Costumes for Adults: Adult Halloween Costume Ideas – Animal, Disney, Scary, Sexy, Uniform

Costumes for Adults: Adult Halloween Costume Ideas – Animal, Disney, Scary, Sexy, Uniform

This is a unique collection of Halloween costume ideas, over 50 costumes for adults. Consider couples, Disney, group, movie character, superhero outfits for grown-ups.

Children aren’t the only ones who get to celebrate Halloween in style. Adults can have just as much fun dressing up and playing make believe for a night.

Costumes for Adults

In this article, find over fifty possible costumes for adults, including sexy, animal, and movie character outfits. Also noted are suggestions for couples or group Halloween costumes.

If the adult Halloween costume ideas listed in this article aren’t suitable, consider the costumes mentioned in the three articles linked to at the very bottom of the article.

Costume Ideas for Adults – Movie Characters, Scary, Superhero Outfits & Uniforms

Below are some ideas for dressing up like a movie character, as a scary figure, as a superhero or person in uniform.

Movie character dress-up attire

The possibilities are virtually limitless when it comes to movie character Halloween costumes. Consider a character from one of the following movies: Star Wars, Incredible Hulk, Harry Potter, Star Trek, The Matrix, Pirates of the Caribbean, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Indiana Jones, and Terminator.

Scary Halloween costumes

Freddie Krueger, a chainsaw massacre man, the devil, or the villain from Scream would make scary Halloween costumes. Clowns may also be considered scary, depending on whom you ask!

Superhero costumes for men

Spiderman, Superman, and Batman are staples.

Uniforms for men and women

Military uniforms come to mind. Consider Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy uniforms. Other uniforms could represent professions such as mailman or mail lady, cow girl, referee, or police officer.

Adult Halloween Costumes – Animal, Disney, and Sexy Attire

Here are ideas for dressing up like animal. Also, consider wholesome Disney character outfits or sexy Halloween costumes.

Animal outfits for adults

Most animals make cute outfit themes for adults and children alike. Consider becoming a dog, mouse, deer, or rabbit for Halloween.

#1. Zebra

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#2. Kangaroo

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#3. Muskox

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#4. Lemur

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#5. Chipmunk

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#6. Baboon

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#7. Pug

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#8. Scorpion

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#9. Vulture

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#10. Rooster

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#11. Big foot

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Adult Disney costumes

Disney characters make fun, easily recognizable Halloween costumes. Consider these adult Disney costume ideas: Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Tinkerbell, Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, Aladdin, or Disney Princess (Jasmin, Aurora, Ariel, Belle come to mind).

Sexy Halloween costumes for women

It’s easy for women to pull off sexy Halloween outfits – simply make sure a little cleavage and/or leg is showing. Consider the following costume ideas: cat woman, naughty schoolgirl, French maid, flapper, sexy witch, vampire, Barbie.

Halloween Costumes for Grown-Ups – Couples, Groups, and Other Types of Outfits

Many adults celebrate Halloween in pairs or groups, especially if attending a costume party with those themes. Here are a few ideas in those categories:

Couples Halloween outfits

Here are some example couples Halloween outfits: Santa and Mrs. Claus, Bonnie & Clyde, Barack & Michelle Obama, Adam & Eve.

Group costumes ideas for adults

Really, multiples of anything can be considered group costumes. Here are few group ideas: Native American tribe, vampire and vampiresses, The Three Stooges, any grouping of the Seven Dwarfs, letters of the alphabet.

Other outfit ideas

Medieval attire, hippie, king or queen, knight, court jester, body builder, handy man.




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