23 Best Places to Buy Throw Pillows Online: Your Ultimate Shopping Guide

Last Updated on February 2, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

Finding the perfect throw pillows to accentuate your space can be an enjoyable yet demanding task, as there are numerous factors to consider including design, fabric, quality, and price.

Thankfully, the internet is brimming with online stores that offer a vast selection of throw pillows to suit any design aesthetic and budget.

These e-commerce platforms eliminate the need for time-consuming store visits by allowing you to compare styles, prices, and materials with just a few clicks, all from the comfort of your home.

When hunting for throw pillows online, it’s important not only to look for pieces that complement your decor but also to purchase from reputable sellers that provide detailed product descriptions and flexible return policies.

Whether you’re in search of something trendy, traditional, or unique, you can find a variety of options at well-known retailers like Target or explore specialty stores that may offer artisanal or custom designs.

Ease of purchase, variety, and accessible pricing are key benefits of online shopping for home decor, making it a go-to solution for refreshing your living spaces.

top places to buy throw pillows online

Key Takeaways

  • You can find a wide selection of throw pillows online to match any decor.
  • Purchase from reputable sellers with detailed descriptions and good return policies.
  • Online shopping offers convenience, variety, and competitive pricing for throw pillows.

Understanding Throw Pillow Basics

understanding throw pillow basics

When selecting throw pillows for your home, it’s vital to consider a variety of factors including materials, sizes, and designs that cater to your comfort, style preferences, and functional needs.

Materials and Fabrics

Fabric selection in throw pillows impacts both texture and quality. Natural materials such as organic cotton or handwoven textiles contribute to durability and texture. Options range from luxurious velvet to rustic burlap.

Fill and Comfort

The fill of a pillow determines its comfort and support. Down inserts offer plushness, while memory foam provides firm support. Down or a down-feather mix are premium options, known for their softness.

Size and Shape Variations

Sizes vary widely, from small square pillows to larger lumbar pillows that provide back support. Understanding the right size and shape for your needs is key, whether for the bed or couch.

Design and Style

Choose from a plethora of styles, colors, and patterns, including embroidered, block-printed, or jacquard designs. A pop of color or abstract pattern can act as an accent piece in your decor.

Caring for Your Pillows

To maintain longevity, select pillow covers that are washable. Durability is essential for maintaining the quality of your decorative items, especially in high-use areas such as the living room.

Price Points and Budgeting

Prices for throw pillows can range widely. Establish your budget to find the best value. You can find quality options at different price points if you shop wisely.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Consider ethically sourced or handmade pillows that support artisan communities. Sustainability is a critical aspect to consider for both ethical practices and product longevity.

Pillow Collections and Sets

Collections or series offer curated looks with coordinating colors or designs, making it easier to achieve a cohesive style. Assortments or matching sets can simplify the decorating process.

The Role of Throw Pillows in Home Decor

Throw pillows serve as both a cozy addition and accent pieces to your home’s decor. Strategically placed, they can add both comfort and visual interest to couches and chairs.

Mixing and Matching Pillows for Aesthetic Appeal

Mix and match different textures, sizes, and colors to create contrast or cohesion. This contrast can enhance the aesthetic appeal and add a dynamic look to any room.

Introduction to Pillow Care and Maintenance

Routine cleaning and proper maintenance ensure durability and longevity. Following care labels properly can extend the life of your throw pillows significantly.

Where to Place Your Throw Pillows

Consider placement based on where you need comfort, neck support, or a decorative touch. Throw pillows can enhance bedding, beds, couches, chairs, and even outdoor seating areas.

Where To Buy Throw Pillows Online?

1. Amazon

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Amazon, a global e-commerce giant, offers an extensive variety of throw pillows, catering to a broad range of styles, budgets, and preferences. Their collection includes pillows from numerous brands, designers, and independent sellers, ensuring a diverse selection.


  • Vast Selection: Amazon’s massive inventory includes various styles, materials, and price points.
  • User Reviews: Customers can make informed decisions based on the extensive user reviews.
  • Convenient Shipping and Returns: Amazon Prime offers fast shipping, and the return process is generally straightforward.


  • Quality Variability: Due to the wide range of sellers, the quality of throw pillows can vary significantly.
  • Overwhelming Choices: The sheer volume of options can be overwhelming for some shoppers.
  • Less Personalized Customer Service: Being a large platform, personalized customer service is often lacking.

2. Allform

allform throw pillow

Allform, known for its customizable furniture, also provides a selection of throw pillows. Their focus is on quality and customization, offering pillows that can complement their furniture pieces.


  • Customization: Allows for a degree of customization to match your furniture.
  • Quality Focus: Emphasis on high-quality materials and construction.
  • Cohesive Aesthetic: Ideal for those who have purchased or are considering Allform furniture.


  • Limited Selection: Less variety compared to larger retailers.
  • Price Point: Might be on the higher side due to the focus on quality.
  • Less Frequent Promotions: Fewer sales or discounts compared to larger platforms.

3. 54kibo

54kibo throw pillow

54kibo specializes in African-inspired home decor, offering a unique and curated collection of throw pillows. Their products are known for their distinctive designs and craftsmanship, reflecting contemporary African art and culture.


  • Unique Designs: Offers a range of unique, culturally inspired designs not commonly found elsewhere.
  • Artisanal Quality: Emphasis on craftsmanship and artisanal quality.
  • Cultural Connection: Great choice for those looking to incorporate African art and culture into their home decor.


  • Niche Selection: Limited in variety outside of its specific style.
  • Higher Price Points: Prices might be higher due to the unique, artisanal nature of the products.
  • Limited Reviews: Fewer customer reviews to gauge product satisfaction compared to larger platforms.

4. Home Goods

HomeGoods, a retail chain known for its ever-changing array of home decor items, offers a selection of throw pillows that frequently updates with new trends and styles. They provide a variety of designs, colors, and textures at affordable prices.


  • Affordable Pricing: Known for competitive pricing on quality items.
  • Unique Finds: Regular stock rotation leads to unique and diverse selections.
  • Physical Stores: Allows in-person viewing and touch of the products.


  • Inconsistent Inventory: What’s available in-store can vary greatly, making it hard to find specific items.
  • No Online Shopping: Limited to in-store purchases, as they don’t offer online shopping for most items.
  • Limited Stock: Popular items can sell out quickly and may not be restocked.

5. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is a high-end home decor retailer known for its classic and sophisticated style. Their throw pillows often feature luxurious materials, elegant designs, and attention to detail, ideal for an upscale home decor look.


  • High-Quality Materials: Emphasis on durability and premium fabrics.
  • Elegant Designs: Offers a range of classic and contemporary styles.
  • Coordinated Collections: Easy to match with other Pottery Barn home decor items.


  • Higher Price Point: Generally more expensive than many other retailers.
  • Limited Style Variability: Primarily focuses on classic and sophisticated designs, which might not suit all tastes.
  • Return Policy: More restrictive return policy compared to some other retailers.

6. West Elm

westelm throw pillow

West Elm is known for its modern and trendy home decor items, including a stylish selection of throw pillows. Their products often feature contemporary designs, bold patterns, and a focus on sustainable and ethical production.


  • Modern Aesthetic: Appeals to those seeking contemporary and chic designs.
  • Sustainability Focus: Offers eco-friendly and sustainably sourced products.
  • Quality Construction: Known for durable and well-made items.


  • Price Points: Can be more expensive than average, reflecting their quality and design ethos.
  • Limited Traditional Styles: Less variety for those seeking traditional or classic designs.
  • Stock Availability: Popular items may sometimes be back ordered due to demand.

7. Target

Target is a popular retail chain offering a wide range of affordable home decor items, including throw pillows. Their selection includes a variety of styles, colors, and patterns, catering to a broad audience and regularly updating with new trends.


  • Affordable Prices: Accessible pricing for a wide range of budgets.
  • Trendy Designs: Frequently updates its collection with current trends.
  • Convenient Shopping: Online and in-store shopping with easy returns.


  • Variable Quality: Quality can vary, with some items being less durable.
  • Overwhelming Choices: A vast array of options can sometimes be overwhelming.
  • Stock Consistency: Popular items can sell out quickly, both online and in stores.

8. Bolé Road Textiles

Bolé Road Textiles is known for its handcrafted and ethically sourced home textiles, including a range of artisanal throw pillows. Their products often showcase traditional Ethiopian weaving techniques, offering unique patterns and textures.


  • Unique, Artisanal Products: Each pillow is handcrafted, providing a unique and authentic feel.
  • Ethical Sourcing: Committed to fair trade practices and supporting local artisans.
  • Cultural Heritage: Products celebrate and preserve Ethiopian weaving traditions.


  • Higher Price Range: Artisanal quality and ethical sourcing often come at a premium price.
  • Limited Selection: Fewer choices compared to larger, mass-market retailers.
  • Availability: Being a smaller operation, popular items may have limited stock.

9. Etsy

Etsy is a global online marketplace that connects buyers with independent creators and sellers. It offers a vast and eclectic collection of throw pillows, ranging from handmade and vintage to custom and unique designs.


  • Wide Variety of Styles: From handmade to vintage, there’s a diverse selection.
  • Support for Small Businesses and Artisans: Purchases directly support independent creators.
  • Customization Options: Many sellers offer personalized or custom-made pillows.


  • Variable Quality and Shipping: As sellers are independent, quality and shipping times can vary.
  • Return Policies Vary by Seller: Each shop has its own return policy, which can be less straightforward.
  • Search Overload: The sheer volume of options can be overwhelming.

10. World Market

World Market offers a diverse array of global-inspired home decor items, including throw pillows. Their selection often features eclectic and worldly designs, perfect for adding a unique touch to any space.


  • Eclectic and Global Designs: Great for those seeking a unique, global aesthetic.
  • Reasonable Pricing: Competitive prices for quality products.
  • Physical Stores and Online Shopping: Convenient shopping options with a tangible in-store experience.


  • Limited Stock for Certain Styles: Some unique items may have limited availability.
  • Variable Online and In-Store Selection: Online offerings may differ from what’s available in-store.
  • Shipping Costs: Depending on the order size and location, shipping can be pricey.

11. Overstock

Overstock is an online retailer known for offering a wide range of home goods at discounted prices, including a vast selection of throw pillows. Their collection includes various styles, materials, and brands at affordable prices.


  • Wide Selection at Discounted Prices: Appeals to budget-conscious shoppers.
  • Frequent Sales and Promotions: Opportunities to save even more on their already low prices.
  • User Reviews and Ratings: Helpful insights from other customers.


  • Quality Inconsistency: Some items might not meet high-quality standards.
  • Overwhelming Selection: The large inventory can make decision-making difficult.
  • Return Shipping Costs: Returns might involve shipping costs.

12. Society6

Society6 is an online platform that allows artists to sell their original designs on various products, including throw pillows. This site is perfect for those looking for unique, artist-designed throw pillows.


  • Unique Artist-Designed Products: Each purchase supports independent artists.
  • Wide Range of Designs: Offers an array of artistic and creative designs.
  • Customization Options: Allows for some level of customization in size and material.


  • Higher Price Point: Unique designs and artist support result in higher prices.
  • Variable Material Quality: Quality can vary depending on the product and artist.
  • Longer Shipping Times: Custom-made items can take longer to ship.

13. Joss & Main

Joss & Main is an online retailer specializing in modern and stylish home decor, including a chic selection of throw pillows. Their products often feature contemporary designs with a focus on trendy aesthetics.


  • Stylish, Contemporary Designs: Ideal for modern home aesthetics.
  • Quality Products: Known for offering well-made items.
  • Frequent Sales and Promotions: Regular discounts and deals are available.


  • Mid to High Price Range: Pricing can be higher compared to budget retailers.
  • Limited Eclectic or Traditional Options: Focuses more on modern styles.
  • Shipping Costs: Free shipping is not always available.

14. H&M

H&M, primarily known for its fashion offerings, also provides a range of affordable and stylish home decor items, including throw pillows. Their collection typically features trendy, modern designs suitable for a variety of interior styles.


  • Affordable Prices: Great for budget-conscious shoppers seeking stylish options.
  • Fashion-Forward Designs: Pillows often reflect current trends in home decor.
  • Easily Accessible: Available in many countries and easy to purchase online.


  • Variable Quality: Some items may not be as durable due to lower price points.
  • Limited Selection: Fewer options compared to specialty home decor stores.
  • Eco-Friendly Options May Be Limited: Not all products are made with sustainable practices.

15. Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. is renowned for its distinctive floral and illustrative designs, applied to a variety of products including throw pillows. Their offerings are characterized by bright colors and hand-painted designs, perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to any space.


  • Unique Artistic Designs: Known for their signature floral and illustrative styles.
  • High-Quality Materials: Products are made with durable, high-quality fabrics.
  • Brand Recognition: Popular for their unique aesthetic and brand reliability.


  • Higher Price Point: Premium designs and quality come with a higher cost.
  • Limited Style Range: Focused primarily on floral and illustrative designs.
  • Availability: Popular designs can sell out quickly.

16. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters caters to a younger, trendier demographic with its collection of home decor, including throw pillows. Their selection often includes bohemian, eclectic, and vintage-inspired designs.


  • Trendy, Youthful Designs: Appeals to younger consumers looking for unique, hip styles.
  • Diverse Range of Styles: From bohemian to retro, there’s a wide variety.
  • Physical and Online Stores: Accessible both in physical stores and online.


  • Quality Variability: Some items may not be as durable.
  • Price Points Can Be High for Some Items: Reflecting their trendy, niche designs.
  • Frequent Style Rotation: Some customers might find the rapid change in trends and stock disorienting.

17. Jungalow

Jungalow specializes in bohemian and nature-inspired home decor, with a focus on colorful and bold designs. Their throw pillow collection is known for its vibrant patterns and textures, ideal for those looking to add a playful and exotic touch to their decor.


  • Bold, Eclectic Designs: Stand-out designs that are unique and vibrant.
  • Ethical and Sustainable Practices: Focus on sustainability and ethical production.
  • Support of Artisans: Collaborates with artisans for unique creations.


  • Higher Price Point: Reflects the quality and uniqueness of their products.
  • Limited Neutral Options: Primarily focused on bold and colorful designs.
  • Stock Availability: Popular items may sometimes be in limited supply.

18. John Robshaw

johnrobshaw throw pillows

John Robshaw offers a luxury collection of home textiles, including throw pillows, known for their exotic and handcrafted designs. Inspired by traditional printing and weaving techniques from around the world, their pillows often feature intricate patterns and high-quality fabrics.


  • Luxurious, Handcrafted Designs: Emphasis on craftsmanship and unique global patterns.
  • High-Quality Materials: Use of premium fabrics and materials.
  • Cultural and Artistic Depth: Each piece reflects a story and traditional artistry.


  • Premium Pricing: Products are in the higher price range, reflecting their luxury status.
  • Limited Modern Designs: Focus is more on traditional and exotic styles.
  • Availability and Selection: Limited quantities and a curated selection mean less choice.

19. Minted

Minted is known for its unique and artist-designed products, including a range of throw pillows. Their collection features designs from independent artists around the world, offering a variety of styles from modern to traditional.


  • Unique Artist Designs: Pillows feature unique designs from global artists.
  • Customization Options: Many pillows can be customized in size, color, and fabric.
  • Quality and Exclusivity: High-quality materials and exclusive designs.


  • Higher Price Points: Due to the unique artist collaborations and customization options.
  • Limited Physical Stores: Mainly an online retailer, which limits in-person viewing.
  • Shipping Costs and Times: Custom-made items might have longer shipping times and additional costs.

20. Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond is a well-known domestic merchandise retailer with a wide selection of throw pillows. Their range includes various brands, styles, and price points, catering to a broad customer base.


  • Wide Variety: Extensive selection across different styles and budgets.
  • Frequent Discounts and Coupons: Known for their regular promotions and discounts.
  • Physical Stores for In-Person Shopping: Offers the convenience of seeing and feeling products before buying.


  • Quality Variance: As they carry a range of brands, quality can vary.
  • Overwhelming Choice: A large selection might be difficult to navigate for some shoppers.
  • Return Policy Variability: Return policies can differ for different products.

21. Walmart

Walmart, one of the largest retail chains, offers a vast selection of throw pillows at very affordable prices. Their collection includes a wide range of styles, from basic to trendy, catering to a diverse customer base.


  • Affordability: Very competitive pricing, suitable for budget-conscious shoppers.
  • Wide Availability: Easily accessible both in physical stores and online.
  • Large Selection: Offers a broad variety of styles and designs.


  • Inconsistent Quality: Some products may lack durability or high-quality materials.
  • Frequent Stock Changes: Popular items can sell out quickly, and stock can be inconsistent.
  • Mass-Produced Designs: Less emphasis on uniqueness or artisanal quality.

22. One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane is a high-end home decor and furniture retailer, offering a curated collection of luxury throw pillows. Their selection is known for elegant designs, quality craftsmanship, and a focus on upscale aesthetics.


  • Luxury and Designer Collections: High-end, designer pillows for an upscale look.
  • Exclusive and Curated Selection: Offers unique and exclusive designs.
  • Quality Materials and Construction: Emphasis on durability and premium fabrics.


  • High Price Points: Reflects the luxury and designer nature of their products.
  • Limited Budget Options: Fewer choices for budget-conscious shoppers.
  • Less Frequency in Sales and Promotions: Sales are less frequent compared to other retailers.

23. Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture is a well-known furniture and home decor retailer, providing a range of throw pillows that often complement their furniture collections. Their selection includes various designs from contemporary to classic.


  • Coordinated Decor Options: Easy to match pillows with their furniture lines.
  • Diverse Styles: Offers a range of styles to suit different home decor themes.
  • Physical and Online Store Presence: Convenient shopping options and the ability to view products in person.


  • Varying Quality Levels: Some items may not match the quality of their premium products.
  • Pricing Variability: Prices can vary significantly based on style and collection.
  • Limited Trendy Options: More focused on timeless designs than cutting-edge trends.

Choosing the Right Pillow for Your Sleeping Needs

For sleep, choosing the right pillow is crucial. Look for ones that provide the right level of comfort and neck support to ensure a restful night.

Frequently Asked Questions

When searching for throw pillows online, it’s integral to consider certain factors to ensure you’re obtaining the best product for your needs. This FAQ section will guide you through the essential aspects of online pillow shopping.

What criteria should be used to determine the quality of throw pillows when shopping online?

You should look for material quality, customer reviews, and durability information. The pillow’s fill, fabric, and design details can also indicate its quality.

Which online retailers offer the best deals on decorative throw pillows?

For deals on decorative throw pillows, check retailers like Urban Outfitters for trendy options or Home of Cozy for a carefully curated selection.

How can one assess whether a throw pillow is worth its price?

Consider the throw pillow’s construction, fabric, filler type, and whether it includes a removable cover for cleaning. Also, compare prices across different retailers for similar styles to ensure a fair price.

What materials are commonly used in the manufacture of throw pillows?

Common materials include cotton, polyester, velvet, linen, and silk. Specific design details may also highlight the use of organic or artisan fabrics.

Can you recommend some budget-friendly options for enhancing decor with throw pillows?

Yes, many online stores such as House Beautiful offer a variety of stylish, budget-friendly throw pillows to accentuate your decor.

How can you choose the correct size throw pillow for your furniture?

Measure your furniture’s dimensions to determine the right pillow size. Consider the scale of the furniture; a larger sofa may need bigger pillows for balance, while a petite chair requires smaller ones to avoid overwhelming the piece.