28+ Best Wall Light Design Ideas

Walls play a significant part when you are decorating your house. You can paint or fit them with different types of finishing so that they stand out. One such way is by using lights. Long gone are the days where a simple bulb on the wall is enough.

You now have many ways to make your walls look elegant and classy. In this article, we explore some lighting ideas that you can use to spice up your walls.

best wall light ideas

LED Wall Lights

1. Interiror wall light

1 led wall lightSource

2. Silver up & down LED wall light with sleek

2 led wall lightSource

3. Double round lamps

3 led wall lightSource

4. Led wall light for bathroom

4 led wall lightSource

5. Square wall light with house number

5 led wall lightSource

6. For the bedroom

6 led wall lightSource

7. For home office

7 led wall lightSource

8. In the sea

8 led wall lightSource

LED lights are an excellent way to decorate your walls. Unlike traditional lights, they last longer and are more energy-efficient. They come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the areas of application.

You can use LED lighting for the perimeter of your ceiling. If placed correctly, they can create a beautiful backdrop of your ceiling resembling the night sky. For the stairs, you can use strip LED lights on the risers, to ensure you do not miss a step.

The advantage of LED lights is that they are available in multiple colours. You can combine small led lights to make beautiful art pieces for your walls.

Living Room Wall Lights

9 livingroom led wall lightSource10 livingroom led wall lightSource

The living room is where you welcome guests. It is here where you can assert your wall lighting dominance. One way for you to do this is by fitting your living room wall lights with a vertical wash.

It allows light to be emitted both upwards and downwards, reducing glare and ensuring the room is well lit. You may also want to include a dimmer switch with your wall lights.

It helps you regulate the amount of light and can be set to match any mood. For a more vintage look, fit the wall lights in lanterns or torch cases for that castle look.

Modern Wall Lights

11 modern wall lightSource

They are the most prevalent mode of providing lights in your spaces. Different designs are available for various purposes. One way to go is to have some vanity lights installed. These help increase the amount of light available to you when preparing yourself for a day’s work or a night out.

Another idea you can employ is using wall sconces. Any newly built or renovated home features wall sconces. Not only do they provide the necessary lighting but also work as great wall decorations. You can also install lights within your display wall cabinets.

More wall light designs

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No matter what type of wall you have, there exists a decorating solution for you.



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