35+ Best DIY Floor Lamp Ideas and Designs

Floor lamps are any lighting fixture that can stand on its own. Picture your coat hanger, with a bulb on it, and an electrical cord.

They may look simple, but they come in different types, each offering functionality and adding style to your home. They need no technical expertise to install, all you need is to plug them in the socket, and you are good to go.

best floor lamp ideas

Where can you use floor lamps?

Floor lamps are multi-setting. Depending on the size, design, and degree of illumination, you can place them in any space.

Torchieres work best in the living room. The fixture at the top resembles a torch flame and can come in a variety of designs such as stained glass, crystal-studded crowns, and so on.

Study room – Here, they are used to illuminate the area around your study table, eliminating the need for unnecessary lights.

Outdoors – This covers areas such as gardens, pools, patios, or barbeque areas. The tower floor lamps not only add to the décor but also provides the necessary light needed for the situation.

How do I arrange my living room floor lamps?

Given their portability, you can place a floor lamp anywhere in the living room. The thing to remember is that they are not only decorative pieces but also serve a real function.

Here are some ideas of where you can place your lamps. Placing them at the corners of your living room will create a radiating effect to your living room. You can have them behind your television to help counter the glare. Other areas are beside the fireplace or next to your rocking chair.

How do you fix a wobbly floor lamp?

Identify where the lamp has a problem. Common problem areas are the base or the joints. Once you find the location, fasten the screws or nuts in that area. In case of an uneven floor, you can use shims to level them out. For more severe problems, consult a technician.

How many lamps should be in a room?

The number of lamps is dependent on the size of the room. Remember, lights are there for functionality first, then beauty. You can determine your requirement by this formula: area in Sq. Ft X 1.5 = Wattage. From here, you can determine how many light sources you need for that room.

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Floor lamp design ideas

1 floor lamp ideasSource2 floor lamp ideasSource3 floor lamp ideasSource4 floor lamp ideasSource5 floor lamp ideasSource6 floor lamp ideasSource7 floor lamp ideasSource8 floor lamp ideasSource9 floor lamp ideasSource10 floor lamp ideasSource11 floor lamp ideasSource12 floor lamp ideasSource13 floor lamp ideasSource14 floor lamp ideasSource

15. Perfect floor lamp for living room and bedroom

15 floor lamp ideasSource

16. Quirky floorlamps with Kalakaari Haath graphics

16 floor lamp ideasSource

17. Modern floor lamp

17 floor lamp ideasSource

18. Du Bose Floor Lamp

18 floor lamp ideasSource

19. Jaspa Floor Lamp

19 floor lamp ideasSource

20. Modern floor lamp with pink decoration

20 floor lamp ideasSource

21. Industrial pipe lamp for nursery

21 floor lamp ideasSource

22. Copper floor lamp

22 floor lamp ideasSource

23. Mid century modern living room

23 floor lamp ideasSource

24. Artichoke light

24 floor lamp ideas

25. 1955 Gerald Thurston Lightolier floor lamp

25 floor lamp ideasSource

26. The Du Bose Floor Lamp for bedroom

26 floor lamp ideasSource

DIY Floor Lamp Ideas

27. DIY Floor Lamp Combined With A Bedside Table

27 floor lamp ideasSource

28. The Glampsformation!

28 floor lamp ideasSource

29. Ruffled Lamp Shade Makeover

29 floor lamp ideasSource

30. DIY rope lamp

30 floor lamp ideasSource

31. West Elm knock off lamp

31 floor lamp ideasSource

32. DIY glass floor lamp

32 floor lamp ideasSource

33. DIY rope lampshade

33 floor lamp ideasSource

34. DIY Sweater Lampshade

34 floor lamp ideasSource

35. DIY Lego Ikea Lamp Hack

35 floor lamp ideasSource

More floor lamp ideas

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Every space needs some form of lighting, and floor lamps are a sure way of maintaining both practicality and beauty for your home.


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