LED Lights for Home – What You Need To Know

Last Updated on February 14, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Are you starting your home renovation project? Or do you simply want to change the way you illuminate your home? Regardless of the reasons for your desire to change, there are a few things about LED lights for home that you should know before making any decision. We have prepared a very interesting article about different types of indoor LED lighting products. Let us inspire you to choose the best LED lights for your home!

What are the best LED lights for home?

led lights for home

We are aware of the fact that picking the best LED lights is not that simple, as the choice on the market is huge. All the types have quite a lot in common. First of all, LEDs are known for their long lifespan, high luminosity, and high intensity.

LEDs need significantly less energy to generate the same brightness as their incandescent counterparts. Simply saying, LEDs last longer and, at the same time, the cost of using them is low.

They are energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly. What’s more, they are hum-free and mercury-free. As you can see, using them can bring many benefits. There are LED table lights, LED floor lights, LED downlights, LED spotlights, LED wall lights – there is really a wide range to choose from. Read below to see what we suggest to look for.

LED track lighting

LED track lights are the ones that are installed on a track. The lights can slide freely on the track rail. The illumination angle is something that can be adjusted arbitrarily, too. Such lights are usually used as spotlights, especially in places which require accent lighting.

There are many rail-mounted projectors available on the lighting market. Track lights are perfect to replace metal halide lamps and traditional tungsten halogen lights. It’s worth using them in kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms. 

LED bathroom lights

It seems obvious that LED Lights  are better than traditional lights – they enable us to renovate or remodel your bathroom. It’s simple: if you would like your bathroom to become more modern, stylish, and safe, LEDs can help you with that. You can choose from LED recessed, surface, and full fitting & built in lights.  You can find highest quality LED Lights in online store: https://lucasled.ie/

If you’re looking for great LED lights for your bathroom that can help you create a stunning space for morning and evening routines, search for LED ceiling or wall lamps. When it comes to the area over your bathroom mirror, linear wall luminaires will be the best option. Choose the ones with IP44 ratings – those can be used in rooms with increased humidity.

The other option worth recommending is going for ceiling fitting LED downlights, due to the fact that they don’t need a big amount of electricity. You should consider using them in your bathroom, taking into account how aesthetic and slim they are. Thanks to the ceiling fitting lights, you can adjust the light intensity and color temperature to your space, as lights are available in different versions.

When deciding on the ideal color temperature, you may also want to pay attention to your wall color, the finish of any fixtures, and the color of your cabinets. IP65 rating is generally accepted to be used – you can use such lights without having to worry about safety.

led table lamp

LED table lamps

There are several reasons to consider buying LED table lamps. If you are a person who works or studies in the late evening, a good table lamp could prove very useful to you. The same applies to bookworms who love reading at the desk. Enjoying a book cannot be possible without such lamps.

What you need to know before choosing your perfect LED table lamp is that it should have different temperature modes and brightness levels. It’s worth knowing that there are touch-sensitive products and smart lamps with remote controls – thanks to such modern features, it becomes possible to dim and increase illumination. Speaking of dimming, remember that not every dimmer is suitable for every lamp.

LED floor lamps

LED floor lamps, in turn, are taller than the table ones, so we can say they cast light at a bit higher level. Thanks to such lamps it becomes possible to give a different look to your living room, as the light levels can change, too. LED floor lamps can be used for task, accent, and ambient lighting.

The truth is that you can choose between LED arched, club, down bridge, pharmacy, swing arm, tower, torchiere, and tree floor lamps. The choice is huge! Which one to buy? It depends primarily on whether you need to light a small area or you would like to illuminate a room from different angles.

For example, if you look for a space-saving floor lamp, you ought to consider purchasing an LED torchiere floor lamp. The shape of this kind of lamp is popular and universal. What’s more, such lamps provide pleasing general lighting, as the light is directed at the ceiling and it covers the room. In turn, club floor lamps are designed for area lighting. That’s why you need to specify your requirements before you go shopping.

Actually, before buying any floor lamp make sure that it’s stable and cannot tip over easily. Remember that what you need the most is a durable, weighted base. Style is also important, however, these days finding your dream model in your dream style is not a problem at all. 

led downlights

LED downlights

There are many energy-efficient LED downlights available in the lighting market. It comes as no surprise that they enjoy popularity all over the world – they are modern, aesthetic, and long-lasting. How do they differ? Well, LED downlights are different especially in terms of beam angles. If you need high-quality lights for your kitchen or hallway, one of the best options for you is choosing ceiling mounted surface and recessed spotlights.

LED downlights usually have increased moisture resistance which in practice means they can be used in wet or damp locations. Such lights come in different color temperatures. They are available in different IP ratings – IP20, IP44, and IP65. The higher the number after IP, the better the protection. Before you decide on one type, make sure what you really need. Thanks to this knowledge, you will be able to select the best color temperature and your favorite light intensity.

LED spotlights

LED spotlights work the same as incandescent spotlights, however, they use LED technology as their primary light source, which is a reasonable and modern solution. LED spotlights are easy to use and easy to replace. Not only that, they are versatile and this is their greatest strength.

Warmer colors and wider beam angles are perfect for ambient lighting. By warmer colors we mean 2700k – 3000k. They work great in cosy places, such as bedrooms or living rooms. Cooler white is preferred in kitchens and bathrooms. When it comes to narrower angles and even cooler colors, those are ideal for highlighting specific areas of the room. This option is usually better for public or commercial settings. 

LED wall lights

The great advantage of LED wall lamps is that they will fit into any type of room. What you need to know before choosing this kind of lighting for your living room? You ought to decide on a lamp made of aluminium, chrome, or glass finished. If you’re looking for a light for your corridor – go for flat LED panels, which can light up the whole interior ideally. If you’re looking for alternatives to previously mentioned LED table lamps, you can use an LED wall light instead – just place it above the bedside table and enjoy the pleasant light.

led light bulbs

Indoor LED pendant lights

Pendant lights perform best with LED bulbs. They look good, but they do a pretty good job. They are practical and energy-saving. They can be mounted on a wall or hang from the ceiling. They can add task lighting to your dining room or kitchen. They can also create ambient lighting for your bedroom or living room. The result will depend only on your choice.


Considering all of the above, you should first remember that indoor LED lights come in different sizes and shapes, and they have different color temperatures and light intensities. You need to know which room you want to illuminate and how you want to illuminate it. Do you need task lighting or ambient lighting?

Do you want to light up the entire room or only specific areas of the room? Do you want to create as cosy an atmosphere as possible or do you prefer cooler temperatures? We suggest you choose warm temperatures for bedrooms and living rooms, and cool temperatures for kitchens and dining rooms. All the rest depends on your needs, preferences, housing conditions and the design of your house. Do your best to make everything fit together!