14 Homesteading Essentials to Build a Sustainable Lifestyle

Last Updated on February 6, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

Thinking of becoming a homesteader? You will need some homesteading essentials to begin your journey to becoming self-sufficient. So, we will look at some of the top items and sort them into categories, making it easy to equip yourself with the right tools.

homesteading essentials to build sustainable lifestyle

Homesteading Essential Tools: Kitchen

Cast Iron

Cast iron is at the top of the list because of its durability. It’s absolutely perfect for cooking pretty much anything you want, making it a must-have item. Also, don’t forget the cast iron Dutch oven!

High Quality Mixer

One of the most important resources in homesteading is your time. A mixer streamlines kitchen tasks like whipping cream and prepping meals, making it a staple of your kitchen.

Durable Knife Set

I’m not talking about one of those cheap flimsy knife sets from the supermarket. Get a high-quality set that can be sharpened and will last a long time.

Food Processor

This is another staple of the homesteading lifestyle. A food processor is an amazing tool for preparing large amounts of food with much less effort than stovetop cooking.

Compost Bin

Homesteaders put everything to use and your kitchen scraps are no exception. Invest in a compost bin to effortlessly collect scraps that you can then transfer to your compost pile.

Pickling and Canning Supplies

One of the biggest challenges of homesteading is storing food through non-harvest months. You’ll be doing a lot of canning and pickling to achieve this. Get plenty of jars with airlock lids, fermentation weights, and a bather to store your fresh foods.

Homesteading Essential Tools: Livestock Care

Chicken Coop

chicken coop

Chickens are a gift that keeps on giving, so give them a good home. A great chicken coop has nesting boxes, awesome perches, and is secure so that your chickens feel safe. In return, they will provide you with an endless supply of eggs.


Your entire homestead should be surrounded by a fence to keep predators at bay. Even if you’re not able to invest in a fence immediately, make it a goal because it makes a huge difference.

Animal Feeders

We recommend you go ahead and invest in automatic feeders so you free up time to do other tasks on the homestead. You can also get waterers to go with it. Then you just give them a quick look every day to make sure they’re working and you can go about your other tasks.

Feed Storage

Efficient feed storage ensures a sustainable source of nutrition for all of your animals, contributing to the overall self-sufficiency of a homestead.

Properly stored feed safeguards your animals’ precious feed from the elements.  Most homesteads will require one or two small grain bins strategically placed on the property.

Milking Supplies

The importance of milking supplies cannot be overstated. They are essential to harvesting fresh dairy products, which is a staple of homesteading.  

Homesteading Essential Tools: Tools

Cordless Drill

This is an invaluable tool in homesteading. A cordless drill helps with everyday tasks that come up around the homestead. Its portability makes it a must have tool.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is one of the most versatile tools on the planet. You can use it to make quick repairs and temporarily patch up holes until you can properly fix them.  

Chain Saw

Perfect for cutting up wood for your stove and heat. Like so many tools on this list, it’s essential because it saves so much time.  

The Next Step

One of the primary goals of homesteading is sustainability, so we’ll end with an optional homesteading addition that achieves that one primary goal. Solar panels are one of the top sustainability tools on the planet, and we’re living in a time where they’re highly affordable. So, consider budgeting so you can eventually invest in a good solar panel setup.

These homesteading essentials will get you started on your journey to creating an independent, sustainable lifestyle.