How to Clean Your Toilet Properly: A Step-by-Step Guide

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It goes without saying that cleaning a toilet is one of the most unappealing chores you ever have to do in your home. But it’s a necessary one. And while it might not seem like a complicated task, you will still find a select few who don’t know how to clean a toilet properly.

Yes, it’s possible to get your toilet cleaning wrong, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, using the proper toilet cleaning method can help you eliminate any bacteria and viruses that thrive there. What’s more, everyone just likes stepping into a clean washroom.

In this post, we will discuss a step-by-step guide on the proper way to clean your toilet and make it sparkle.

Here we go:

how to clean toilet properly

What You Will Need:

cleaning toilet equipments

Here’s a list of equipment and materials you will need for proper toilet cleaning:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Toilet brush
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Paper towels or cloth
  • All-purpose spray cleaner

After you have assembled all of these items, you can now start cleaning:

Prepare the Toilet Area

The first step requires gathering all supplies necessary for the cleaning process and preparing the cleaning area. Cleaning a toilet can get very messy at times. There’s always the chance that one of your cleaning agents or water might splash outside of the toilet.

Preparing the toilet area helps you prevent extra cleanup by setting aside all excess items that may hinder proper cleaning. Also, remember to remove everything on the top of the toilet tank to prevent them from dropping into the bowl while cleaning. (That can be quite an inconvenience).

Additionally, visit this website to know in depth guidelines of DIY cleanings.

Flush and Add the Cleaning Solution

clean toilet

By now, you should have your rubber gloves on. Close the toilet lid, then flush it to prevent splashing. Afterward, you can add your preferred powdered, gel, or liquid cleanser into the bowl. Remember to apply the cleanser close to the toilet rim to prevent it from being diluted by the toilet water.

“If you’re using a bleach based product, you’d be surprised how little you need to apply to have a good effect – although a bit of elbow grease may be required,” comments Ruban Selvanayagam of homebuying firm in London, Property Solvers.

Clean the Exterior Parts of the Toilet

You can start cleaning the outside of your toilet while the cleaning solution soaks into the bowl and toilet grime. You can use a multi-surface spray cleaner to clean the exterior parts of the toilet.

Remember to start from the top to prevent the dirty solution from dripping on already cleaned surfaces. You also want to spray the tank, tank edges, and handle and wipe them all down using a paper towel or cloth.

Finally, wipe down the other outside parts of the bowl. Again, start from the top and slowly work your way down to where the toilet meets the floor. This is also a great time to mop the surrounding area, which will probably be dirty, too.

Clean the Toilet Seat

You cannot neglect the toilet seat. After all, this is the actual part that comes into contact with your skin. Therefore, it must be cleaned thoroughly.

Start by raising the toilet seat, spray it and inside the seat and toilet rim, and a toilet cleaner. Afterwards, wipe down the seat, lid, and hinges of the seat. Some toilets even have removable hinges that allow for easy access when cleaning. Remove any traces of chemicals from the sitting surface using a cloth dipped in clean water.

Cleaning the Inside of the Toilet

By now, the cleanser in the toilet bowl will have soaked in well. Start cleaning the toilet bowl from the top down. It is advisable to start scrubbing from under the rim first. You want to get all the grime and stains before moving to other parts of the bowl.

Use the toilet brush to scrub the rest of the bowl thoroughly, including the drain hole opening. Again, close the lid, then flush the toilet.

Clean Up the Surrounding Area

After you’re done cleaning the toilet, you will need to clean up any drips and plashes of the cleaners and water that occurred while cleaning. Put away the cleaning tools and trash and return all items as they were before you started cleaning.

It is no secret that cleaning the toilet is always an unappealing task. However, by making a regular routine of it, you can have a very clean toilet that you and your family members enjoy using.

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