27+ Stunning Open Shower Ideas For Your Bathroom

Last Updated on November 25, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Showers are never just showers for most people. People love to have full-blown concerts and auditions in their showers. It is a place to sing, to dance and to bathe. While thinking of showers, other than feeling peace and freshness, one can also start thinking about fun.

And if you happen to have open showers in your bathroom, then the fun doubles up easily. There are some ways to spice up your open showers even more than before, and here are 27 of the best open shower ideas to transform your bathroom entirely.

best open shower ideas

1. Double up

1 open shower ideas

You can have two wall showers on both sides of the wall. This is an amazing open shower idea, where your fun doubles up as you get water from two different wall sides.


2. The sun shower

The sun shower

This shower is special because of the sun-shaped shower head on one side of the wall. You can also get a hand shower in this one. On the other wall, you can place three towels or even more, as per your requirement.


3. White tiles

White tiles

You can also make your bathroom seem more clean and fresh if you decide to build it with white tiles. This brings out a fresh appeal, and you can also add in an open shower to make this more unique.


4. Half glass wall

Half glass wall

You can also add in a glass wall that only covers half of the area. A half-glass wall is the perfect new idea to spice up your open shower.


5. The towel rack

The towel rack

This is one of the best open shower ideas. One of the best things about these showers is the freedom. You can create a long shelf on the outside and fill it with as many towels you want, to give it a new appeal.


6. The high pyramid

The high pyramid

You can design your open shower to look like a tall and high pyramid. You will also need to decorate the rest of your bathroom in the same way, to give it an Egyptian look.


7. The natural effect

The natural effect

You can also add in some beautiful plants in your open shower bathroom, without any worries. They will not only enhance the entire look of your bathroom, but will also add a splash of freshness to it.

8. The ocean view

The ocean view

You can place a large glass wall on the side of your bathroom that has an amazing view on the outside. Keep the rest of the bathroom empty, to go with the effect.

9. The backyard door

The backyard door

This is one of the most ethereal shower ideas. You can easily build a shower with wooden floors and add a door to that shower that opens directly to your backyard. You can also place a tree or a shrub to make it look even better.

10. The back wall

The back wall

You can build yourself a fun shower in the open, and just keep a back wall separating your shower from the outside wall. Add some stone pebbles to go with this amazingly modern look.


11. The dark wood ambience

The dark wood ambience

You can build your shower walls with dark, polished wood. Add an open door or window, to the garden outside, and you have created a shower for yourself that’s simply amazing.

12. The spiral beauty

The spiral beauty

This shower is one of the most chic designs you will find anywhere. This design consists of a few sleek spiral showers, entangled together. These showers are connected to a vessel on the ground, which seeps in all the water. One of the best designs in the lot.

13. The colorful zebra design

The colorful zebra design

This is a wonderful open shower design with several colors. This shower can be placed in a curved corner, and is filled with colors and stripes to give a modern look.

14. The wooden stage

The wooden stage

This is a wonderful shower with a wooden stage under your feet. This gives whole new look and feels a lot more different than other open showers.

15. The royal white shower

The royal white shower

This shower looks like a royal shower, with white walls and round windows. Definitely a classic.

16. The rustic look

The rustic look

This shower has a rustic look, with polished walls. The dusted brown color of the walls,, with an open window makes this one of the best shower ideas in this lot.


17. The clustered bathroom

The clustered bathroom

This bathroom and open shower has a lot of things in it. From benches to mirrors, to towels, this gives a busy look to your bathroom, with everything you could ever need in there.

18. The empty shower

The empty shower

The specialty of this open shower is the apparent emptiness here. The cream-colored walls add in to this effect to make it look even prettier.


19. The sexy round shower

The sexy round shower

This shower is the sexiest of the lot. With black walls and a round shower in the middle, you get all the sexiness you asked for.

20. Three in one

Three in one

This open shower has three showers fitted to the black ceiling, that simply adds to the original glam of this open shower.

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Showers are fun places, and more designs lead to more fun ideas for showers of all kinds. Just get the shower you like, and build an open space around it, and you have a fantastic open shower.