How We Test and Review Pest Control Products

Battling bugs, rodents, and other pesky intruders is an endless task on the farm. That’s why we thoroughly evaluate leading organic and natural pest control solutions using field trials and lab analyses before making product recommendations farm families can trust.

Our Pest Control Testing Protocol

We assess products across several key metrics:


Conduct indoor and outdoor trials comparing kill rates for common rural pests like mice, mosquitos, aphids based on product type and active ingredients.


Analyze residue toxicity for humans, livestock, beneficial insects and pets when used according to label directions. Verify USDA Organic certifications.

Ease of Use

Evaluate application methods like spraying and baiting for convenience while wearing PPE during multi-day simulations.

Odor Profile

Grade intensity level on an objective scale immediately after applying and over solution lifetime.


Track mortality days/weeks following single application when persisting outdoors through environmental exposure.

What We Didn’t Consider

Here are some additional factors that our current pest control products testing methodology does not encompass:

  • Large-Scale Infestations – Our testing focuses on moderate, homestead-level invasions rather than comparing solutions for commercial-scale pest elimination emergencies.
  • Custom DIY Formula Testing – We evaluate commercially available branded products rather than assessing the effectiveness of custom essential oil or botanical insecticide recipes homeowners blend themselves.
  • Residual Barrier Testing – Any reviews of perimeter sprays, granules, or dusts focus on immediate mortality rates rather than quantifying days/weeks of residual activity barriers provided against future invasions.
  • Cost Critiques – Our reviews focus exclusively on performance, safety, and usability rather than conducting price-per-ounce analyses or cost comparisons between pest control brands.

Ranking and Testing Process

  1. Establish Testing Benchmarks: In our protocols, effectiveness, safety, and responsible sourcing carry the most weight over cost or brand considerations.
  2. Controlled Lab Testing: We expose invading species to products at various dilution levels to determine mortality rates over 48 hours using entomological industry standards.
  3. On-Location Field Trials: Products are deployed against current infestations on participating farms and homesteads.
  4. Scoring Metrics and observations are compiled to grade products on weighted criteria like potency, environmental impact, and ease of use.
  5. Expert Auditing Entomologists spot check data for anomalies between lab performance and real-world field results before finalizing.

This consistent quantified assessment approach ultimately reveals the pest solutions deliver top-tier invasion defense for rural families through effectiveness, safety, and convenience.