How To Upgrade Your Living Room Without Breaking The Bank

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Having your home clean and tidy is another level of satisfaction. One of the most important life philosophies is that life in order equals place in order and vice versa. This is one of the reasons why you need to keep your space decorated according to your personal preferences and recreate it the way you want it. Personal space made to comply with your wishes is the best mood booster.

On the other hand, recreating your personal space in accordance with some trendy tendencies can be quite costly, and therefore, disappointing. Hence, here is a shortlist of the things you can do to make your living space a better place to be without breaking the bank. 


Plants have the power to elevate any space and give it some additional charm. Adding some greenery will definitely make your space shine. On the other hand, this is an amazing way for forming some healthy habits. Instead of playing mobile games, it is inexpensive to get the plant and take care of it. Not all people have an inborn green thumb so there are some house plants that are almost impossible to kill. However, none should neglect their plants as long as they can enjoy their luscious green leaves. Plants will match any living space, whether it is boho, traditional, or urban contemporary. 


Cushions of different shapes and patterns will make your sofa a completely new piece of furniture. If your sofa looks plain and boring, adding cushions of contrast colors and patterns will definitely make it appear much different. There is a whole range of different cushions you may purchase, like Simply Cushions where you can find cushions fitting all tastes. The best part about cushions is that you can put as much as you want and the sofa will not be overloaded. Cushions are super-efficient decorations because they are on a budget and you can add some to your living space whenever you want. 

Paint the Wall 

All you need is a bucket of paint. This is an inexpensive way of redecorating living space. You can paint one of the walls in some contrast colors to the entire space or use some wallpapers for the entire change of the living space. Painting one of the walls in different or contrasting colors is a trend in interior design. 

Print Your Favorite Photos 

This is one of the meaningful ways to decorate your living space. The first step is making a selection of the favorite photos you want to display. Then you need to figure out how you want to organize it. One of the ways is to hang it on the top with clips. You can also use your photos and tape them on the wall creating some kind of collage. These are on-budget projects but you can also make some more costly options. For instance, you can put all of the photos and create a gallery wall out of them. 

print photos

Do Your Lights 

Whether it is a chandelier, some super unique lamp, light bulb, or small lamps, lights have immense power to elevate any space considerably. Keep in mind that less is more and go with that. When it comes to the amount of light you have in your space, be careful.

Having illuminated personal space is preferable because of numerous reasons and one of them being positive effects on mental health. Lights are an inexpensive way of getting your space decorated in a unique way. For instance, decorating lamps can be used in combination with your plants. You can decorate your plants or the space around them for some additional effect.  

Paint Wooden Units

Wooden units are mandatory in any home. It can be a door frame or windows frame, table or coffee table, shelves, etc. Everything you will need is a can of paint and some smooth brush for the best effect. You can just freshen up the paint, or restyle the appearance of the wooden units completely. Make your table, cupboard, or door frame stand out with some vibrant color and give your room an entirely new spirit. This is on budget and definitely one of the best ways to give your living space a new touch. 


Curtains are just another way of elevating your living room. Try to match curtains to your living space or if you want to make a contrast, you can choose some patterns or colors that are the complete opposite of your comfort zone. Home accessories like curtains always give you a chance to play with them and make your living space look completely different from the one you are used to. 

There are numerous ways you can use to elevate your living space on a budget. Besides the ideas already listed, you can also come up with some DIYs which are popular nowadays.

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