How We Test and Review Mattresses

how we test mattresses

We understand that a high-quality, comfortable mattress is critical for farmers and homesteaders to restore energy and stay healthy through physically demanding days.

That’s why the mattresses recommended on go through an extensive evaluation process involving both expert testing and consumer feedback.

Our Mattress Testing Procedure

In developing our mattress testing methodology, we conducted in-depth research on the standards and best practices for evaluating key mattress performance criteria utilized by leading consumer testing organizations.

Key metrics we assess for every mattress include:

  • Materials: We examine the types of foam, springs, fibers, textiles, etc. used and the supportiveness, contouring ability, breathability, and durability they provide. Special attention is paid to certifications for organic or natural materials.
  • Firmness: Using calibrated devices and a standardized protocol, we measure the sinkage and support levels across the surface of the mattress to determine overall firmness. This includes evaluating any variations in firmness between sides or sections of the mattress.
  • Pressure Relief: Our testers evaluate how well a mattress relieves tension in common pressure points like the shoulders, hips, and back by assuming different sleeping positions for at least 15 minutes in each.
  • Motion Isolation: To measure motion transfer between sleep partners, our experts place glasses of wine at various locations and have testers switch positions to identify any disruption.
  • Temperature Regulation: We monitor heat dissipation and moisture wicking objectively using humidity meters and temperature sensors, as well as testers subjectively report on thermal comfort.
  • Edge Support: Testers sit near the edges and corners of the mattress, evaluating sinkage when getting in and out of bed and sleeping close to the sides.
  • Off-gassing: Air quality meters track any lingering chemical off-gassing from memory foams.

With both lab-style technical assessments and experiential reviewer feedback, we provide readers with comprehensive, unbiased insights into which mattresses can provide the most healthy, peaceful rest for country living. Please reach out with any other mattress testing questions!