How to Make the Most of Your Summer Composite Decking Boards

Last Updated on July 28, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Summer has arrived, and your family and children are eager to spend time outside. It’s time to make the most of your composite decking boards if you want to spend quality time outside. With a little planning and remodeling, outdoor composite decking can be the ideal family gathering place. A good outdoor deck will allow you to have more fun, get through the hot summer months with your family, and create some special memories.

1. Boost safety and security.

Whether you have children or pets, it is critical to improving your outdoor safety and security. Make sure your outdoor deck is not a safety hazard before you begin your outdoor life. Improve outdoor safety by modifying your deck to meet the following specifications.

Handrails and fencing are required by the Residential Safety Code if your outdoor deck is more than 30 inches above ground level. The composite railing should be at least 36 inches tall. In a composite railing, the space between individual posts should be less than 4 inches.

There should be no more than 4 inches between the bottom of the railing and the top of the composite deck surface. These are designed to keep children from becoming stuck or slipping through.

decking boards

To prevent people from falling, install treads on smooth step surfaces. Add gates at the top and bottom of stairs and child safety locks to exterior doors to prevent children from climbing.

You can use furniture to relax on your outdoor deck. When placing furniture, remember to avoid composite railings to prevent children from climbing furniture and railings.

Check the composite railing and deck stairs to ensure they are secure and in good condition.

2. Create a children’s area

Children are constantly active in order to be quiet for a short period of time. You can add some elements to the composite deck to allow them to play quietly. On the composite decking, you can set up a children’s table and chairs. You can also make space for your child’s bubbles, outdoor toys, and watercolor paintings. Make them the ideal place for family fun!

If your composite decking is on a high level, you can create a play area beneath the composite deck board. Make the space beneath the composite deck into a haven for you and your children.

You can hang swings or rocking beds on the edge of the outdoor deck to create a shaded area from the hot summer sun. Don’t forget to set up some benches and picnic tables so that when the kids get tired of playing, they can take a break and eat some snacks and fruits.

3. Have a family night outside.

During the hot summer months, staying inside can be stuffy. Consequently, why not schedule some activities that take place outside in the evenings of the summer? For example, throw a party in an outdoor living space and invite your friends over for drinks and music. Build an outdoor movie theater and watch a movie while eating a snack. You could also lie around with the kids and tell them fairy tales while counting the stars. What a lovely summer evening!

4. Create an outdoor dining area

Picnics are an option if your children are picky eaters. They might need a change of scenery to get their appetites going! Bring out a picnic blanket and enjoy your meal on the composite decking that has been laid out. Having a barbecue in the open air is another option, of course. Keep children away from the grill so that they won’t get burned. You can add tables and seating as needed. The outdoor deck dining area can also be relaxed and enjoyable.

5. Create shaded areas.

The summer sun is still shining brightly. As a result, when you’re ready to spend the summer on your outdoor deck, don’t forget to set up a shaded area. A shaded composite deck board can make your time outside much more pleasant. Furthermore, a good shade area can keep your outdoor deck and furniture from becoming too hot.

A colorful shade umbrella can be used to create a shaded area. Install a composite pergola with a shade curtain instead. You can also add shade with a retractable awning.

6. Set up a tent

Even though kids love the idea of sleeping outside, camping can be a lot of extra work. Setting up a tent on your deck can be simple and enjoyable. Toast marshmallows around a nearby firepit while discussing the night sky. Make it a teaching moment by showing your children some of your favorite constellations. The Big Dipper is missing. Orion, how about you? Are there any other sights?

7. Gardening

Gardening on the deck is an excellent science lesson. The container garden contains lovely flowers as well as delicious fruits and vegetables. This is a fantastic first gardening project for children. You’ll enjoy watching your kids try to grow peppers or tomatoes at your back door! Remember to water your plants frequently and keep them on risers to prevent moisture damage to your deck.

If your yard is on the small side, installing landscaping beneath your deck can provide plenty of space for shrubs and flowers. Because your deck may block some sunlight, choose plants that don’t require constant sunlight. You can even build a garden or garden box to grow fresh vegetables or herbs. Many plants, including lettuce, Swiss chard, kale, spinach, mint, fine parsnips, cilantro, oregano, and parsley, tolerate shade well and do not always require direct sunlight to grow.