Can An Electric Lawn Mower Shock You?

Last Updated on December 14, 2022 by Jason Nguyen

Can an electric lawn mower shock you? Yes, it can shock you if you accidentally run over a cord. It can also shock you if the electric cables are exposed and the metallic blades come in contact with them.

Electric shocks can also occur when you mow on wet grass. The presence of water on the extension cord or wet grass on a mower blade can create a short circuit and result in an electric shock.

Similar to corded electric mowing machines, you may run the risk of electric shock if you cut grass with a cordless electric lawn mower.


Avoid mowing wet grass with a corded or cordless electric lawn mower.

What Are the Other Dangers of Electric Mowing Machines?

Some dangers that you may encounter while using an electric lawn mower include:

Tilting Issues

Tilting problems are common with battery-powered lawn mowers. Due to their lightweight construction, these mowing machines can easily tilt when you mow on an inclined lawn. They can also get unbalanced when you use them incorrectly.

Exposure to Corrosive Chemicals

This is also one of the dangers of using electric lawn mowers. This case is common with battery-powered mowers.

Using cordless mowers can be dangerous if the battery leaks out hazardous chemicals.

Trip and Fall Hazard

An operator may get tangled with an electric cord when using a corded electric mower. This can cause the mower to trip or cause you to accidentally run over the cord.

Electric Lawn Mower Safety Tips

electric lawn mower

Here are some tips on how to use your electric mower safely:

Maintain Power Cords

Homeowners that use corded electric mowers should always maintain their electric cords properly.

Make sure that you do not yank your cord out of the outlet socket. Check for damaged and uninsulated parts of the extension cord.

Furthermore, plug your cord into the ideal outlet or make use of an adapter if necessary.

Wear Safety Gear

It is always important to wear safety gear to ensure protection while using a corded or cordless lawn mower.

Always put on your safety glasses to protect your eyes and wear closed-toe shoes and pants to reduce the risk of foot injuries while mowing.

Keep The Lawn Free from Debris

This is another safety tip for using an electric mowing machine. Debris can injure you or harm the mowing machine.

Furthermore, a build-up of debris can also clog the mower, resulting in power loss or engine overheating.

Read The Safety Manual

It is best to read the safety manual before using your corded or cordless electric lawn mower.

Although manufacturers may differ in their safety standards for several lawn mowers, make sure that you keep the manual easily accessible.

Do Not Mow on Wet Grass

It is advisable to use your electric lawn mower in dry areas only. Mowing wet grass with your electric lawn mower can cause electrocution.

It can also cause other problems such as overheating and blockages in the blade and vacuum.

Electric Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

Here are some tips on how to maintain your electric lawn mower:

Clean the Undercarriage

The undercarriage is the housing where the mower blade is contained. It is advisable to inspect it at periodic intervals.

Ensure that you do not use a metallic object to clean the undercarriage. Use an old plastic hairbrush to wipe off dried grass clippings.

If your lawn mower comes with a metal chassis, you can mistakenly take off the protective undercoat if you make use of a metallic material.

You can also apply an undercarriage spray to maintain a clean surface.

Check The Fasteners And Bolts

It is also important to check the fasteners and bolts of your electric mower before using it. Loose fasteners, screws and bolts can cause the mower to vibrate. Use the right tool to tighten them.

Sharpen The Mower Blade

It is best to sharpen the mower blade to ensure remarkable cutting results on lawns. Using a bench grinder can give the best edge.

After sharpening the blade, you can give the blade a thin coat of WD-40 to prevent rust.

Use a Lubricant on the Wheels

Most electric lawn mower wheels are made of plastic but the bracket and axle are made of metal.

You can use a lubricant like WD-40 on the four wheels of your lawn mower to enable it to function properly.

Blow-out Motors, Vents and Battery Compartments

Get an air compressor or a blower to blow out debris or dust from the mower’s vents, motors or battery compartments.

It’s a good idea to do this so that it can prevent grass clippings from sneaking their way into tight areas.

Inspect and Maintain Electric Mower Batteries

It is also important to inspect and maintain the batteries of your electric lawn mower. Without a good battery, the lawn mower won’t function well.

Check the battery and inspect its battery housing for cracks. Ensure that you keep your batteries warm.

If you reside in a climate that consistently drops below freezing, make sure that you store your batteries indoors if necessary.

Furthermore, store your batteries when they are fully charged. Before storing them for the off-season, ensure that they are fully charged and check them every 6 weeks.

Store Your Electric Mower in a Clean and Safe Environment

Most electric mowing machines are compact, making them easy to store in your garage or shed.

It is best to store them in a clean or safe environment. If you fail to clean the mowing machine before storage, the dirt and debris on the mower can cause some parts to rust.

If you store the mower upright, make sure that you keep any exposed mower blade up against the wall or you keep it covered to prevent injuries.

Inspect the Cord

If you own a corded electric mower, make sure that you check the cord for any exposed cable or damage. Ensure that all kinks and knots are out of your cord.

Furthermore, store the cord in a dry place. Doing this will elongate the lifespan of your electric mowing machine.

Are Electric Mowers Safe?

Electric lawn mowers can be a safe option if they are used correctly. They come with advanced safety features such as a heat sensor, safety button, bail switch, rear flap, throw guard and elevation sensors.

Improper usage of electric mowers can pose hazards such as electrocution, trip and fall hazard, tilting issues and exposure to corrosive chemicals. It is advisable to ensure proper safety measures and usage before operating them.