucher for a sports store, so they can select their own sports shoes or other items. Most sports stores sell gift vouchers, online and offline.

Sports Card Case

A sports card case is another great choice for a sports lover. If they collect basketball, football, or baseball cards, then you could get them a whole case for this year, or an iconic one that is sure to be super special. Picking an older box set from a year with a great draft will give you a bigger chance of them discovering a valuable card. These box sets are not always easy to find and will cost you, but if you have the money, this is a gift you’ll hear about for years to come.

A Tablet

If the child you are buying for doesn’t have a tablet, this can be a great gift. Don’t follow the urge of getting the absolute cheapest tablet on the planet, however. We know you don’t want to waste money on something likely to break, and cheaper tablets can be much more fragile than their more expensive counterparts. Purchase a solid tablet with a strong protective case instead and it should last them for years.

The great thing about tablets is that they can be used for lots of things. Children can game on a tablet, read books, create artwork, and even do their homework. So, not only is a tablet a fun gift but it is also practical.

Gaming Subscription

Most kids these days love to game. Teenage boys in particular spend many hours a week gaming, so a gaming subscription is likely to go down well as a gift. A gaming subscription gives the user access to a library of games. For example, an Xbox Game Pass lets kids play more than 100 games on Xbox and PC. Many of the games are major releases, and if the child’s friends are already playing them, it will be an enticing gift.

Other popular gaming subscriptions include PlayStation Now, EA Play, Nintendo Switch Online, Uplay Plus, Humble Choice, Apple Arcade, and Google Play Pass. This article reviews the best options.

A Cool Pair of Shoes

pair of shoes

If you still don’t know what to buy for the child in your life yet want something that they’re almost guaranteed to like, then you could get them the pair of shoes they’ve always wanted. Just call their parents (if this isn’t for your child) and ask them if there’s a brand or model of shoes that they’ve been nagging them about. Make sure that you ask what their size is as well.

If the child isn’t really into shoes, then you could look into other articles of clothing or accessories, such as watches or glasses, for instance. Band merch is always coveted, especially by older kids. If you are not sure what to buy, purchase a gift voucher for a branded store; that way, the child can pick the items they want.

An Experience

Sometimes the best gifts are memories you create together. If you don’t want to buy something tangible, how about gifting them an experience? For example, you could buy tickets for a big game and take the child/teen along, giving them the full VIP experience. Not only would this be fun for them, but you’d have a ball too!

There are so many things that you could gift to a school-age kid, but these seven options should all be successful. Try to consider the child’s habits and needs and look for something that will fulfill them.