30 Terraced Front Yard Garden Ideas & Designs

The first thing people see when encountering your home is your front yard garden. Your front yard needs to be clean and neat. Besides being clean, you can make your garden look fabulous. Here are the…best 30 Terraced Front Yard Gardens that you can get inspiration of.

Let’s be real for a moment. Everyone wants a cool front yard, but they don’t focus on making it better. They only wish and don’t even flinch. But that’s not you of course. You want your front yard to be stunning and beautiful. And that is why you are going to take action and care about your front garden. To help you achieve that, here are the best terraced front yard gardens. Just as promised!

best terraced front yard garden ideas

1. Rocky front yard

Rocky front yard

If there’s space in your front yard – add big rocks in your garden. This is a great way to care about the looks of your front garden. And if you want to make it more appealing you can add more stuff than just the rocks. For example, you can add some plants. Boxwood is great, you can also add juniper, or you can plant some blue fescue that adds up more style.

2. Make it green

Make it green

You can make it green when you want to plant more plants. There is nothing wrong with a lot of plants in the front garden. But you should really focus on which ones you plant. Once you decide which plant would look best, you can start to plant them.

3. Brick-plant garden

Brick-plant garden

This is a great combination for your garden. No matter what kind of house you have… this combo goes very well with every hose. And it’s not expensive. With just adding a bunch of bricks and plants, your garden will look stunning.

4. Black dirt garden

Black dirt garden

When making the best front garden on the block – remember to get black dirt visible in your garden. Just look how good it looks. You can use the brick-plant combo and make the black dirt very visible. This way your hose will look very modern.

5. The two-way staircase

The two-way staircase

Beautiful thing to do is to add plants between two staircases. This adds more style to your garden and your guests will love it.

6. Nature garden

Nature garden

Soft and relaxed style is one of the greatest ways to make your garden. Every look at your garden will be calming and charming.

7. A bigger dream

A bigger dream

If you want a more luxurious garden – you should consider this. You can add big and small rocks – mixed. And plant some wild plants and trees.


8. Sahara garden

Sahara garden

If you live in hot areas – you can make your garden similar to your environment. For example, you can use red sand and cactus plants.


9. Quartz garage

Quartz garage

The modern way of having a beautiful front garden. You can use quartz walls – where you have planted your plants. This will increase your beautiful looks and will make your garden and front of the house look astonishing.

10. The little forest

The little forest

An amazing idea would be to have a forest on one side of the staircase and quartz floor on the other side. On the forest side plant some pine trees.

11. Paradise


If you’re up to the big things in life – make yourself a paradise. When walking in the front yard, on the left side have a little lake and waterfall, and on the right side have some plants or trees.


12. The jungle

The jungle

You can have the forest or you can have the whole jungle. If you are a nature person this is definitely for you. On the sides of the staircase plant some trees and wild plants.


13. Pebble steps

Pebble steps

You don’t have to make big steps in life to win – you can start with pebble steps. Yet small yet beautiful. This little pebble staircase will make your garden look stunning.


14. Casual


This may be casual but it’s very pretty and modern. It is simple and won’t cost you much.


15. The rock staircase

The rock staircase

Why not make your stars from rocks? It’s an amazing idea. Your stairs won’t ever crack. Have the toughest garden in the block.

16. A little bit from everything

A little bit from everything

Can’t decide which one? Get a little bit from every garden you saw today. You can get little pebbles, big rocks, wood, plants, everything you want!


17. Wooden-stone garden

Wooden-stone garden

Bring the most out of your garden with the black dirt and the amazing stone stairs with the wooden frame. It’s pretty modern if you ask me.

18. The bamboo garden

The bamboo garden

This has got to be a beautiful way to add style to your garden. Just make your stars with bamboo. It will look very beautiful and aesthetic.

19. Mosaic garden

Mosaic garden

Have an amazing modern garden with a mosaic look.

20. The wooden-sand garden

The wooden-sand garden

Install wooden frames of stars and on the inside of the stairs pour hard sand. You can also plant wild plants around the stairs.

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22 terraced front yard garden ideas


23 terraced front yard garden ideas



24 terraced front yard garden ideas



25 terraced front yard garden ideas



26 terraced front yard garden ideas



27 terraced front yard garden ideas



28 terraced front yard garden ideas



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30 terraced front yard garden ideas




Final Thoughts

Having a great looking garden is essential for your way of life. You can create or décor your front land garden depending on your lifestyle and the style of your house.

Before beginning with changes make sure to explore and to inform yourself as much as you can.