15+ Attractive Office Lobby Design Ideas

best office lobby design ideas

Last Updated on September 6, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Hello guys! Today I would like to tell you about Office Lobby Design Ideas. I would tell you how to decorate the office lobby. Decorate the office lobby is also an important thing to do too. It is because lobby is the first place inside your office where your customers or clients will see first. Then how to decorate the office lobby for more attractive? See below for the hints and ideas!

As I said before, lobby is the first place when people enter the office, so this place has to be attractive for the first impression. First impression is important; it will affect your client or customers. They will see your credibility. A well-appointed lobby can encourage your customers to feel comfortable and confident in your business. There are few things which should be taken into consideration to design an interior office lobby.

First before you go so far in decorating the office lobby, you should survey the room which you will use as an office lobby. You have to determine the number of the chairs you can comfortably fit in the lobby; at least you should have two. Then you can place the receptionist desk at one end of the room inside the lobby place. Be careful! Visitors may be able to overhear the receptionist on the telephone if you place the desk too close to the center of the room. This could compromise the confidential information.

Next you can place the chairs at the opposite end of the room from the receptionist’s desk. If your visitor and the client arrive early for an appointment, they will be waiting comfortably in one of the available chairs. For more attraction, just hang the framed art on the walls to give the visitors something to look at while waiting. The inspirational art can also be a good mood booster to the employees.

The last I consider you put some plants inside the office lobby. Its number is depending on the size of your office lobby. Use two plants if you just have a small lobby design. But if you have a large lobby interior design, you can put at least four or five plants. One thing you should remember; do not cluster all of the plants together, you should spread it.

Well then, last words; lobby is important place for boost your client first impression, so design it carefully. That’s all I have got, I hope this little information is useful for you. Have a nice day!


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best office lobby design ideas