How To Create Your Dream Office

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Many of us have found ourselves now working from home for the foreseeable future, so why not make your home office a permanent feature and create a well-designed space that gives you the comfort and motivation to want to work from your office. This guide will hopefully give you some inspiration to get started!

Think about what you need in your workspace.

standing desk

Think about a normal workday looks like and consider what would make your working day easier? Start with furniture, you can adore freestanding desks and contemporary design but ask yourself, if the furniture is practical and usable before buying it.

Would you benefit from a larger desk? Maybe you need extra space for your paperwork or a notebook. Are you constantly flicking back and forth between documents or comparing data? Maybe a second monitor can help.

If you need a lot of file storage, opt for a desk with built-in drawer space and a tall shelving unit. Consider how you’ll file your documents and how you’d like to organise yourself. Chalkboards and desk organisers will help you keep on top of work.

Think green!

indoor herb garden

According to studies, we can use nature make our workplaces happier and healthier. Viewing countryside scenes such as trees or water can help to relieve tension, frustration, and fatigue while also boosting satisfaction, stamina, and cognitive function.

In your workspace, place an indoor herb garden or a bonsai tree. Alternatively, you may pick a piece of wall art which depicts the natural environment, or chose muted greens and earth tones to accessories the room to help create a peaceful environment to work in.


home office light

Don’t leave yourself feel tired and uninspired by sitting in a dark room all day! If possible natural daylight is best! Working in a well-lit room helps you to feel awake and inspired and can even boost creativity. If your office does not have a lot of natural light coming in, then why not try a daylight bulb in your light fixture. These bulbs help to mimic the look of natural light so even in the dark the gloomy winter afternoon you can still have the feeling of natural day light to help you work.

Try arranging mirrors around the room to reflect any natural light you do have and create the illusion of not only lighter but also the feel of more space, this works especially well in smaller rooms. If your desk faces a wall, try arranging the room so that you have a window view instead – it will help to offer some time from staring at the computer screen all day.


rolling library ladder

As we mentioned earlier take advantage of your workspace now being within your own home and create a room that is perfect for you! Chose items that inspire you, you no longer have to look at a grey cubicle again or desk divider again.

Why not go all out and create your own mini library, whether it’s filled with books or work literature a bookshelf with a rolling library ladder could add the perfect touch to your office space and will guarantee you the best zoom background when on work calls.

Whilst too many things can cause your desk to look messy, a few choice things that really motivate you are definitely a good thing. Postcards from places you love, a special painting, or even a mood board can all help you get into a creative mindset when you sit down to work. But be careful not to go overboard – note this is your workspace and too much clutter can just clutter your mind.

In Summary

how to create dream office

In summary, there are a wide range of helpful tips and considerations to think about when working from home. Ensure the colour scheme is calming and you have enough natural light, maximise the use of space and use plants and room layout to maximise your mood. Hopefully our guide has given you some nice ideas, and now it’s time to hit the drawing board!

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