Is It Expensive To Get an Apartment In Dubai?

Last Updated on December 20, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Dubai is arguably one of the most expensive cities in the world and is regarded as a city for the rich. Various listings like a prices apartments in Emaar Beachfront can spark the question – Is it expensive to purchase an apartment in Dubai? How expensive can it be? What are the price ranges available and what offers are most suitable?

It is unlikely to get genuine information that answers these questions from random websites and so it becomes safer to rely on capable relators like Emirates.Estate. For more information, see the official website at Emirates.Estate.

Prices of apartments in Dubai

apartment in dubai

Dubai is always included on lists of the most opulent cities in the world, therefore it is not surprising that real estate in this city of luxury is expensive. The city is renowned as a city with a luxurious lifestyle that is unrivaled in any other city in the world.

All real estate experts agree that now is the ideal time to purchase a home here because prices will continue to rise until 2023–2024. Regarding the price of purchasing a home, it continues to be among the most fascinating due to the unrivaled property values in the Emirate when compared to other cities around the globe.

In October 2021, the average housing price increased to AED 1,235 per square foot from AED 1,021 per square foot in January of the same year. However, the location of a home affects its price.

For instance, the starting price of an apartment in Dubai Properties’ DAMAC HILLS residential neighborhood starts at AED 500,000.

Additionally, Mudon Views offers 1-, 2-, or 3-bedroom flats as well as 2-story duplexes where you may live a dynamic, fulfilling lifestyle starting at AED 1,150,000. Dubai Properties’ most recent residential project is La Violeta at Villanova. 3- and 4-bedroom townhouses with maid units are available in this impressive upmarket off-plan project in Dubailand, with completion set for 2025.

Prices start at AED 1.45M. This is the place where family life is going to flourish for decades to come thanks to its efficient floor plans and attractive interior design. Prices at EMAAR BEACHFRONT range from AED 2 million to AED 30 million. More listings and details of such apartments can be gotten at Emirates.Estate. Some other costs should be noted during a home purchase:

  • Conveyance Fees
  • Agency fees
  • Initial deposits
  • Insurance fees
  • DLD charges.

These huge sums can largely be justified

Dubai real estate is just as beautiful in person as it is in advertisements’ pictures and movies. They are contemporary, green, and energy-efficient. Local construction companies employ high-quality, secure construction supplies. Additionally, the cost of real estate in Dubai rises every year.

The house or apartment you buy will sell for a lot of money. However, the majority of foreigners are not merely interested in profiting financially from real estate. They typically reserve at least one apartment for themselves because they enjoy spending time in the city, but renting out these homes can bring in about 8% of their original cost annually. This is far greater than the average for most cities worldwide.

The neighborhood shopping centers here are fantastic. The most recent collections of prominent designers’ clothing, accessories, furniture, home goods, technology, and other items are accessible and reasonably priced. Remember that once you buy a house in the city, you will no longer be a visitor but rather a complete member of the community and will be able to take advantage of all the privileges that go along with that.

Outside the cost involvement

You must spend at least AED 1 million on a home in order to qualify for residency in Dubai. You shouldn’t choose an off-plan apartment because won’t be prepared when you move in. Additionally, you might be mandated to pay in cash.

You won’t need to learn Arabic before to going to Dubai, it should be noted. To the fullest extent possible, one only needs to be able to communicate in English. As you are probably aware, there are two versions of road signs in this country: Arabic and English. However, you might want to learn the language to demonstrate your respect for the national culture. It should also be enjoyable.

Dubai is not called a home away from home for nothing. If you are considering a place to get an apartment, then you should really consider this epic city!